My one-night stand kicked me out after I lasted just 15 seconds in bed – and now she’s told all my mates about it

THE first time you dive under the sheets with someone new, there's always bound to be some awkward fumbling and cringeworthy moments.

But now one devastated bloke has revealed how he was kicked out of his one night stand's bed after he only lasted 15 SECONDS – and the woman has told all her friends about the lacklustre encounter.

Taking to Reddit to recount the awkward experience, the disappointed student revealed how he first met his one night stand at pre-drinks a few months ago.

He wrote: "Not only did she say I was attractive, but she really 'connected' with me – her own words. All her friends said she liked me as well."

But while the pair enjoyed a bit of a snog in the nightclub, the guy didn't invite her back to his "even though she really tried to get me to come back."

After that first night, the student revealed how he found out she "had a boyfriend at the time" – but admits that "didn't deter me from flirting/talking to her."

However after months of flirting, the user recalls how it had gotten to the point where he "DID want to get with her but not anywhere to the extent she wanted me."

He added: "I sort of enjoyed the 'chase' and validation."

But while it may have been just a bit of fun for him, the girl ended up breaking up with her boyfriend as a result of their flirtation and the pair hooked up on their next night out.

After months of anticipation, the man revealed: "I only lasted 15 seconds before finishing.

"Then I feel really tired and want to go to sleep and she's shocked."

The frustrated student then kicked her one night stand out of her room and has now "been spreading it around" among their friends.

I only lasted 15 seconds before finishing. Then I feel really tired and want to go to sleep and she's shocked.

He added: "She texted me saying I am a huge let down and wasteful piece of s***.

"My friends know how long I lasted and won't stop giving me s***."

However, other users have taken the woman's side and accused the student of being "lazy in bed".

One replied: "I don't give a damn if a man only lasts a little while as long as he puts in effort."

Jumping to the woman's defence, a second replied: "Couldn't be more selfish. 15 seconds could've been a compliment if he's really into it but 15 seconds and go to sleep without caring is straight up a**hole."

However, another wrote: "You're both in the wrong, you continued to come onto her knowing she was in a relationship while she came onto you while she was in a relationship.

"I feel like you've both got a good taste of karma from this."

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