Grammy Awards 2019: Drake Cut Off Amid Event-Slamming Award Acceptance Speech

AceShowbiz -There was so much going on when Drake took the stage to accept the trophy of Best Rap Song for “God’s Plan” at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards which was held on Sunday, February 10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. In addition to the fact that his appearance alone was surprising, it appeared that he was unable to deliver all of his message during his acceptance speech.

Hitting the stage alongside Dveon Jackson, Brock Korsan, Ron Latour, Matthew Samuels and Noah Shebib, with whom he shares the songwriting credit for the award-winning track, the Canadian superstar began his speech, “Man, it’s the like the first time in Grammys where I actually am who I thought I was for a second.”

The “In My Feelings” hitmaker continued taking his moment to give a shout-out to fellow musicians while seamlessly slamming the Grammy itself. “I want to take this opportunity while I’m up here to just talk to all the kids that are watching this that are aspiring to do music, all my peers that make music from their heart, that do things pure and tell the truth, I want to let you know we play in an opinion-based sport, not a factual-based sport,” he added.

“This is not the NBA where are the end of the year you’re holding because you made the right decisions or won the games, this is a business where sometimes it is up to a bunch of people that might not understand what a mixed race kid from Canada has to say or, or a fly Spanish girl from New York or anybody else, or a brother from Houston right there, my brother Travis, but look, the point is, you’ve already won if you have people who are singing your songs word for word, if you are a hero in your hometown,” Drake went on saying.

“Look, look if there’s people who have regular jobs who are coming out in the rain, in the snow, spending their hard-earned money to buy tickets to come to your shows you don’t need this right here, I promise you, you’ve already won,” he said. The rapper was seen about to add as he could be heard saying, “But–,” before his mic was cut off for a commercial. He couldn’t continue his speech because his mic was also cut in the arena.

Fans were left confused as they wondered the cut off was done on purpose or not. “THEY DIDNT EVEN LET DRAKE FINISH HIS SPEECH I CANT F***ING BREATHE,” a fan tweeted. “Can u believe Drake gave the best speech of this year’s Grammys and they literally cut him off uhhhhh okay.”

However, it had to be noted that Drake did take a considerably long pause before he said, “But–,” which was probably what made the Grammys he had already done with his speech.

It was surprising that he was there to accept the trophy considering that he refused to perform at the Alicia Keys-hosted event. The “Hotline Bling” rapper previously revealed that he was offered a performance slot on the night in music industry but turned it down.

Drake took home the award of Best Rap Song after besting the likes of Kendrick Lamar for his Jay Rock, Future and James Blake collaboration track “King’s Dead”, Eminem for his Joyner Lucas featuring track “Lucky You”, Travis Scott (II) for his Drake, Big Hawk and Swae Lee collaboration “Sicko Mode”, and Jay Rock for “Win”.

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Grammy Awards Seating Chart Revealed: Are Former Lovers J.Lo & Drake Next To Each Other?

Pics of the seating chart for the 2019 Grammy Awards have just been released! Find out where music’s biggest stars are sitting here!

The 2019 Grammy Awards are just around the corner, and we’ve gotten our first glimpse of where all of the night’s biggest stars will be seated during the evening’s festivities. Not only is Miley Cyrus fittingly right next to Dolly Parton, but Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B will be seated right behind each other in that order. And it would definitely appear that J.Lo’s old flame Drake will not be in the same section as her during the ceremony. Awkward crisis averted! Check out the rest of the seating chart above!

Ahead of the Grammys ceremony this weekend, Ariana Grande slammed the show’s producer, Ken Ehrlich after he told AP that Ariana pulled out of the show because she felt it was “too late for her to pull something together.” In response, Ariana wrote, “i’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me. i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.”

And this was just the start of Ariana’s qualms with Ehrlich’s commenting on her withdrawing from her Grammys performance. The pop sensation added in another tweet, “i offered 3 different songs. it’s about collaboration. it’s about feeling supported. it’s about art and honesty. not politics. not doing favors or playing games. it’s just a game y’all.. and i’m sorry but that’s not what music is to me.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about the 2019 Grammys. In the meantime, check out all of the photos of the seating chart in our gallery above.

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Soulja Boy Savagely Disses Drake For Stealing His Music When He Got Started & Fans Are Shook

Someone come get Soulja Boy! The rapper went OFF on Drake in a new interview, & he spiraled into a wild rant that has fans trolling him. Watch it here!

Soulja Boy, 28, has some STRONG feelings about the trajectory of Drake’s career. In a new interview, the “Crank That” hit-maker showed how he really feels about Drizzy, 32, and the video will leave your jaw on the floor. During the chat with The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy claimed that he actually “made” Drake’s career. “Drake? DRAKE? The ni**a that hiding his kid from the world?” he asked, when the morning show hosts dubbed Drizzy the biggest rapper in the world. “Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? Y’all ni**as better stop playing with me. Stop playing with me like I didn’t teach Drake everything he knows,” he said. “Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake,” he added. Ummm what?!

Fans could hardly believe Soulja’s claims, and trolled him big-time for taking ownership of Drake’s career. “Soulja Boy got the nerve to say he made Drake?!  you must still be high off of those ringtone sales still,” one savagely said on Twitter. “Can’t believe Soulja Boy was talking out his ass about Drake,” another wrote. Some even think that it’s only a matter of time before Drake retaliates. “Drake gon set fire to Soulja boy ass y’all just wait,” one tweet read. There was one thing everyone seemed to agree on: that the video is pure hilarity. “The way Soulja Boy said “DRAAAAAAAAAKE ??! DRAKE ???” Soulja Boy a legend for this,” one fan said after watching.

Sure, Drake may have copped a line from Soulja Boy on his 2010 track “Miss Me,” but fans seem to be in agreement that the sample doesn’t warrant a lifetime of success attributed to Soulja. Still – Drizzy has faced his fair share of haters lately, and Soulja isn’t the only one to slam him this week. Kim Kardashian said in an interview that she’d rather be trapped in an elevator with long-time frenemy Taylor Swift than be stuck spending time with Drake! The revelation came after she savagely dissed him on Twitter on Dec. 14, for his feud with Kanye West. “@drakeNever threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake,” she wrote to the rapper.

#PressPlay: #SouljaBoy still out here cuttin’ up 😩😂 (📹: @breakfastclubam)

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Be sure to watch the video of Soulja dissing Drake above! He might be getting trolled big time for this one, but at least the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper isn’t missing a shred of confidence as he makes his 2019 comeback.

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Drake Unfollows Kim Kardashian on Instagram Amid Kanye West Drama

Prince Williams/Wireimage, Walter McBride/WireImage, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Drake has unfollowed Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

The move came after Kanye West demanded a public apology from the rapper for following his wife on the social network. 

“Who’s bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram?” he wrote on New Year’s Eve in one of his since-deleted tweets, adding they’re not friends. “I don’t have beef with no one,” he continued. “Love everyone but don’t follow my f–king wife on Instagram. Ima focus on my family And you keep my family out of all of this wrestling foolishness.”

The demand came just a few days after West had learned about the follow and had publicly called out Drake for the move. 

“I never knew till this morning that Drake followed my wife on Instagram back in September,” Kanye tweeted in a since-deleted post on Saturday. He later added that he “had to bring this up because it’s the most f–ked up thing of all.”

“Imagine having a problem with somebody and they follow your wife on Instagram,” he wrote at the time. “We truly wish this man the best and pray that he will find the same happiness that we have.”

Kanye and Drake have had some beef for a while. However, this recent feud started in September, when Drake released “In My Feelings.” In the song, Drake sings about a woman named “Kiki” and fans started to wonder if he was crooning about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. Kim later shut down the rumors.

It was also around this time that Kanye addressed rumors he had told Pusha T about Drake’s son and led Pusha T to spill the secret in a diss track. The “Stronger” star insisted he didn’t tell Pusha T about Drake’s child.

It seemed like the two could finally move on. However, this peaceful period ended in December when Kanye went on a Twitter tirade against Drake. Kanye claimed Drake “threatened” him over the phone and accused him of “[picking] on people with mental health issues.”

Kim later clarified that “@drake Never threaten my husband or our family.” However, she did say that “[Kanye] paved the way for there to be a Drake.” 

Even though Drake is no longer following Kim, he is still following several of her famous family members, including Kylie JennerKhloe KardashianKris Jenner and Kendall Jenner. He also follows Scott DisickTristan Thompson and Travis Scott

Granted, Kim already has 123 million followers. So, she’s likely not losing sleep over losing one.

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Drake & Bad Bunny’s ‘MIA’ Tops Latin Charts

Drake and Bad Bunny‘s collaboration “MIA” has topped Billboard‘s Latin Airplay, Latin Pop Songs and Latin Rhythm Airplay charts.

The track from the album X100pre has 15.7 million audience impressions in the week ending December 23, data by Nielsen Music shows.

“MIA” fell one step down from No. 1 rank on the Hot Latin Songs chart after spending four weeks at the top.

This is Bad Bunny’s third No. 1 song on the all-Latin genre this year. The other tracks that topped the chart are Becky G and Bad Bunny’s “Mayores” and Enrique Iglesias and Bad Bunny’s “El Baño.”

Born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer.

For Drake, this is his second song to top Latin Airplay chart in five years. Romeo Santo‘s “Odio,” featuring Drake, ranked No. 1 for seven weeks back in 2014.

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Drake Reportedly Increased Security Amidst Kanye West Feud

Drake has beefed up security outside his Southern California home due to the ongoing feud between him and Kanye West.

According to TMZ, Drake has added at least 2 new guards outside the gate to his driveway at Hidden Hills mansion, which is located in the same community as West. Reportedly, a black SUV is also stationed just inside Drake’s front gate.

Drake increased the security just a day after his beef with West was reignited amidst an allegedly threatening phone call.

West, in an series of tweets, accused Drake of threatening his family, bullying people with mental health issues, and funding an attack at a recent Pusha-T show.

“Drake called trying to threatened me,” West tweeted. “So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect…So cut the tough talk.”

Even Kim Kardashian stepped-in in defense of her husband and tweeted, “@drake Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake.”

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Kanye West Isn't Pleased With Ariana Grande's Tweets

Kanye West is getting a jumpstart on his 2019 resolutions! He's re-igniting an old beef with Drake, possibly starting a new one with Ariana Grande, and setting an ambitious intention: host Saturday Night Live, as produced by the mysterious NBC executive "Lauren" Michaels. And also, he's gonna floss more too (we assume).

Just after publicly calling on Drake to apologize to him and accusing him of threatening the Kardashian-West family, West noticed that pop star Ariana Grande had maybe not-so-subtly shaded his feud when she tweeted, "guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y'all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that'd be so sick thank u," referencing the singles she and Miley Cyrus recently debuted. West responded with a screenshot of that tweet captioned with the message, "I know Ariana said this to be cool and didn’t mean no harm but I don’t like even slightest level of slight commentary from someone I know loves and respects me," following that with "All of this foolishness weighed on my mental health so @ArianaGrande you know I got love for you but until you’re ready to really make sure everyone’s ok don’t use me or this moment to promote a song."

Kanye West, for the record, would never use a public beef or disagreement to promote a song! When has he ever?

Related: Drake and Kris Jenner: A Brief History of Their Unlikely Friendship

Justin Bieber on his "Purpose" tour. Photo by Getty Images.

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Ariana Grande Shades Kanye West & Drake For Feuding Online: ‘Behave’ — You’re ‘Grown Men’

She’s throwing in her two cents! After Drake and Kanye West butted heads on social media, Ariana Grande asked them to ‘behave’ — but not for the reason you’d expect. See what she had to say!

Ariana Grande, 25, asked Kanye West, 41, and Drake, 32, to put an end to their feud — or at least take it elsewhere — with a pointed tweet to her fans. “Guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but Miley [Cyrus] and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight,” she wrote on Dec. 13. “So if y’all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u.” LOL! So not only did she diss the rappers for their public fight, but she promoted her and Miley’s releases at the same time.

Ariana dropped “Imagine,” while Miley came out with a Christmas cover of “War is Over.” That’s why she followed up Ari’s tweet with, “Didn’t they hear the news ?! War IS over ! Thank you , next.” But they weren’t the only ones to respond to the feud! Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, 38, tweeted directly at Drake following his fight with her husband, writing, “Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake. My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know. He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world.”

So what were Drake and Kanye fighting over in the first place? It may be hard to track Kanye’s tweets, and Drake has only responded with laughing emojis on his Instagram Story, but here’s the skinny.

Kanye accused Drake of threatening him and his family, which is what Kim was referring to above. “So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect — So cut the tough talk,” he wrote.

This was followed up by a slew of tweets that claimed Drake “picks on people with mental health issues,” and that the two of them needed to chat so fans could see “people can talk without someone ending up dead or in jail.” In his rant, Kanye even said that the “In My Feelings” rapper had reached out to Kris Jenner, 63, instead of responding to him.

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Kanye West ramps up Drake feud after bizarre tweetstorm

Hip hop star Kanye West went on a bizarre and long-winded tweetstorm Thursday night — which included nearly 100 tweets — as he blasted fellow rapper Drake and accused him of sending threats.

West started the tirade at about 9 p.m. New York time, writing “Trust God.” He then quickly followed up with several tweets criticizing Drake.

“Drake called trying to threatened me,” said West during his tweet-fest, which was still going on at about 1:30 a.m. Friday.

He followed up after a number of other tweets: “There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat.”

The two rappers were reportedly feuding after West demanded an apology from Drake for apparently referencing his wife, Kim Kardashian West, in the hit song “In My Feelings.” Drake raps about a woman named “KiKi” in the song.

During his Twitter rant, West also brought up an incident in which people stormed the stage at a Pusha T concert in Toronto last month. One person was stabbed and critically wounded during the melee.

Pusha T, who often collaborates with West, exposed Drake as the father of a previously unknown child in a diss track earlier this year.

“You get people hurt at concerts,” West tweeted, apparently at Drake. “The kid he had run on stage at Pushas concert is in critical condition.”

He later wrote: “So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect So cut the tough talk.”

Also part of the rant, he tweeted: “If I’m bipolar This kind of s–t can get me ramped.”

Drake has not posted any public statements responding as of early Friday, and a rep for him couldn’t be immediately reached.

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Kim Kardashian warns Drake to 'never threaten' Kanye West after her husband launches Twitter rant at his rap rival

Kanye, 41, reignited his bitter feud with Drizzy, 32, this morning after the Canadian rapper's team requested the use of a song they had previously collaborated on.

Things appeared to turn nasty when Kanye claimed he'd received a threatening phone call from Drake.

Kim then weighed in, tweeting Drake directly: "Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake."

She added: "My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know. He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world."

Kanye and Drake's relationship became strained earlier this year amid rumours Drizzy rapped about sleeping with Kim on his track In My Feelings and Kanye told fellow rapper Pusha T about Drake's secret son.

Kanye's most recent Twitter outburst began when he revealed Drake's team asked for permission to release a song they collaborated on.

Still reeling from Drake dissing his Yeezy 350 trainers on his track with French Montana, No Stylist, Kanye accused the star of "trying to take food out of his kids' mouths".

Ye shared the request from Drake's team for their song Say What's Real and followed it with: "Still need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out your idols kids mouths."

The former friends' beef is deeper than a dig at a pair of shoes, however.

Drake was convinced Kanye told his rival Pusha T about his secret son, leading to the latter releasing diss track Story of Adidon which outed Drizzy as a parent.

Kanye insisted he wasn't the one who leaked the info and claims he's been trying to settle their differences face to face for the past six months.

To make things worse, many music fans believe Drake insinuated he'd slept with Kanye's wife Kim on his track In My Feelings.

On the track he he rapped about having sex with a woman called Kiki, which is Kim's family nickname.

Kanye already released a string of Instagram videos calling Drake out over the controversial lyrics, but clearly his clips didn't resolve the problem.

In his most recent outburst, Kanye wrote: "I told you I ain’t tell Pusha about your son."

He then claimed Drake threatened him after seeing the tweets, adding: "So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk."

Drake guested on Travis Scott's track Sickomode and took aim at Kanye, which didn't sit well with the designer.

Despite admitting to liking the song, Kanye hit out at Travis for teaming up with Drake, seeing as Travis is in a relationship with Kim Kardashian's sister Kylie Jenner.

Kanye, whose mental health battles have been well documented, accused Drake of bullying and slammed him for "picking on a man with issues".

Seemingly talking himself to a stop, Kanye ruled out retaliating with violence and ended on a positive, claiming he's about "positive vibes" only.

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