Celebrate Valentine's Day with 20 Celeb PDA Moments That Prove Winter Is the Most Romantic Season

The actress and her hubby frolicked in the Finland snow this winter, and it’s hard to know whether it’s love or below-freezing temps giving them that rosy glow.

Did you even go to the Swiss Alps if you didn’t get a mountainside kiss pic?

Besides the jaw-dropping vistas, a Jonas family ski vacation has the added romantic bonus of requiring super soft and touchable attire, like Priyanka’s Apparis coat.

Winter is prime time for posing by twinkling lights.

You can’t walk around in furry matching animal hats in the summer, now can you?

Easy first date idea: Chart a helicopter to take you to a snowy mountaintop where you can pop open some champagne.

Or just go for a romantic walk in the park if your fave helicopter company is all booked.

It’s always a good idea to turn your snowboarding wipeout into an impromptu makeout session.

Even a couple who lives at the beach can appreciate the magic of a romantic snowfall.

As we assume the royals know, there is a very fine line between a playful snow fight and all-out war.

The couple that skis together, stays together.

Exhibit A in the case for why you should consider a cold weather honeymoon.

Why not get the whole family in on your relationship-cementing matching snowman pajamas?

These are the smiles of people who know curling up in front of an Aspen fireplace is in their immediate future.

Are earmuffs the new lingerie?

Now is the time to cancel your weekend plans so you can snuggle in matching thermals.

Not even a giant hat can warm a heart like eternal love.

You may be extra, but are you color-coordinating-your-fur-color-with-her-coat extra?

Frozen lake pics > beach PDA.

Once again, winter proposals for the win.

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