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Russian missile 'falls on Cyprus during Israeli airstrike'

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile that missed its target was the likely cause of an explosion outside a village in Cyprus, officials have confirmed. Residents saw flashes of light and heard several explosions as the projectile reached ethnically divided Cyprus around 120 miles away. No injuries were reported, according to Turkish Cypriot officials. Ersin Tatar, the […]

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Hong Kong man falls to death while protesting extradition bill

Hong Kong protester, 35, falls to his death from the roof of a shopping centre while hanging a banner condemning the controversial extradition bill as thousands gather for a fresh mass rally today Man, surname given as Leung, had climbed scaffolding on Pacific Place Mall in Admiralty district on Saturday Mourners laid flowers, said prayers […]


Neymar's hair falls out in first PSG match since getting fake dreadlocks

The superstar forward, 26, ditched his spaghetti-like blonde curls in favour of the flamboyant fake dreads just before Christmas. And after his first run out for Paris Saint-Germain since, Neymar uploaded a video of the poor victims to his Instagram story. He captioned the video: "Até breve," meaning "See you later" in Portuguese, along with […]

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Man falls into a pool of alligators after his rope swing snaps

The heart-stopping moment man falls into a pool of alligators after his rope swing snaps – but he lives to tell the tale Michael Womer, from Orlando, Florida, fell straight into alligator-infested water  Dozens of hungry alligators can be seen swarming in the pool waiting to be fed Mr Womer, known as the Gator Crusador, […]