Where Is ‘The Kissing Booth’s Sequel Announcement? Author Beth Reekles Offers Up Possible Storyline

Last summer, we were blessed with The Kissing Booth, starring Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi.

Well, it’s officially 2019 and we’re still waiting on news about a sequel.

The movie, which is still streaming, was revealed as the most watched original movie on Netflix for the year – so why don’t we have a sequel happening?

Many fans, and author Beth Reekles, are still wondering about that. While she doesn’t have a reason at all, she does have some ideas about how a sequel could happen.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think there’s a couple ways that [a sequel] could potentially work,” Beth shared with IBT recently. “For instance, if I wrote a second book, there wouldn’t necessarily be a second movie, and equally I think there could be a second movie without me having a second book. But, at the minute, I’m just kind of crossing my fingers and hoping that someone decides that there will be one, because it did pretty well as a movie.”

She adds that it would be fun for a sequel, although she doesn’t regret her ending for the story.

“It might not happen, it might, I just have to kind of cross my fingers and see what happens.”

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