Jodie Kidd talks running a pub, cooking with veggies from her garden and why she's happiest in the countryside

It’s really cleansing and warming, which is great when it’s so miserable outside. When I’ve run out of that, I’ll go back to having a glass of hot water with lemon and cinnamon as soon as I get up at 7.30am.

Once my son Indio [six] is up and ready I’ll drop him at school for 8.30am.

Running a pub is one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done. I bought The Half Moon pub in West Sussex last year and it can be hard work, but it’s a real labour of love.

I’ll arrive at 9am to make sure everything is in order. I like to go over the specials menu each day and I’m really passionate about supporting local farmers and producers, so we try to use their food in the majority of our dishes.

I’m a country girl at heart. Occasionally I’ll need to jump on the train to London for a fashion shoot or a meeting, but I’m happiest out in the countryside.

I grew up there and I’ve always enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Running the local pub also means I’ve got to know all the regulars and my neighbours – there’s a lovely community feel.

Juggling different projects can be hectic. I try to stop for lunch, but most of the time I’m running around all day and will just grab a sandwich in the back of a cab.

Lately I’ve been strict with myself and taken a moment to stop and enjoy lunch. It’s so beneficial to switch off for a bit, and it gives me much more energy during the afternoon.

I love doing the school run. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day because Indio is always grinning when he sees me waiting for him, so I try to prioritise being at the school gates for 3.30pm.

I’ll take him back to our house and we will do homework together before deciding what to have to eat that night.

I make dinner from scratch. Indio is an only child and I think it’s important for him to have meal times with me and my partner Joseph [Bates] so we can all chat.

I’ll start cooking at 5pm and as much food as possible is sourced from our vegetable garden. My mum had an amazing veggie patch when I was younger, and I picked up from an early age that eating well — and organically — is better for you.

My guilty pleasure is a large glass of red wine while binge-watching TV. After tucking Indio into bed at 8pm, I’ll have a proper drink and relax.

I was obsessed with I’m A Celebrity! last month and was gutted when it finished.

I’ve been asked to go into the jungle, but it’s such a long time to be away from Indio — I’d be a wreck!

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