Beckham reveals Man Utd legend Sir Alex forced him to shave famous mohican off in Wembley toilets before 2000 Charity Shield

DAVID BECKHAM has relived the moment he was told to shave off his Mohican haircut by strict Sir Alex Ferguson… in the Wembley TOILETS!

The former Manchester United star turned up for the 2000 Charity Shield with Chelsea sporting the new yet outrageous barnet.

The 44-year-old had hid the new hairstyle from the United boss that week but when it was eventually unveiled in the dressing room, he was told to get rid of it straightaway.

Beckham said: “Even when I was seven or eight years old, I always wanted to go to a barber’s and have my haircut in a certain way that nobody else had.

“Or I always wanted to wear something that was different to what my mates were wearing.

“I walked into the changing room and he hadn’t seen it because I was too scared to even show him.

“I had gone into training the day before with a beanie on. I trained in a beanie. Gone back. Walked into the hotel. Had a beanie on.

“Had dinner. A beanie on. Breakfast. Beanie on. The bus on the way to the stadium – beanie.

“Then, as I’m getting ready for the game, I obviously took it off and he said: ‘Go and shave it off.’ I kind of giggled and he was like: ‘I’m totally serious. Go and shave it off.’

“So, I had to find a pair of clippers and I shaved it off at Wembley stadium. The manager always rules.”

I walked into the changing room and he hadn’t seen it because I was too scared to even show him.

Beckham, who married Spice Girls singer Victoria Adams in 1999, always loved the celebrity lifestyle – much to the annoyance of disciplinarian Ferguson.

Yet he acted as a trailblazer for today’s multi-million pound footballers, whose are essentially one-man PLCs.

Becks said: “It’s a lot more normal these days to have a Mohawk, a tattoo on your neck or wear colour boots.

“When we were growing up, the manager wouldn’t even let us even step on the pitch wearing a pair of red boots or a pair of white boots. Simple as that. Things like that have definitely changed.”

Beckham admired the way Ferguson ruthlessly sold some of his best stars to make way for the Class of 92 academy recruits.

Speaking to OTRO ahead of a Treble Reunion match on May 26, he added: “The one thing the boss was always good at he was able to change

“It’s why he was so good, it’s why he is the most decorated manager in football, it’s why he was successful for the amount of years he was.

“He would always go and buy a great new player the next year or two great players the next year. Even after we had won the Treble or the Double or winning the league.

“He always knew you had to change to keep on improving. When it was time for me, Scholes, Butt, Giggs, Gary or Phil to come into the team, he sells Andrei Kanchelskis, Mark Hughes and Paul Ince – three of the best players in Man Utd history.

“We were all shocked. Yet that showed the faith he had in us as young players. But also when it was time for me to move on, it didn’t matter.

"He is very ruthless in that way. But that is what makes him so great. It’s what made him successful.”

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