Why are Scotland playing at 3pm against Kazakhstan?

SCOTLAND are looking to qualify for Euro 2020 and end their two decade absence from major tournaments.

France '98 was the last time the Scots participated in the finals of an international competition, but Alex McLeish is confident his young side can fight their way to next year's Euros.

Why are Scotland playing at 3pm against Kazakhstan?

THE SCOTS begin their qualifying campaign with a tough trip to face Kazakhstan in Astana.

There is a six-hour time difference between the two countries and the match will be kicking off at 9pm local time.

As a result, that will 3pm here in the UK – and McLeish has a plan to cope with the huge time difference.

The Scotland chief has revealed that the entire travelling party will remain on GMT time throughout their trip in an attempt any potential fatigue issues.

McLeish explained: "“There has been a lot of dialogue with the performance guys and different clubs.

“We will stay on British time during our stay in Kazakhstan. That sounds a bit weird but that is how people travelling there approach it. I’m sure the 
players will get their heads around it."
Once the match is over, the players will head straight to their training camp in Rimini and begin preparations for the clash with San Marino on Sunday, March 24.

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Three-O Walcott day arrives at last for Peep Show fans – cheque's in post, Jez

THE day Peep Show fans have been eagerly awaiting for years is finally here… happy birthday Three-O Walcott!

Yes, the Everton man will celebrate his 30th birthday today, meaning, Jez, your cheque is in the post.

The Peep Show legend famously said he always planned to make "millions" and get Mark off his back by selling the headline to The Sun.

And, now the day has finally come, we're more than happy to oblige.

Here's how the exchange went in series eight of the hit Channel 4 show.

  • Jez: I've always got the Three-O Walcott millions.
  • Mark: Jeremy's planning to sell the headline 'Three-O Walcott' to a tabloid newspaper when Theo Walcott turns 30, and we've agreed not to argue whether that's a good plan.
  • Jez: It is a good plan.
  • Mark: I know.

Peep Show fans have been waiting for this day since series eight was aired in 2012.

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club even hosted a special themed event on Friday to celebrate Three-O Walcott.

They took to social media in their droves to wish a happy birthday to the Everton star and remind Jez to cash in.

Big day tomorrow. Three-0 Walcott! pic.twitter.com/Fl4u3DsQqe

happy three-0 walcott day from me and all my friends

If you start watching the first episode of Series 8 of Peep Show at roughly 11:53 this evening, Mark will say "Jeremy is planning to sell the headline 'THREE-O WALCOTT' to a tabloid newspaper when Theo Walcott turns 30" at exactly the same moment as Theo Walcott turns 30.

So psyched for three-o walcott

Wow, Jeremy is finally going to get his Three-O Walcott millions

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‘One Day At A Time’ Was Canceled By Netflix & Twitter Is Now In Mourning

Today isn’t a good day for fans of One Day At A Time. On Thursday, March 14, Netflix officially announced that One Day At A Time has been canceled, and will not be renewed for Season 4. Netflix announced the news on social media, and Twitter reacted to the One Day At A Time cancellation with sadness, anger, and a lot of GIFs.

"We’ve made the very difficult decision not to renew One Day At A Time for a fourth season," Netflix tweeted. "The choice did not come easily — we spent several weeks trying to find a way to make another season work but in the end simply not enough people watched to justify another season."

The news followed a push by fans on Twitter to keep the reboot of the ’70s sitcom alive, but ultimately, it didn’t work. In a series of tweets, Netflix thanked creator Norman Lear, the cast, and the show’s executive producers Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce "for always making us laugh and never shying away from bravely and beautifully tackling tough subject matter in a meaningful way."

Netflix ended this sad note with a message to fans who found a kinship with this Cuban-American family. "And to anyone who felt seen or represented — possibly for the first time — by ODAAT," Netflix tweeted, "please don’t take this as an indication your story is not important. The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories."

Still, fans were sad to hear that the show they loved would not be returning for another season.

More to come…

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Fire breaks out at Massachusetts residence, 5 found dead, officials say

After a fire tore through a Massachusetts residence on Wednesday, officials said five deceased individuals were discovered.
(Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle via AP)

After a fire tore through a Massachusetts residence on Wednesday, officials said five deceased individuals were discovered.

The Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office got word of “an active structure fire” at a home in Sheffield around 7:50 a.m., a news release from the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office said. The call prompted multiple agencies to respond to the scene and ultimately put out the blaze.


Authorities conducted multiple searches of the home, during which they located the unidentified deceased individuals, officials said. The causes of death were not made clear.

District Attorney Andrea Harrington during a news conference described the investigation as being “complicated,” according to The Associated Press.


“This is an ongoing, extensive investigation with multiple local and state agencies, including the State Police assigned to the Office of the State Fire Marshal and detectives from the State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office,” Harrington said in the news release.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Premature twins separated at birth hug after meeting for first time outside womb

Ann Le’s newborns Olivia and Zoe were separated for the first month of their lives after entering the world at 29 weeks.

But once they were strong enough, the pair were reunited and reached out for another in a sweet embrace.

Ann, 29, from Australia, told Daily Mail Australia: “We had been waiting so long for the girls to meet so when the day finally came we couldn't believe it.

“We waited 27 days exactly for our first twin cuddle and it was so much more than we could have expected.

“Olivia was placed on me first, then when it was Zoe's turn she reached out her left arm and hugged her sister. My tears were flowing, it's a moment I'll never forget.”

Ann’s identical twin girls shared the same amniotic sac. Known as monochorionic monoamniotic twins, it's one of the highest risk twin pregnancies possible.

There is only a 50 per cent chance the babies will survive after the 26 week mark.

Every fortnight from the 10 week mark Ann had ultrasounds to ensure the girls were progressing as they should be.

Doctors decided the girls needed to come out at 28 weeks and five days after fearing one of the girls was in distress.

Ann said: “It wasn't long before they pulled Olivia out who let out a loud cry. Zoe came next but was breech, so after a bit of pulling, the doctor managed to get her out.

What are monochorionic monoamniotic twins?

Monochorionic Monoamnionic twins are identical twins which share the same sac and placenta.

These twins are extremely rare and the biggest risk with this pregnancy is that the umbilical cords – which are separate – will get tangled and knotted resulting in impaired blood flow to one or both of the babies.

“She didn't cry or move which made us really concerned. Both girls were quickly taken by the midwives to the paediatric team for assessment.”

Zoe and Olivia have been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne since their birth on January 26. Ann think they may be allowed to come home around mid-April.

She said: “It has been emotionally draining for my husband and I, but now that they have passed the one month mark, their chances of survival are now greater than 95 per cent.”

Before their big meet-and-greet the twins were separated to prevent accidental suffocation of one twin to another. They were also on breathing supports.

Meanwhile, incredible photos show ‘miracle’ survival of 23 weeks premature baby born just 17 days after her twin was stillborn.

And, a mum of premature twins born at 25 weeks weighing 5lb COMBINED reveals the moving picture diary she started after learning they ‘might not last the night’.

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ICE makes more arrests at decoy university; some detainees being deported, authorities say

Logo of the University of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Mich. 
(Department of Homeland Security)

Federal immigration authorities say they have arrested more students enrolled at a sham Detroit-area university created by the Department of Homeland Security.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested 161 foreign nationals at the University of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Mich., on immigration violations since the operation began in January, ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls told the Detroit Free Press.

"Several have since been removed and others are currently in various stages of the removal process," Walls said.


Authorities announced Jan. 30 that 130 students enrolled at the university had been arrested. The sting set up by DHS involved making the bogus school appear to be a real institution, including accreditation. Many of the students were enrolled in master’s degree programs for engineering and computer-related fields and arrived in the U.S. through student visas, immigration attorneys said.

The detained students – mostly from India – were being housed in 34 lockups across the county, according to the American Telugu Association.

Many hail from the Telugu-speaking areas of India, the association told the paper. Some come from poor areas and took out substantial loans "to study here to study and pursue the American dream," association president Parmesh Bheemreddy told the paper.

“Now, it will be difficult to pay off their debts after they're sent back to India,” he said.


The immigration violations of which they are accused happened only because they were enrolled in the fake university, something they didn’t know at the time, immigration attorneys said. Some of the remaining 440 students who haven’t been arrested have opted to leave the U.S.

The Indian government said it is trying to help the detained students. The students were told they could work on what are called Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training programs after they enrolled. The U.S. government says the Farmington University didn't have classes.

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Prodigy fans will gather at Keith Flint's Essex pub in tribute to late star this weekend, says landlord

The Leather Bottle pub, located near his Great Dunmow home, will throw an event in honour of the Firestarter hitmaker.

Keith owned the pub from late 2014 to March 2017 and remained a regular visitor after selling.

Landlord Robert Reilly told NME that fans have gathered at the pub since the rave legend's death was revealed on Monday. 

He said: "The fans are phoning up and saying that they’re doing stuff over the weekend and next week, asking if it’s OK to come pay tribute. Obviously we’ve been saying yes."

Keith was found unresponsive by medics in his £1.5million marital home he shared with wife Mayumi Kai, in Dunmow, Essex.

He fought a long battle with drink, drugs and depression, however his wife had "saved him" from his party lifestyle.

But the pair split shortly before his death with Keith begging Mayumi for a reconciliation as their home went on the market.

Earlier this week his bandmate Liam Howlett said that the frontman had taken his own life. 

Speaking about the reaction to Keith's death, landlord Robert said: "It was a shock, really, because obviously he was here for two and a half years and he put so much into the pub and for his friends who do use the pub, it was just a shock for them and a weird day for them, really."

The legendary frontman will also be honoured with a rave in Tottenham, North London this weekend – and all proceeds will go to mental health charities Mind in Haringey and Calm.

DJs such as Slipmatt and Nookie – who shared line-ups with the band – will be playing at the event and, of course, Prodigy will be played.

Keith's fans have also launched a Facebook campaign to get his 1997 hit song Firestarter to number one this week.

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Mum who left school at 13 and used to be homeless launches beauty tool range that’s loved by the Kardashians – and she’s set to make £700k

Rebecca Crawforth, 33, first thought of the idea for her bespoke beauty tool company Navy Professional while battling a rare brain condition in hospital five years ago – and now counts the Kardashians, JLo and Rihanna as customers.

The mum-of-two – who lives with children Hettie, three, Harry, 12, and her husband Curtis, 33, in Doncaster – left school when she was just 13 years old and fell pregnant with her son two years later.

With hardly any qualifications, Rebecca started off by floating between jobs and "always talked her way into new opportunities."

However, when she was made redundant from her job in a large department store aged 15, Rebecca told the Daily Mail: "I lost not only my job but my home and resorted to staying on my grandma's sofa while carrying my first baby."

Determined to make a better life for her son, Rebecca became set on starting her own business and set her sights on the beauty industry.

  • Fine Cuticle Clippers, £46 from Navy Pro – buy now

After winning funding from the Prince's Trust – a youth charity founded by Prince Charles to help unemployed young people – Rebecca was able to launch two beauty salons in her local area.

She added: "I met a Prince's Trust executive after returning to the UK and falling pregnant with my son whilst staying with my grandma.

"I wanted to build a life for us and had heard of the incredible opportunities the Trust was renowned for.

"I had an idea of what I wanted to do and from meeting them I never looked back. They gave me the wings I needed."

However, Rebecca was sadly diagnosed with a rare brain condition in 2015 which left her hospitalised for weeks.

But it was when she was recovering from major brain surgery that Rebecca came up with the idea for her pioneering beauty brand Navy Professional.

She added: "When I owned salons, I was always very thorough with cleanliness and hygiene but felt restricted in what I could do.

"The tool hygiene available in the UK is primarily the traditional blue disinfectants and to clean as often as required would cause rusting to the tools, meaning they would need replacing.'"

After being diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction, Rebecca began working with a family-run Sheffield manufacturer to create her dream range of bespoke beauty tools.

The mum-of-two even sold her two salons to put all her energy into her new passion project.

The titanium coating of the range gives each tool added strength and durability, with the added benefit that bacteria is unable to adhere to it – it also gives them their signature gold colouring.

Rebecca also worked with Dr Patricia Fenton MB BSto ensure the tools come with the best possible hygiene guidelines.

So it will come as no surprise that these vegan, cruelty-free tools have taken the beauty world by storm since launching five months ago.

Now counting the Kardashians, JLo and Rihanna as customers, Rebecca said: "I’m totally overwhelmed. I can’t believe the success of the brand.

"The whole project is self-funded so it’s extremely important for me to get this right.

"I’m passionate about quality in beauty, and it just seemed crazy that the industry was forced to use such sub-par beauty tools."

Along with a professional standard nail kit, Navy Pro also sells luxury tweezers and beauty scissors which have all been coated in titanium to prevent them from rusting.

What's more, less than half a year into her new business venture, Rebecca is on course to make a turnover £700k.

The entrepreneur continues to work closely with the Prince's Trust and Navy Pro is now an ambassador for the charity.

For more inspiring rags-to-riches stories, mum-of-two Danielle Kendall told Fabulous Online how she launched a classy £250k hen do company from her spare room with just £30.

And Judith Balcazar revealed how she launched a knickers brand after a bladder operation left her incontinent.

Plus Kristelle Levy told Fabulous Online how she used a childhood recipe to launch a £500k cookie company from her parents' kitchen – and even Catherine Tate is a fan.

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Luke Perry dead at 52 – 90210 and Riverdale star dies after massive stroke

The Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale star never recovered after being rushed to hospital on Wednesday.

He passed away this morning at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank surrounded by his family – including Jack and Sophie and fiance Wendy Madison Bauer.

His rep said: "Actor Luke Perry, 52, passed away today after suffering a massive stroke.

"The family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to Luke from around the world, and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning.

"No further details will be released at this time."


Luke had been sedated to allow his brain to recover but the damage was too extensive, TMZ reports.

The US actor first shot to fame in the '90s, playing Dylan McKay in popular TV series Beverly Hills, 90210.

However, most recently Luke has found prominence playing Archie's dad Fred Andrews in hit show Riverdale, and the star was only recently spotted filming scenes on the Warner Brothers Hollywood lot.

He had also shot a role in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Charles Manson film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

On the same day that Luke suffered his stroke, Fox announced that they are rebooting Beverly Hills, 90210.

The star was yet to sign on to the project, despite his former costars – including Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Brian Austin Green – already being confirmed.

Luke is father to two children, 22-year-old Jack, and 18-year-old Sophie, who he shares with his ex-wife Rachel Sharp.


He was born in Ohio in 1966 but moved to LA shortly after finishing high school to pursue a career in acting.

Luke auditioned for 215 acting jobs in New York before landing a role in an advert and later appearing in in the music video "Be Chrool to Your Scuel" for the band Twisted Sister alongside Alice Cooper.

He appeared in daytime soaps Loving and Another World but in 1990, he successfully auditioned for brooding millionaire's son Dylan McKay in 90210.

While starring on the teen drama, he won a supporting role in the original film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and cemented himself as a 90s heartthrob.

But in 1995, he decided to leave 90210 to focus on more adult roles and appeared in films Invasion, Riot and The Fifth Element.

Three years later, he returned to 90210 because of financial reasons.

He later said of the role: "I'm going to be linked with him until I die, but that's actually just fine. I created Dylan McKay. He's mine."


As well as his acting, Luke was also known for his voiceover work and played himself – and Krusty the Clown's half-brother – in The Simpsons in 1993.

He voiced himself in an episode of Johnny Bravo and parodied himself again in Family Guy where he was branded gay by Peter and sued the family.

But in 2017 after dwindling appearances on broadway, he landed the role on Fred Andrews on CW series Riverdale.

The actor played main character Archie's dad on the Netflix show.


In 2015, the star spoke out to urge his fans to test for colon cancer after a colonoscopy revealed that he had precancerous growths.

The growths were removed and Luke became an advocate for getting tested, with the actor previously telling Fox News: "Right now, there are 23 million Americans who haven’t been screened who need to be screened.

"If I had waited, it could have been a whole different scenario.

"When I heard that this was the most detectable cancer that we know of yet it’s the second most lethal, I just couldn’t figure out why that was and I wanted to get out there and tell people about it."


Tributes from devastated celebs have begun flooding in for the star after his tragic death today.

Molly Ringwald, who played his wife on Riverdale, said: "My heart is broken. I will miss you so much Luke Perry. Sending all my love to your family. #LukePerry."

Frozen actor Josh Gad said: "Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. RIP #LukePerry."

Nancy Sinatra tweeted: "Oh, dear, I'm so sorry. Gone way too soon. Godspeed Luke Perry."

Luke's death comes after Prodigy singer Keith Flint was found dead in a suspected suicide at his home aged 49.

The iconic singer, from Essex, was discovered at around 8am this morning after police and paramedics were called to the property.

And in another tragic death, it was announced Australian Idol star Kate Cook had passed away aged 36.

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Ruud Gullit hits out at Liverpool and says they look 'anything but champions'

The Reds make the short trip to Goodison Park later today knowing a win would lift them above league leaders Manchester City.

Liverpool's form has been questionable of late after dropping points at home to Leicester, at West Ham and more recently away at Manchester United.

It has allowed Pep Guardiola's men to close the gap and Gullit believes Liverpool missed a golden opportunity to send a statement against a depleted United side last weekend.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: "If there was a ­moment to make a clear title ­statement and make an impact on both ­Manchester clubs, it was at Old ­Trafford. They let a ­massive chance go. And to me it proved that they are not at the very top level yet.

"What I saw against United was worrying. No pressing, no creativity and no energy. Klopp’s teams always play with energy but this time it was all slow stuff in the build-up.

"United suffered from injuries during the game and still they did not have a go at them.”

Gullit also aimed at dig at Jurgen Klopp's tactics and believes they resorted to long balls because they ran out of creativity.

He added: "They resorted to long balls. But if you have a striker like Mo Salah you don’t use long ball tactics.

"Klopp can try and claim that all the injuries at United and several substitutions broke up the rhythm of the game, the truth is different.

“Before the United match, I would have said that a draw away at Old Trafford would be a fine result. But judging the state of their opponent in that game, Klopp’s men should have done so much more.

“Now they need to get back to what they do best and stick to the high pressing game they have used most of the season.”

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