Mother’s agony as partner of 12 years dies after their daughter, 6

Mother’s agony as loving partner of 12 years becomes third in family to die in nine months after death of their six-year-old daughter and her older sister

  • Joey Ayres and Mark Barfoot’s lives shattered when daughter Lyla died in March
  • Youngster rushed to hospital complaining of headache before death from sepsis 
  • Last month, Mark had heart attack and died on way to pick up his granddaughter
  • Joey, from Lincoln, East Midlands, also lost her older sister Sharon early this year

A mother has told of her heartbreak after losing her partner just nine months after the death of their six-year-old daughter.

Joey Ayres and Mark Barfoot had their world shattered when Lyla died from sepsis in March, a week after she was rushed to hospital complaining of a headache. 

But a year from hell went from bad to worse after Mark collapsed and died on his way to collect their granddaughter, 2, after suffering a heart attack on November 13.

Paramedics and members of the public rushed to help but the 47-year-old was later pronounced dead in hospital at 6pm, the same time to the minute that Lyla died.

Mark Barfoot (shown left with his daughter Lyla) died half a year after his little girl died following a battle with sepsis in March

A devastated Joey, who also lost her sister Sharon this year, said: ‘I got calls from a lot of people – I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe it was happening again.’ 

‘Mark was a perfect dad – he really was. He was loving and kind and would do anything for anyone. Family was his life and his world.

‘I am heartbroken – we all are. It gives me comfort to know he [Mark] is up there with Lyla. My eldest sister Sharon passed away in a hospice this year.

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‘We have had three die in nine months. 2018 really has been a horrendous year. You couldn’t write it in a book.’

Despite her pain, the mother-of-seven, from Lincoln, East Midlands, says she put her pain to the back of her mind to ensure she is there for her family.

‘It is hard but I am trying to stay strong,’ she said. ‘I want to make Christmas as magical as possible for the kids and the grandchildren.

A GoFundMe page has now been set up by a friend to help raise money for the funeral and to support the family after the deaths of Lyla (pictured) and her father

‘Mark would have wanted me to carry on and be strong.’

The mother has also endured the most horrendous situation any parent could face – trying to explain to her 11-year-old son, Mason, that his father had died.

The couple’s 11-year-old son Mason (pictured)

‘Mason is heartbroken,’ she said. ‘He keeps saying Daddy is hiding and he is going to find him.

‘He said he can’t enjoy Christmas because it isn’t fair that his sister and dad aren’t here.

‘As a mother, that is heartbreaking to hear – it is the worst thing anyone can go through.’

Despite her grief, the mother says she is grateful for all those who tried to help Mark and all those who have worked to raise money to help support the family.

She added: ‘I want to thank One-Stop for doing some fund-raising for the family. I want to thank everyone who helped on the night Mark passed away.

‘I want to thank Ermine Primary Academy who are holding a memorial service for Lyla on December 13.’

A GoFundMe page has now been set up by a friend to help raise money for the funeral and to support the family.

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Paris on lockdown as 1,000 protesters arrested and 135 injured during riots in 'Day of rage' across France

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the violence in Paris was"under control" by 6pm local time, despite scattered tensions.

He described the clashes as "totally unacceptable", and said 135 people were injured on Saturday, including 17 police officers.

"Exceptional" security measures allowed police to put nearly 1,000 people in custody.

Casataner estimated there were 10,000 yellow vest protesters in Paris alone, among some 125,000 protesters around the country.

Protesters smashed store windows, set fires around Paris, and clashed with police, who fired tear gas throughout the day in the French capital.


Earlier in the day "Yellow vest" demonstrators squared up to thousands of cops on the Champs Eylsees boulevard.

Dozens of French riot police backed by an armoured vehicle charged the protesters, firing tear gas beneath the sparkling lights of one of the world's most elegant avenues.

Demonstrators in yellow vests carried a huge banner calling for President Emmanuel Macron to resign and for France to hold an emergency election.Protesters appeared to throw flares as police responded with tear gas.

The confrontation came after a day of tension across Paris on Saturday and unprecedented police efforts to prevent new violence.

Major tourist attractions have been shut down including the Eiffel Tower as 90,000 riot cops try and tackle today's ferocious battle for the streets.

Dramatic pictures show French cops hurling tear gas canisters and wielding water cannons as they try to calm groups angry at the high cost of living under President Emmanuel Macron, and a proposed fuel price rise.

Protesters chanted "Macron Resign" and "Police Everywhere – Justice Nowhere" as they were joined by extremists from the far Right and the ultra-Left.

The violence has spilled from France into Belgium and the Netherlands today, as around 700 people have been detained across Europe.

Reports say 100 have been pulled from protests in Brussels for carrying fireworks or protective clothing, while in Amsterdam two people were taken in by police.

In the French capital fires have been lit, cars turned over and shop windows smashed, while police arrested just over 600 people in Paris by 2pm.

Potential weapons including gas cannisters, flash ball guns, baseball bats, and petanque balls have been confiscated on the so-called "Act 4" day of action.

A police source said: "477 have been placed under formal investigation, out of a total of more than 600 arrests."

The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Musee d'Orsay and the Centre Pompidou have been forced to shut as the violence continues.

Cops said there are around 1,500 protesters on the Champs Elysees boulevard alone.

The Yellow Vests said their protests would continue indefinitely as they campaign for even more tax reductions.

There have been calls for a State of Emergency to be announced, and for the Army to take to the streets.

The current spate of Paris violence  is considered the worst since the Spring of 1968, when President Charles de Gaulle’s government feared a full-blown revolution.

Police are using snatch squads to seize troublemakers and are more mobile around the city, BBC reports.

Authorities in the capital are taking these steps to avoid a repeat of last Saturday's chaos when rioters torched cars on the Champs Elysees boulevard and defaced the Arc de Triomphe monument with graffiti.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on French television: "We will do all we can so that today can be a day without violence, so that the dialogue that we started this week can continue in the best possible circumstances."

US President Donald Trump appeared to blame the Paris Agreement – which he took America out of in 2016 – for the rioting.

In a series of tweets he said the agreement "isn't working out so well for Paris", adding "people do not want to pay large sums of money, much to third word countries (that are questionable run) in order to maybe protect the environment".

Culture Minister Franck Riester told RTL radio: "We cannot take the risk when we know the threat", adding that far-right and far-left agitators were planning to hijack rallies by "yellow vest" protesters in the French capital.

Many shops were boarded up to avoid looting and street furniture and construction site materials have been removed to stop protesters from throwing them.

Interior minister Christophe Castaner had warned of "ultra-violent" people joining the riots, just days after tax offices across the country were stormed and petrol-bombed – with one confrontation leading to a protester ramming his tractor into a local government building.

He said the riots had "created a monster" and claimed "radical elements" had infiltrated the movement.

The first attack was in the southern town of Perpignan, when officials were forced to flee their posts after a rioter vowed to "come back with my gun".

And 200 tax inspectors in Poiters were escorted out of their building by a battalion of riot cops as protesters yelled "collaborators".

Yesterday a spokesman for President Macron said: "We have reason to fear a great violence this Saturday."

The Yellow Vest group is named after the high visibility jackets that all motorists have to carry in France and originally called for a reduction in the price of diesel and petrol.

The once-popular President Macron is now described as “The President of the Rich”, and widely disliked among the French public.

Last week horrifying images of French police beating up protesters have emerged – inflaming an already tense situation.

Mr Macron’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, said: “What is at stake is the safety of the French people and our institutions. I call for responsibility.

“All the actors in the public debate – politicians, union leaders, journalists and citizens – will be accountable for their statements in the coming days.”

The Sun Says

FRANCE’S riots are the direct result of President Macron’s ocean-going arrogance.

Hitting skint workers with higher fuel taxes and telling them it’s for their own long-term good is typical of him.

And after his aggression towards Britain . . . well, these woes couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, could they?

But there is a warning there for us.

Exorbitant fuel prices are bad enough. Imagine telling 17.4million Leave voters their victory didn’t count.

The Sun warned yesterday that we fear civil disorder if a second referendum is called. Let’s be crystal clear: riots, or worse, are horrific, indefensible and the last thing anyone should want.

And we will not shrink from our view that second-vote campaigners are too glib about the forces they may unleash.

Today marks the fourth day of disturbances in a row, leading it to be dubbed “Act 4.”

Yesterday cops were forced to round up 153 baby-faced rioters at a single school – with officers forcing kids as young as 12 being to kneel in silence against a wall.

Shocking footage showed the officers arresting pupils at the lawless Saint-Exupéry school on the outskirts of Paris.

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Victoria Pendleton: ‘I had £1.5k face fillers and Botox to boost my confidence after my marriage split but my family thought it was crazy'

The gold medallist, 38, had dermal filler added in July, just after she announced her split from husband Scott Gardner.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Victoria said: “I’ve never really been opposed to the idea. So I just thought ‘why not, I’m not getting any younger.’

“I’m 38 now and I thought why not give it a go? It’s nothing permanent.”

As part of her treatment, she had Botox in her forehead, an Ellanse collagen injection on her mid-face and cheeks to add volume, and a Perfectha HA dermal filler to her top lip, costing £1,500.

The decision to tweak her appearance wasn’t one she had craved for years, but she said she jumped in with both feet.

Victoria visited River Aesthetics clinic in Belgravia, London, following her split with Scott, a Team GB cycling coach, earlier this year.

She said: “I think he would have been chilled with me doing whatever.

“My lifestyle in terms of racing or climbing mountains they are a little bit more concerning than anything like this.”

When asked if the treatment was something she did for her new chapter, she said: “I’m not getting any younger so I thought ‘this is just the right time to give it a whirl really’.”

Part of the decision to get the treatment done was after years of exposing her skin to the outside elements.

Victoria explained: “I’m quite lucky as I’ve always had a very outdoorsy, healthy lifestyle and I’m not super worried about getting old as I’ve had a good life. I’ve had a good time doing sport.

“It does take a toll on your skin. Being outside in the elements, it does take a bit of a toll and I accept that as part of my journey.”

The athlete was delighted when she saw her face post-treatment, and said: “I was really happy with the results. It was super subtle.

“The lines in my forehead have dramatically reduced but it hadn’t restricted any movements. Lots of people were like you look really good and I can’t say why.”

And the fillers have also boosted the star’s confidence.

She said: “It was nice to feel youthful and remove a few little lines.

“It’s like when you change your appearance in change of different outfits or hairstyles.

“If it makes you feel good and isn’t harming anybody I think ‘why not do it?’

“I’m always up for trying new things and I’m kind of someone who says yes more than I say no to things so I thought I’ll give it a try and just see how I feel about it.

“A lot of people think it’s a good idea to not wait until it’s almost too late. Almost preventative rather than change something once you have deep set lines.”

With her youthful appearance and only being in her 30s, Victoria admitted her family didn’t understand her decision to get fillers.

She said: “They all think I’m crazy for doing as they don’t think I need it.

“But they accept me for who I am. If it makes you happy, do it.”

Her family may be sceptical, but Victoria said her treatment has persuaded friends to get it done too.

She added: “My friends said how natural and subtle it was and said they said they would definitely consider it now and hadn’t in the past.

“You do see horror stories but it was reassuring that they were like ‘it is you but fresher’. It was nice, I got lots of compliment.”

The treatment is not permanent, and Victoria revealed she would be open to getting it topped up.

She added: “I definitely would consider it. I feel reassured with procedures like that. A little subtle change is a nice thing to do.”

But while she may become a repeat filler customer, Victoria said she will steer clear of plastic surgery procedures like a boob job.

Victoria said: “I don’t think I’d do anything permanent. That doesn’t appeal to me in the same way."

I’m not getting any younger so I thought ‘this is just the right time to give it a whirl really.

“I don’t think I’d drastically change anything. You can sculpt your body in the gym.”

Being in the public eye, the talented sportswoman admitted that she is subject to cruel comments on social media.

Victoria, who has posed for the cover of the likes of Esquire in the past, revealed: “Over the years I have had criticism for over glamorising sport. Like doing things like photoshoots.

“People are like ‘it’s such a shame that you have to degrade yourself in some way by doing some kind of girly glamorous shoot.’

“Like it’s not okay for an athlete to be perceived in any way other than a strong, sporty image.

“No one has ever forced me to do anything like that. It’s difficult sometimes to explain to people, it’s not that I felt forced I had to.

She continued: “I’ve always been a girly girl in terms of I love having my hair and make-up done and putting a dress on. I don’t think it should take away from the fact I’m a serious competitive athlete as well at the same time. Some people find it hard to accept you can be both. That’s just who I am.”

Victoria tied the knot with Scott Gardner – who was a member of her Team GB training team – in 2013.

But she wrote on Twitter in July that the pair had “grown apart” despite their “best efforts”.

Victoria, who won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, spent years hiding their relationship from other members of Team GB.

Scott, a sports scientist, left his role in 2008 after it emerged the pair were dating but he was later re-hired.

Victoria told her 289,000 followers: “After 10 years together I am very sad to say that Scott and I have grown apart, despite our best efforts in trying to make our marriage work.

“We have come to the decision to go our separate ways. It has been an extremely difficult time and a tough decision to make.

“We want to look ahead to the future and stay positive. We would both gratefully appreciate our privacy being respected as we navigate what is a deeply personal time for us.”

The star is keeping busy, and is now a jockey, after retiring from professional cycling following winning gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and at the 2012 London Games.


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She's proved herself as a professional jockey and won her first race in March 2016 at Wincanton.

The Olympian was also a contestant in the tenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, where she was partnered with Brendan Cole.

Victoria has also designed Pendleton Bikes exclusively sold in Halfords.


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Toddler, 1, DECAPITATED in freak motorbike accident after scarf got tangled in wheels and ripped his head off

Nineteen-month-old Prince Calot was being carried by his mother Lorna Stephanie Nueva, 25, on the bike as they rode home from a doctor's appointment in Northern Samar in the Philippines.

Lorna was riding pillion carrying the tot in her arms on December 2 while her mother, Rosita Tejano, 45, was steering.

During the journey the long yellow silk scarf – which had been put on to protect the baby's head from the sun and keep it out the wind – dangled down and was pulled into the moving cogs of the motorcycle.

The shawl tightened around the baby's neck and flung him to the ground – ripping off his fragile head in the process.

The two adults were unable to prevent the boy from being caught up in the Honda XRM motorcycle.

Heartbreaking pictures show Lorna cradling the blood-covered headless corpse of the toddler as shocked residents came to help in the town of Laoang.

Prince's head was lying on the ground with the yellow scarf still wrapped around it.

Loran pleaded with onlookers for help but the boy was pronounced dead at the scene by the time ambulances arrived.

She said: ''I don't know how it happened. I gave my boy the scarf to stop him from getting chills while we rode and to keep the sun away from his head.

''I was holding him and my mother was riding at the front. It happened so fast and I couldn't hold him. He was pulled down.''

Witnesses said neither woman had a chance to react before the child's head was severed.

Inspector Manuel Castillo said that the mother and the grandmother are still in a state of shock.

The two could be charged with violating Republic Act 10666 or An Act Providing For the Safety of Children Aboard Motorcycles and for reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.

It was the second time Nueva had lost a child to an accident in two years.

In 2016 her eight-year-old daughter drowned in a river in their home village of Sumoroy near Palapag town.


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Daredevil, 47, captures moment he hung from cliff 1,300ft in air

What a cliff hanger! Daredevil captures himself on camera dangling above the clouds and 1,300 feet from the ground

  • Mike Hutton, 47, captured astonishing images while visiting Bamford edge in the heart of the Peak District
  • The photographs show Mike dangling from the famous rock called Gargoyle Flake – 1,312ft above the ground
  • He was able to capture his brave climb by balancing the camera and tripod on the edge of the mountain

A daredevil has captured astonishing images of himself dangling above the clouds in the Peak District.

Mike Hutton, 47, was visiting Bamford edge in the heart of the Peak District when he managed to climb the rock and capture the impressive moment himself.

The images show Mike dangling from the famous rock called Gargoyle Flake – 1,312ft above the ground.

Mike Hutton, 47, was visiting Bamford edge in the heart of the Peak District when he managed to climb the rock and capture himself dangling above the clouds in this astonishing image

He lowers himself slowly down the cliff edge (left) before hanging by just one hand. He was able to capture his brave climb by balancing the camera and tripod on the edge of the mountain – something which captured the images automatically

He was able to capture his brave climb by balancing the camera and tripod on the edge of the mountain – something which captured the images automatically.

Mike said: ‘I had an idea to capture an image of someone rock climbing above a temperature inversion for several years.

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    One step at a time! Daredevils scale wobbly ladder strung…

    It’s too hot to wear my shirt on top of this LAVA: Shirtless…

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‘The route in the photo was selected as it is at an altitude of approximately 400m which would ensure it to be above the clouds during a temperature inversion and it has a stunning backdrop.

‘After years of waiting all the elements came together on a beautiful winters day.’ 

Mr Hutton (pictured) said it was a dream of his to capture an image of someone rock climbing above a temperature inversion 

He picked the specific cliff because ‘it had an altitude of approximately 400m which would ensure it to be above the clouds during a temperature inversion and it has a stunning backdrop’

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