13 Shows That Were Criminally Underrated This Year

The End of the F***ing World Have you ever gotten into a discussion with friends where you’re talking about a new show you’re addicted to, and the look of utter confusion on their faces finally clues you in to the fact they have no idea what you’re talking about? If so, we can commiserate. While […]

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The Best International TV Series of 2018

From Brazilian oil-rig workers to a German U-boat crew, from a Chinese concubine to a Spanish spy in Ava Gardner’s home, international TV has served up some memorable characters this year. Variety’s international correspondents take a trip around the world and pick a dozen buzzed-about shows — some of which can be seen soon on Hulu, Amazon […]


These Are the Best Romantic Comedies of 2018

These Are the Best Romantic Comedies of 2018 Have we gotten too cynical for romantic comedies? We’d like to think we haven’t, though there’s no doubt that what we demand from romantic comedies has changed over the years. Hollywood still has a long way to go when it comes to diverse representation, but 2018 made […]


The Most Popular Instagram Face Filter of 2018 Is a Kylie Jenner Favorite

The most popular Instagram face filter has Kylie Jenner‘s stamp of approval. The 21-year-oldĀ Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star loves to use fun face filters on her Instagram Story (whether it’s on herself or 10-month-old daughter Stormi!) when posting content for her 121 million followers. And according to Instagram’s year-end data, the heart eyes […]


Every Incredible Book We Recommended You Read in 2018

Every Incredible Book We Recommended You Read in 2018 While 2018 might have felt endless for many of us, at least we can agree that some stupendous books came out over the last 12 months. From moving entries into the genres of memoir and nonfiction, to pulse-pounding thrillers that we’re still coming down from, there […]


25 Major Royal Moments of 2018

25 Major Royal Moments of 2018 Sure, everything you hear about the British royals right now centers on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s reported feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton, but before all the drama unfolded, the family had a lot to celebrate. They kicked off the year with the arrival of the newest […]