Is Catelynn Lowell Going Into Preterm Labor After Suffering ‘Severe Pelvic Pain’? — OB/GYN Explains

Catelynn Lowell posted a worrying pregnancy update on Jan. 9 about her ‘restless legs’ and ‘severe pelvic pain.’ A doctor told HL EXCLUSIVELY what these symptoms might mean for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star!

Catelynn Lowell, 26, is pregnant for the third time, and even though every pregnancy is different, she’s having some of the same problems she did before! But while “restless legs” are normal, what about the “severe pelvic pain” she mentioned in her Jan. 8 Insta post? “Pelvic pressure is very common later on in the pregnancy because the baby is getting bigger and heavier, however, pelvic pain is not usual and should be evaluated for preterm labor,” Dr. Zaher Merhi, OB-GYN and the Director of Research and Development in IVF Technologies at New Hope Fertility Center, told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

So what exactly is preterm labor? “This is a combination of uterine contractions and shortening of the cervix, the tip of the uterus that holds the pregnancy,” the doctor explained. “Preterm birth by definition occurs before 37 weeks of gestation. If Catelynn is having contractions and shortening of her cervix, then yes, she might be going into preterm labor.” And while this is considered too soon to deliver a baby, “the chances of viability of the fetus is pretty good nowadays.” Dr. Merhi also added that there could be many other reasons the reality star was hurting. “Like non-pregnant women, severe pelvic pain should be taken seriously and could be anything from appendicitis, to kidney stones, to bladder infection, to ovarian cysts.”

Here’s to hoping Catelynn has been speaking to her doctor about all of her pregnancy symptoms and staying safe! We bet she and Tyler Baltierra, 26, are checking in and taking care of business. They have done this twice before, after all! Recall the couple’s newborn daughter was adopted in 2009, and Novalee, just celebrated her fourth birthday with a unicorn bash.

The joys of pregnancy 🤰🏻 lol 😂

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Catelynn has been documenting her pregnancy journey on social media from her ultrasounds to her sex reveal — and now her symptoms. She revealed this week that she’s 32 weeks along, which means she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy!

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