How much money Olivia Jade could make on sponsored posts

Olivia Jade Giannulli may rake in as much as $50,000 each time she peddles products like hairspray, makeup and invisible braces to her millions of followers on social media, an expert estimated to The Post on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old daughter of TV actress Lori Loughlin is best known for her massive online presence — she has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and another 1.9 million on her beauty-focused YouTube channel.

And she’s certainly no dummy when it comes to cashing in on it through lucrative sponsorship deals with Amazon, TRESemmé, Smile Direct, Smashbox cosmetics and others.

“Typically, someone who has her following on Instagram and YouTube would likely be making around $10,000 to $15,000 per post and per video,” explained Stephanie Cartin, the co-CEO of social media marketing agency SocialFly, who does not work with Giannulli.

But the charmed teen gets a sizable boost to her bottom line thanks to her famous mom, who played Aunt Becky on the iconic family sitcom “Full House.”

“We’re estimating … she’s probably making a minimum of $30,000 for a post on Instagram. It could even be an upwards of $50,000,” said Cartin, who has not seen any of Giannulli’s contracts.

And those totals don’t account for a cut in sales she likely receives from her sponsored-content posts.

“She’s more than just a regular influencer — she has that celebrity hook with her,” Cartin said.

What adds to Giannulli’s star power is her “high engagement” with her followers, which is figured by dividing the number of likes and comments on her posts by total followers.

“It’s a whole different world. We don’t see her on TV but online, she’s very well known to the people that she’s influencing,” said Cartin.

Giannulli has come under intense scrutiny following the arrest of mom Loughlin and dad Mossimo Giannulli this week in the largest college admissions fraud ever prosecuted by the feds.

The wealthy couple is accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to college prep expert William “Rick” Singer to get Olivia Jade and her sister into the University of Southern California as competitive rowers — even though neither is an athlete.

Olivia Jade cashed in on her allegedly ill-gotten college status with spon-con for Amazon Prime, in which she showed off her dorm room.

But in a YouTube video last year, she nonchalantly admitted that she didn’t “really care about school” but wanted the “experience” of “partying.”

Her posts have sparked public outrage — and placed pressure on Sephora and other companies to sever ties with Olivia Jade.

Meanwhile, she’s been roasted on her social media and in scathing online reviews for her sold-out makeup palette.

“I thought this would give me the ‘just-came-from-crew-practice,’ ‘spent-hours-rowing-on-the-lake’ glow. Turns out it was all a sham!” one person wrote on Wednesday.

Asked whether she could rebound from the cheating scandal, Cartin, who works closely with both brands and social media influencers, said it’s possible — eventually.

“So many of these celebrity influencers bounce back from scandals but it’s going to take time and it also depends on how she positions it and talks about it,” she said. “Is she going to be honest and be real with people?”

Exclusive: Lori Loughlin told Page Six that she never pushed her kids to get A's

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Denise Van Outen says she ‘couldn’t be happier’ as she finally moves in with boyfriend Eddie Boxshall after five years

The 44-year-old actress has been dating Eddie since 2014, and the pair have taken the next step in their relationship by moving in together, and they "couldn't be happier".

Denise – who provides the voiceover on Towie – has acknowledged some people may think they have taken their relationship slow, but she didn't want to "rush" into anything and she believes their romance has been a natural progression.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the beauty said: "Living together feels just right for us now.

"Some people might think: 'They've taken their time', but we never felt the need to rush.

"We're both parents and in our mid-40s. We wanted our relationship to progress naturally."

She added: "This is our first place together. Finding it, doing it up and settling in as a family has been so exciting. We couldn't be happier."

Denise – who has daughter Betsy with ex-husband Lee Mead – has also opened up about expanding her family with Eddie, who is a commodities trader.

The star is aware it will be "a bit harder" for her to fall pregnant, but for the time being she is happy having a puppy with Eddie.

Speaking about her future family plans, she said: "It's a bit harder to get pregnant when you're older.

"Besides, having a puppy is a bit like having a new baby in the house."

However, Denise has previously admitted she is often quizzed about having another child, and has tried to conceive.

Speaking previously on Loose Women, she said: "I get asked a lot. I get it constantly, because I'm with Eddie."

Making a cheeky remark about their love life, she quipped: "We try a lot but nothing's happening."

Denise split from Lee in 2013 after four years together.

However, their divorce was finalised in 2015, one year into her romance with Eddie.

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Grace Millane murder trial could be threatened after Google 'illegally' names suspect

The body of backpacker Grace, 22, from Essex, was formally identified on Wednesday after she went missing from a hostel in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 1.

"That's obviously quite extraordinary and raises a couple of issues, the first is that demonstrated the justice process struggling to cope how we reign in the social media aspect in the internet age," said Mr Eaton.

"Everybody who is accessing the defendant's name is obtaining information which has been suppressed by way of a court order which is completely undermining the current legal states of the case in New Zealand," he told RNZ.

Earlier we reported how Google could be prosecuted for naming the suspect.

It is currently illegal to reveal the suspect’s name due to a temporary suppression order which is in place as he awaits trial.

But the search giant sent out a mass email to subscribers in New Zealand who signed up to receive the top trends in the country.

The message included the man’s name which Justice Minister Andrew Little believes violates the suppression order.

Google has denied knowing about the court order.

Mr Little said that if the email could be traced to any of the search company’s New Zealand’s infrastructure then the firm could be prosecuted. reports the New Zealand Herald.

He told TVNZ: "They should not be allowed to say 'it's all the machine's problem it's nothing to do with us.'

“The truth is, Google is responsible for publishing in New Zealand information that's been suppressed by a court.

"They've acted in contempt of court accordingly. We have to find a way of calling those folks to account.”

A Google spokesperson told the NZ Herald said that an initial internal probe showed that the firm were not aware of the suppression order.

They said: "When we receive valid court orders, including suppression orders, we review and respond appropriately.

“In this case, we didn't receive an order to take action.”

Under New Zealand law, a suspect and victim can ask to have their name supressed making it illegal to publish it.

This protects people who have not been proven guilt and also ensures that the jury is not prejudiced by the media coverage.

Lawyers for the man accused of killing Grace said they would request a suppression order from a high court after the order was refused by the Auckland district court.

This triggered an automatic 20-working day suppression.

Google’s email, which was first spotted by website The Spinoff, showed that there had been more than 100,000 searches for the suspect’s name.

The accused played for a number of top sporting teams, including a New Zealand under-19 side, the NZ Herald reported.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard said on Tuesday that detectives were searching for a shovel.

He said: “At this point we don’t know where this item is. It could be anywhere between the Scenic Drive and central Auckland areas.

"Someone may have come across it, picked it up and taken it home. We need to speak to that person or anyone who has seen it.”

Timeline of British backpacker Grace Millane murder investigation

November 20 – Grace arrives in New Zealand after travelling in Peru

December 1 – She is seen at the CityLife Hotel, in Auckland, with a 'male companion'

December 2 – Her family hear nothing from her on her 22nd birthday. On the same day a red Toyota Corolla hatchback is rented from a car hire firm

December 5 – A missing persons report is filed by her worried family

December 6 – Police release an image of Grace leaving the hostel on the evening of December 1

December 7 – Her dad David Millane makes an emotional plea for help as police reveal they have spoken to the male companion

December 8 – A 26-year-old man is taken into custody

December 9 – Police find a body they believe to be Grace

December 10 – A 26-year-old man appears in court charged with her murder

The suspect is on remand after appearing in Auckland District Court on Monday charged with Grace’s murder.

He will next appear in the city’s High Court on January 23.

It comes as hundreds of people back in Grace’s home town of Wickford, in Essex, paid tribute to the 22-year-old at a vigil.

What happened to Grace?

Grace was last seen on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

Originally from Essex, she travelled to the North Island city in late November but alarms bells rang when she failed to respond to birthday well-wishes on her 22nd birthday on December 2.

Grace had been staying at the £10 -a-night Base Backpackers on Queen Street, a popular location for travellers in the centre of the city.

Her family was left baffled after they lost contact with Grace, describing her silence as "completely out of character".

She was last seen on CCTV going into a hotel with a man she is believed to have met on a dating app on the night she vanished.

After a week of frantic searching, police found a body in the hunt that has since been identified as that of Grace near a beauty spot on the outskirts of Auckland.

On December 9, police announced they were investigating the death as homicide.

Detective Inspector Scott Beard added it was an "unbearable time for the Millane family and our hearts go out to them".


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Tories need to prepare the country now for potential 'No Deal' Brexit and its consequences

Get us ready for No Deal now

As it stands, that is where we are heading. And whether you believe it or not, the Government claims it may be a calamitous economic event.

Why, then, are we not already on an emergency footing?

It is our Government’s job to mitigate the damage. To keep food in the shops, medicines in plentiful supply, clean water in our taps and supply chains open to keep our firms going.

Why, if the danger is so severe, has the Government not suspended all other business? Why is it not working round the clock, including at Christmas, putting every conceivable contingency plan in place, spending billions to get us ready? It’s not wasted money — it’s insurance.

Is the Army briefed to help keep us moving? Are our ports and motorways ready? Is the Treasury drafting tax cuts, perhaps slashing corporation tax to zero, to attract global talent and investment to newly-independent Britain?


We are such a resilient nation

EU states are preparing for No Deal. Cabinet ministers are right to demand the same NOW from Downing Street. Those, that is, not needlessly distracted by measuring up No10’s ­curtains themselves in the event that Theresa May falls.

Her deal has almost no chance of winning a Parliamentary vote. Her last-minute plea for help in Europe looks doomed. Ireland’s naive, grandstanding PM Leo Varadkar absurdly suggested we simply scrap Brexit.

Brussels could give Mrs May enough to satisfy the DUP and her backbenchers — but it won’t. It still hopes to engineer the ­referendum reversal which its stooges, Tony Blair and the “people’s vote” ­brigade, are shamefully plotting.

But neither that dangerous, divisive vote or the worst-of-all-worlds “Norway Plus” idea look likely to get a majority either. Parliament can oppose No Deal, but without an alternative it’s the default.

Planning for it should have begun two years ago. In hindsight, we should have assumed it was the most likely outcome from the off. We would have extracted much better terms from Brussels.

No Deal would mean a rocky few months, here and in the EU . . . Ireland especially. But Britain will weather the storm if the hatches are battened down.

Look at us now. Despite all this uncertainty, and the far greater threat of Marxist Labour taking power, employment has hit a new high after a surge in full-time jobs. Unemployment is at a 40-year low. Pay is rising at 3.3 per cent, well above inflation.

This is a remarkably resilient nation.
That will be so, deal or no deal.
But the Government would be criminally negligent not to prepare us immediately for the worst.

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Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

From next summer, fares on trains, trams and buses will be scrapped under plans by recently re-elected prime minister Xavier Bettel, who vowed to make the environment a key part of his campaign.

Fares are currently capped at two euros for two hours of travel, which in a small European nation of just 999 sq miles (2,590 sq km) covers most journeys.

However, even this low fare will end under the plans that will be paid for in part by removing a tax break for commuters.

The country has a population of nearly 600,000 – but its capital, Luxembourg City, has some of the worst traffic congestion on the planet.

Around 110,000 people live there but another 400,000 commute in for work every day, while nearly 200,000 cross the border from neighbouring France, Belgium and Germany.

Drivers spent an average of 33 hours in traffic jams in 2016, according to a study.

The country already has shown its green credentials.

Over the summer, free transport was introduced for every child and young person under the age of 20.

And secondary school students are provided with free shuttles between their places of study and their home.

Mr Bettel’s Democratic party is to form a government with the left-wing Socialist Workers’ party and the Greens after he secured a narrow victory in October.

The new administration is also considering introducing two new public holidays and legalising cannabis – the latter policy has caused much debate in the country.

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