Team USA basketball embarrassed by Jeff Van Gundy-led Select Team

Maybe Jeff Van Gundy should be coaching the US men’s basketball team. Because Team USA, led by Spurs legend Gregg Popovich, appears to be in big trouble two weeks before the FIBA World Cup. In a scrimmage Wednesday against the Van Gundy-coached USA Select Team, composed of fringe NBAers and overseas players, Team USA took […]


A$AP Rocky Returns to U.S. from Sweden and He's Ecstatic

A$AP Rocky was downright gleeful after touching down on U.S. soil Saturday just after midnight … free for the first time in a month. A$AP’s private jet touched down at LAX after a long flight from Sweden … this after the judges in his criminal case allowed him to leave the country as they noodled […]


Are Kawhi, KD and LeBron Too Powerful?

One week into N.B.A. free agency, two historically woebegone franchises have reveled in the splashiest acquisitions. The Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers outdueled the far more glamorous teams in their respective cities for the most coveted superstars. It took ambitious signings and trades, in both cases, that were heavily orchestrated by the superstars themselves. […]


Give This One to the Raptors, but the N.B.A. Finals Aren’t Over

OAKLAND, Calif. — It was a pivotal game that wasn’t, a fine matchup undone by so many injuries to so many creaky Warriors stars that the outcome — a 123-109 Raptors victory — became that strangest of postseason creations: It was a mulligan, a reluctant giveaway to the Raptors, no less foreordained for being fiercely […]


N.B.A. Finals Game 3: Raptors vs. Warriors Live Score

1st Quarter: Nobody is scoring for Golden State except Curry. Toronto’s lead is up to 26-16 thanks to an offensive approach that spreads the ball around to find the right shooter on every possession. Marc Gasol is leading the way with 8 points, but Danny Green has a pair of 3-pointers, Pascal Siakam has looked […]


What If The Raptors Had To Choose Between Kawhi And Drake?

There are rules to the Deadcast, although we don’t generally pay that much attention to them. For the most part, as you might have noticed, it goes like this: Bullshit/sports, sports, sports/Funbag, Funbag. It’s not a lot of structure, but it keeps us honest. This week, though, we faced a Funbag question so powerful and […]


It Takes Real Skills to Be a Fake Stephen Curry

Some comedians need a microphone. Others use pens or a laptop to generate laughs. And then there are Brandon Armstrong and Maxim Peranidze, who simply use a basketball. They are better known by their Instagram handles — @bdotadot5 (1.7 million followers) and @maxisnicee (425,000). Each has gained a significant following with humorous and spot-on impersonations […]