Doctors told a woman she wasn't pregnant but she gave birth in her hotel room hours later

A WOMAN got the shock of her life when her stomach pains turned out to be a surprise baby – giving birth the same day doctors told her she wasn't pregnant.

Stacey appeared on BBC One's Ambulance, which follows the shift of a North West Ambulance Service crew in Manchester.

The 25-year-old was in her hotel room when she went to the loo and felt an urge to push – and ended up giving birth to a baby girl who fell into the toilet.

Stacey had been at a Harry Potter convention during the day, but had also seen her doctor after suffering from back pain.

Incredibly she had taken a pregnancy test just hours before – which came back negative.

Her friend, Rebecca's, 999 call is played, where she says: "My friend, she's not been well all day and then she's literally just had a baby.

"About two, three minutes ago."

When asked how many weeks pregnant she is, Rebecca says: "I don't know, because she actually didn't know she was pregnant.

"It's crying and it's screaming and everything."

Advanced paramedic Jon races to the Britannia Hotel in the city centre, where he's met with a shocked Stacey covered in blood in the hotel room's bathroom, clutching a baby.

She even tells a hotel worker she's "really sorry" as there's "blood everywhere".

The new mum says: "I've had like really bad back pain, the next thing I know I'm pushing, and then I can feel like a head on me."

The baby was so unexpected, Stacey said: "She was in the toilet and I had to pull her out."

The newborn was under the water before Stacey quickly grabbed her.

Despite being a few month's pregnant, Stacey said: "I've been at the doctors today cos I have got like a bump, but they've said, the pregnancy test said no, negative.

"So they were like, we'll test you to see if you've got a cyst or something."

Stacey reveals she was in town with her friend at a Harry Potter convention.

And she tells her daughter: "You're gonna like your Harry Potter aren't you."

Rebecca offers to call Stacey's boyfriend, Tom, who makes his way over from Leeds after hearing he's a new dad.

The rest of the ambulance crew arrives and they cut the cord, and even pop a hat on the baby's head to keep her warm.

As the crew assess Stacey, she says that while she's in a bit of pain, she's been throwing up all day.

As Stacey overcomes the shock of becoming a new mum, she says "what we going to call you?", while Jon suggests Hermione, inkeeping with the Harry Potter theme.

But it soon becomes clear Stacey needs to get to a hospital quickly, as the crew discover she's suffered a post-partum bleed.

They rush her to St Mary's Hospital in the city centre, and as the situation grows tense in the back of the ambulance she tells the crew she's named her daughter Elizabeth Alice Rose.

Stacey later makes a full recovery, and the end of the episode reveals she and Tom are settling into parenthood.

The next episode of Ambulance airs on Thursday at 9pm. 

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