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Sane environmental laws boost the economy, too

This week President Trump paused in his — justified — victory lap on jobs to attack the ­environmental legacy that in part helped power the nation’s prosperity. He assailed “the past administration’s misguided regulations to better protect the environment” in a speech that went far too far in denigrating the role of rational, incremental environmental […]

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Brunei’s anti-gay laws protest sees three men thrown out of Dorchester

Three men are thrown out of sultan-owned Dorchester Hotel after protesting against Brunei’s anti-gay laws by unfurling banners and shouting ‘Standing with our brothers and sisters’ Island nation recently said it will introduce death by stoning for homosexuality The three men dined at five-star venue’s restaurant, in Mayfair, before staging protest, shouting ‘boycotting the Dorchester’ […]

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Javid warns of new laws to tackle gang culture online

Javid’s threat to web giants in crackdown on knife crime: Home Secretary warns of new laws to tackle social media images promoting gang culture The Home Secretary called for a crackdown on gang culture on social media Sajid Javid warned web giants of new laws to prevent the spread of knife crime     Mr Javid compared […]


Would YOU split the bill with in-laws?

Mother is left furious after being made to split the bill after a boozy dinner even though she only drank water – but do YOU think it was unfair? Mother was furious when she was made to split the bill despite not drinking She explained the extra cost meant she paid far more than she […]