The skincare fridge is a next-level beauty must-have

This is something I think about a lot: Michelle Lee's skincare fridge.

Michelle Lee is the editor-in-chief of US beauty magazine Allure, a nail-art enthusiast, and the owner of a skincare fridge.

Did you know you needed a skincare fridge? Neither did I.

Or, at least, I didn't until I read about mould growing in moisturisers and pondered the kind of person I could be if I had a well stocked, perfectly curated, and entirely Instagrammable skincare fridge.

Lee recently shared a picture of hers on Instagram and, along with the many, many questions Lee was asked about beauty in the comments (which, as a side note, is an interesting topic when it comes to what counts as "active duty" when you are a beauty editor with a social media presence), were requests for how to buy such an appliance.

Because, in the beauty world, they're definitely a thing.

But are they necessary?

According to a New York dermatologist Howard Sobel, probably not. He told Shape magazine keeping skincare cold is not really required.

"There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits," says Sobel.

That said, if cold skincare is your thing – and coolness is also a factor in a lot of facial treatments such as Rationale’s anti-inflammatory Cryogenic Facial – and you have space in your house for one, there's no reason why you shouldn't have teeny little cute fridge.

As an aside, rumour is that Kate Moss is a big believer in the beauty power of ice cubes. Apparently she, in Mommie Dearest style, plunges her face into an icy sink to counter puffiness.

Plus, as the shift toward clean beauty continues and more natural beauty products are incorporated into your regime, it's important to consider that some natural products have a different shelf life to regular ones. So keep an eye on their use-by dates, store in a cool and dry place (or in the fridge if instructions say so).

This is the age of performative beauty. Where #selfcare doesn't really count unless that cute sheet mask selfie or pic of a jade roller casually strewn across the bench top (here's a fun fact: Adore Beauty sold over 7,500 dermal and crystal rollers in the last quarter of 2018) makes it to Instagram.

It's a time ripe for beauty accoutrement such as a cute fridge. And why stop there?

There are the impressive light rig-ups used by beauty vloggers on Youtube (such as the Diva Ring Light Nova), high-tech mirrors which guarantee you'll leave the house with your foundation properly blended in, and then there's the Marie Kondo influence on the beauty world with the articles dedicated to make-up and skincare storage solutions. 

So, just as there's no harm in a sheet mask selfie, there's probably nothing wrong with buying a skincare fridge. Though, surely a personal rosé fridge should be first on your list, no?

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