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EU legal expert says online defamation enforceable worldwide

Facebook could be forced to remove ‘offensive’ content posted in Europe from across the entire website globally under EU court ruling Maciej Szpunar, an advocate general at the EU Court of Justice, issued advice He said that Facebook could be forced to ‘seek and identify’ any illegal content The new ruling could help clarify how Facebook […]


'No-deal' Brexit puts rare giraffes at risk too

ANTWERP, Belgium (Reuters) – Amid all the hand-wringing from businessmen and politicians about potential risks from a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, zookeepers are worried too – especially for a group of rare forest giraffes. Seventy-three “okapis” – an endangered species from the Democratic Republic of Congo with a brown body and zebra-like striped legs – live in […]

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Risk of no-deal Brexit recedes further, some banks say

(Reuters) – The risk that Britain will leave the European Union without an agreement on March 29 has receded further this week, some banks and asset managers say, citing the UK parliament’s resounding vote to rule out a no-deal Brexit. At the end of January, banks informally canvassed by Reuters for their forecasts saw the […]

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UK's Hammond says possible EU will insist on long Brexit delay

LONDON (Reuters) – British finance minister Philip Hammond said the European Union might insist on a long delay to Brexit if the UK government requests an extension to the process. On Wednesday, Britain’s parliament rejected leaving the EU without a deal, further weakening Prime Minister Theresa May and paving the way for a vote that […]

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Ireland disappointed at Brexit vote outcome

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ireland’s foreign minister said he was disappointed at Britain’s parliament voting down a Brexit deal on Monday. “The predictions were consistent enough over the last few days that this would be a heavy defeat,” Simon Coveney told the BBC. “We now need to be patient and calm to allow this process in […]

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UK lawmakers table 'managed no-deal' plans before Wednesday vote

LONDON (Reuters) – A group of UK lawmakers set out plans on Tuesday to test whether parliament wants to implement an exit plan that would see Brexit delayed and mitigate the consequence of leaving without a deal by seeking ‘standstill arrangements’ with the EU. The so-called amendment could be voted upon on Wednesday when lawmakers […]