Why Didn't Meghan and Harry Attend Kate Middleton's Birthday Party?

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Rumors of a feud between Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex have been circulating for a few weeks. When Kate turned 37 years old on January 9th, everyone assumed that a lavish party was thrown.

Adding the rumors of the rift between the royal sisters-in-law was the fact that Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were noticeably absent from the event. So, many royal fans want to know, did Meghan and Harry have a previous engagement that they couldn’t get out of, or were they simply not welcome at Kate’s party?

Why weren’t Meghan Markle and Prince Harry there?

Kate’s birthday was not all glitz and glamour, but a quiet lunch to celebrate her special day. No members of the royal family, not even Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, or Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, all of whom are very close to the Duchess of Cambridge were in attendance. While Meghan and Harry were enjoying some quiet time out of the spotlight of London, Kate had lunch with her closest friends, followed by quiet time at home with her husband and kids.

Who attended Kate’s birthday lunch?

Fans of Meghan and Kate can rest assured that there seems to be no feud going on between the two duchesses. Although Meghan was not around to wish her sister-in-law a happy birthday in person, those who attended the celebration include the godparents of all three of Kate and William’s children. It seems to have been a rather informal celebration, at least according to royal standards. So much so, that Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton Matthews, was not at the event.

Why are there rumors of a feud between the two duchesses?

It seems that every move that Meghan has made in recent weeks indicate that she and Kate are not getting along. When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their plans to leave Kensington Palace to reside at Frogmore Cottage in the town of Windsor, many fans assumed they were leaving due to bad blood between Meghan and Kate. Additionally, when it was revealed that Meghan would break royal tradition by not giving birth to her first child at the prestigious Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, it added even more fuel to the fire.

Is Meghan struggling in her new role?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex helps to prepare food | Ben Stanstall/AFP/Getty Images

With reports of Meghan struggling in her new role as the Duchess of Sussex, many people are wondering exactly what is going on with the Royals. Is Meghan creating tension in the royal family, or is everything just fine? Luckily, it turns out that while Meghan and Kate have different personalities, interests, and social circles, there are no bad feelings between the two.

Is the dynamic of the royal family changing?

For years, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Harry have all resided at Kensington Palace, with the Cambridge family living in a 20-room apartment, and Harry in cozy Nottingham Cottage not too far away. It was assumed that after the wedding of Harry and Meghan, that they would be taking up residence in their own multi-floor apartment next door to Will, Kate, and the kids.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move out of Kensington Palace is not due to any tension between the two couples. It can simply be attributed to the fact that they each have their own growing families and responsibilities.

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Meghan Markle visits Mayhew Animal Home in London

Watch out for muddy paws! Meghan opts for head-to-toe cream on a visit to a London animal charity – as she shows off her legs and blossoming bump in a £24.99 H&M maternity dress (paired with a custom Armani coat and Stella McCartney handbag)

  • The Duchess of Sussex was announced last week as royal patron of The Mayhew Animal Home in London
  • On Wednesday afternoon Meghan, who is six months pregnant, made her first visit to the animal charity
  • Tonight, she and Prince Harry will join a Royal Albert Hall audience to watch Cirque du Soleil performers
  • The couple will be guests of honour for the evening premiere of the circus company’s production Totem
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The Duchess of Sussex wore head-to-toe cream as she arrived in northwest London to visit an animal welfare charity she is now supporting as patron.

Meghan, who is six months pregnant, wore an old Armani coat worth an estimated £2,000 for her second public engagement of the week at The Mayhew Animal Home on Wednesday.

The animal lover paired the custom coat with a Stella McCartney bag and £24.99 polo neck dress from high street store H&M’s maternity range. 

Meghan finished off her nude ensemble with a pair of towering suede slingbacks – just two days after she joked that she was navigating walking in heels with her bump ‘one day at a time’. 

During her visit she petted a pooch named Roobarb and met Wully, a formerly homeless Pet Refuge service user, who was there with his two dogs Azzy and Gallis. 

Bumping along nicely! The Duchess of Sussex, who is six months pregnant, wore an old Armani coat worth an estimated £2,000 for her second public engagement of the week at The Mayhew Animal Home on Wednesday

The Duchess of Sussex visits Mayhew to meet staff and volunteers, and hear more about the animal welfare charity’s various initiatives in Kensal Green, northwest London on Wednesday. She is expecting her first child in late April or early May and showed off her blossoming bump in a figure-hugging dress from H&M

Meghan beams as she cuddles one of the charity’s rescue dogs. The former actress had two rescue dogs, a beagle named Guy and a Labrador-shepherd mix called Bogart – who was sadly to old to travel to the UK with her in 2017

The Duchess of Sussex meets TheraPaws volunteer Claire Godwin (far right), and Roobarb the dog. Meghan, who is six months pregnant, wore an old Armani coat worth an estimated £2,000 for her second public engagement of the week

Meghan met staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, and heard more about the charity’s various initiatives, from community engagement to international projects. 

She also learned about a number of projects run by the charity, designed to improve the lives of animals and people and to better communities both in London and internationally. 

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These initiatives include animal therapy visits, work with homeless people and their pets, animal welfare schemes such as the Trap, Neuter and Return programme, and international projects including dog rabies vaccinations in Kabul. 

Meghan will spend time touring the facilities, meeting members of the community and animals who have benefited directly from the work of the charity.

Before shutting down her social media accounts in 2017, animal lover Meghan, 37, often used Instagram to promote adopting dogs rather than buying puppies. 

Meghan turned to an old favourite today when she recycled a Armani coat. The animal lover paired the custom coat with a Stella McCartney bag and £24.99 polo neck dress from high street store H&M’s maternity range

Meghan arrives at Mayhew Animal Centre on Wednesday. She is there to meet staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, and hear more about the charity’s various initiatives, from community engagement to international projects

Meghan, who paired the coat with an off-white polo neck dress and Stella McCartney bag, is there to meet staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, and hear more about the charity’s various initiatives, including community engagement 

Marching on: Meghan finished off her nude ensemble with a pair of towering suede slingbacks – just days after she said she was navigating walking in heels with her bump ‘one day at a time’

The former actress had two rescue dogs, a beagle named Guy and a Labrador-shepherd mix called Bogart.

While Guy came to the UK with Meghan when she moved from Toronto to live with Harry – and has since been spotted riding with the Queen – Bogart was too old to travel and had to stay behind with friends.

Harry and Meghan, who are expecting their first child in the spring, also have another dog – a black labrador. 

Tonight, the couple will join a Royal Albert Hall audience to watch Cirque du Soleil performers displaying their acrobatic skills in aid of charity Sentebale.

The couple, who recently revealed their first child is due in ‘late April or May’, will tonight be guests of honour for the evening premiere of the Canadian circus company’s production Totem. 

Meghan is all smiles as she arrives at Mayhew today to learn more about the charity’s welfare work. The former actress had two rescue dogs, a beagle named Guy and a Labrador-shepherd mix called Bogart

 Meghan arrives at Mayhew. During her visit today, Meghan will see first-hand a number of projects run by the charity, designed to improve the lives of animals and people and to better communities both in London and internationally

Meghan wears head-to-toe cream at Mayhew animal charity today. Tonight, she and Prince Harry will join a Royal Albert Hall audience to watch Cirque du Soleil performers displaying their acrobatic skills in aid of charity Sentebale

What is The Mayhew Animal Home and what does it do?

Mayhew is a London-based animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people in communities in London and internationally.

Set up in 1886, it looks for innovative ways to reduce the number of animals in need through proactive community and educational initiatives and preventative veterinary care.

It works with homelessness charities across London to ensure people and their dogs can be kept together, and runs a Pet Refuge programme to provide shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis for short periods of time.

It also educates young people about animal welfare and the importance of responsible pet ownership, and rehomes cats and dogs.

Mayhew International works with governments, local communities and charitable groups to help improve animal welfare overseas.

The event will raise awareness and vital funds for the duke’s charity, Sentebale, which helps young people in southern Africa affected by HIV.

The evening show will be the second in a series of Sentebale Nights, following on from a fundraising performance of the hit musical Hamilton last year which Meghan and Harry attended.

A 2004 gap year trip to the African nation of Lesotho inspired the duke to set up his Sentebale charity two years later with the country’s Prince Seeiso, younger brother of King Letsie III.

Their aim was to help youngsters in need and other children who had lost one or both parents to Aids or contracted the disease themselves.

The men established Sentebale in memory of their mothers, with the name of the charity meaning forget-me-not, which Harry later found out was his mother Diana, Princess of Wales’s favourite flower growing up.

In November 2015, Sentebale opened its £2 million Mamohato Children’s Centre in Lesotho to scale up its Mamohato camps – a residential project providing psychological, social and practical support to children struggling to cope with being HIV positive. 

For her second royal engagement of the week, the Duchess of Sussex swapped her bun for a more relaxed wave. She paired her bargain H&M dress with high-end designer pieces from Armani and Stella McCartney

Meghan looked businesslike as she arrived at Mayhew today. The Duchess of Sussex will spend time touring the facilities, meeting members of the community and animals who have benefited directly from the work of the charity

That year the charity announced plans to expand into several southern African countries by 2020 and by December 2016, Sentebale launched the first few weeks of its camp in Botswana to 150 children.

Daniel Lamarre, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group’s chief executive, said: ‘We strive to make a difference in the lives of youths and encourage them to change the world.

‘It is because both our organisations share these very values that we will proudly dedicate our Totem premiere to the Sentebale Nights, a perfect way to allow us to raise significant funds and awareness together.’

Johnny Hornby, chairman of Sentebale, said: ‘We’re very grateful to everyone at Cirque du Soleil for giving us the opportunity to shine a light on the work that Sentebale does to help children and young adults affected by HIV to live happy, healthy and productive lives.’

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Meghan Markle Loves This Coat So Much That She Has It In Two Colors

Monday may be here, but thanks to the Duchess of Sussex, the day is looking quite a bit brighter. Meghan Markle’s red coat and purple dress combo spiced up this Monday with some vibrant colors, and while the two colors may not sound like they’d work together, they totally do. In fact, even Markle’s shoes were red to go with the bright fashions. While the contrasting colors may have stolen the fashion show, there was one little detail that fans may have missed. Markle has actually worn this coat before in a different color.

According to InStyle, Markle and her husband Prince Harry were on their first royal outing together to view the new Wilfred Owen statue, an art piece dedicated to the World War I war-time poet. While Markle typically chooses to wear neutral tones, she stepped out wearing some serious color in a purple Aritzia midi dress that retails for only $138 — sorry fashion fans, it’s already sold out — and a bold red Sentaler coat. If the name of that coat sounds familiar, there’s a very good reason why. Markle has actually worn it before to an official royal outing.

As it turns out, the red Sentaler coat is the same one Markle wore to Christmas Mass in 2017 before she married Prince Harry. At the time, the soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex wore a beautiful cream version of the coat with camel colored Stuart Weitzman boots as well as camel gloves and matching fascinator. The look was elegant and understated making it perfect for her first Christmas with the royal family.

Now, however, as an official member of the British royal family, Markle seems a bit more daring with her style. After all, she did wear a Reformation maxi dress in Australia that featured a daring slit, and who could forget dark nail polish gate at the British Fashion Awards? While there doesn’t seem to be a rule about wearing too much color, the coat and dress combination were certainly different than what royal fashion fans have seen on the duchess before.

According to Sentaler, the coat’s red hue is new from their Fall/Winter 2019/2020 collection, and it seems that Markle loved the original cream coat so much that she wanted it in red, too.

The Sentaler coat is far from Markle’s first rewear, though. Like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Sussex seems to have a few favorite brands and pieces in her wardrobe that she’s not afraid to wear more than once. In fact, Sentaler is not the only coat brand she’s reworn.

Back in January of 2018, Markle wore a classic black Stella McCartney coat with a silk tie waist. Apparently, she loved it so much, that she wore it again in November for the Festival of Remembrance.

Meghan Markle certainly seems to have some brand favorites in her wardrobe, and with such amazing fashions at her fingertips, you know she clearly cares for a brand if she’s choosing to rewear them. Markle’s red Senaler coat is just another in her line of rewears because as it turns out, maybe royals are more like us than you thought.

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Meghan Markle 'dramatically changed the contents of Prince Harry's fridge' filling it with 'green juice, carrots and chia seeds', claims royal biographer

Andrew Morton says the Duchess of Sussex, 37, “loves cooking” while the Royal Family “eat to live rather than live to eat”.

Writing in Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Andrew said: “Meghan, though, comes from the other end of the foodie chain; she loves cooking, exploring new foods and experimenting with fresh flavours.”

He says Meghan – who regularly wrote about her love of food in her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig – changed what was in Harry’s fridge.

“Just as Meghan encouraged a helping of culinary adventure, so she dramatically changed the contents of Prince Harry’s fridge,” he said.

“Meghan never leaves home unless she has hummus, carrots, green juice, almonds and chia seed pudding in the fridge.

“When California met Kensington there was only going to be one victor in the dietary smack-down.

“As one observer noted: ‘Americans like to change their men in many small ways.’”

It comes as the former Suits star reportedly banned Harry from drinking booze and tea as part of a New Year health kick.

It is believed that Meghan's strict diet and exercise routine is having an influence on Harry, who is said to have ditched drink partly in sympathy of his pregnant wife.

One unnamed friend of Harry was quoted by the Daily Express saying: "Considering he's been a pretty brutal drinker since he was a young teenager, it's quite an achievement."
Another allegedly said: "Now his regime doesn't make him the most entertaining party guest in the world, but he's definitely more chilled and relaxed."

Reports also claimed that Meghan has resolved to stop biting her nails and swearing.

Kensington Palace has been approached for comment.

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Meghan and Harry Eyeing Hospital for Delivery, Hiring 'Perfect Nanny'

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are gearing up to become parents!

A source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly that the Suits alum, 37, and the 34-year-old prince are eyeing Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, England, for Meghan’s delivery.

“It will be much less chaos and more of a private event than if she gives birth in London [at high-profile St. Mary’s Hospital] like Kate did,” the source explains.

Frimley Park Hospital is also only 20 minutes away from Harry and Meghan’s new home in Frogmore Cottage.

A second source close to Kensington Palace adds that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “looking into hiring the perfect nanny, someone trusted and trained at one of the best places in the U.K.”

In recent months, Meghan has made headlines for allegedly being difficult to work for. She has also been accused of fighting with her sister-in-law, Duchess Kate. A royal insider reveals in the new issue of Us that Harry is hoping the birth of their child will give Meghan a break from the negative press.

“He’s extremely protective of Meghan and can’t get his head around why critics are giving her such a hard time when she’s gone out of her way to fit in and fulfill her royal duties,” the royal insider explains.

A source close to the former actress, who is due in the spring, adds that she is “feeling great.”

“She’s still working out and doing yoga,” the source says. “And is trying to eat as healthy as she can.”

For more on Meghan and Harry, watch the video above and pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

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This Video Of Meghan Markle Styling Women For Job Interviews Is Actually The Sweetest Thing Ever

For fans of the royal family, the winter may have seemed to drag as of late considering that Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day. Now, that’s changed, and there’s even a video! Meghan Markle helped style women for job interviews in her latest royal outing, and honestly, it may just be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

If you hadn’t heard yet, Markle announced her royal patronages this week. For the non-royal obsessed, this basically just means that she chose the causes and organizations that she’ll be focused on for now. According to Cosmopolitan, one of these new patronages is Smart Works, an organization that helps unemployed women build skills and get back into the workplace. Great, right?

Markle paid a surprised visit to Smart Works, and while there, she helped style one of the organizations clients in what may just be the cutest video fans of Markle’s have ever seen. Captured by report Rebecca English, the videos show the Duchess of Sussex pulling pieces to help compliment what Smart Works’ client, Patsy Wardally, is currently wearing. She pulls a pretty camel colored coat first and then compliments Wardally on the color of her dress and a bracelet she’s wearing. It’s heartwarming, tbh.

According to English, Wardally had nothing but nice things to say about working with Markle. She explained to English that thanks to Markle’s styling she feels "much more confident" going back out into the workforce.

In a video posted by InStyle, fan can see Markle moving through the racks of clothing to head to the handbags, and it’s clear that the Duchess wants to get hands-on with the organization. In fact, according to English’s Twitter, she spoke with Smart Works co-founder Juliet Hughes-Hallett who confirmed that Markle immediately wanted to get directly involved with the work that they do.

Seeing Markle invested in styling women shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans, though. It’s something she has been doing long before she ever became a member of the royal family. During her time on the television show Suits, she also acted as a guest stylist on The Today Show where she helped show women the latest seasonal trends and styled models. Plus, fans of the actor turned duchess, are probably familiar with her former lifestyle and fashion website The Tig. The site ended following her engagement to Prince Harry, but it’s proof that she’s always had a passion for helping women use fashion to feel powerful.

As for what Markle herself wore to Smart Works, she was dressed in a chic and minimalist black maternity dress from brand HATCH, a camel coat, and maybe the best shoes she’s ever worn. The Duchess was rocking cow-print pumps. Yes, cow-print, and they totally work with the simple frock and coat.

Markle has clearly chosen Smart Works as her patronage because of her love of fashion, but seeing the Duchess actually work with clients is so sweet. Here’s hoping to more Markle stylings in the future.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's £2.5m Cotswolds love nest owned by David Cameron's property tycoon pal

The royal pair's country hideaway was revealed yesterday, after it was leased to them by millionaire Nicholas Johnston.

He rented out the four-bed converted farmhouse last year to the Duke and Duchess on a two-year lease, the Mail Online reports. 

And they have hosted a number of A-list pals including George and Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian plus Priyanka Chopra and her hubby Nick Jonas.

Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland has also visited the Grade II-listed country retreat, set in four acres of rolling Cotswolds hills.

Mr Johnston, an old Etonian who also bought an entire village in Devon a few years ago, reportedly upset locals with his redevelopment plans for his 4,000 estate.

A reported row over a nearby £130m motoring museum planned by an American philanthropist led to the businessman's renovations being stalled last year.

The Mail Online revealed some 250 objections over plans for 28 holiday lodges on the land were received before they were withdrawn.

Concerns over the lack of affordable homes on the proposed site caused criticism from locals such as Star Trek's Patrick Stewart.

Mr Johnston is said to have hoped the money from the project would fund an old manor house's restoration – the length of time taken to bring it back to life had caused upset with locals – but the plans were withdrawn.

Meghan and Harry are said to regard it as more of a home than Harry’s Nottingham Cottage bachelor pad in Kensington Palace.

A friend of the royal couple said of their countryside home: “It’s a fabulous place with stunning views and extraordinarily private.

“It’s set in a small bowl of beautiful countryside so is not overlooked in any way.

“Meghan adores the area. She and Harry love walking the dogs there, and they can entertain their friends in complete solitude.”

The farmhouse, which dates from the 18th century, has four bedrooms with one converted to a dressing room.

An attached converted barn includes an “upper kitchen” and “lower kitchen” plus a sitting area with floor-to-ceiling windows.

There is a large dining room plus an outdoor seating area with patio heaters.

And the house comes with a two-bedroom cottage for guests or staff.

Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, will keep it for the time being even when they move from Kensington Palace to Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage — a switch revealed by The Sun last year.

Meghan is currently overseeing renovation work on the Windsor home and they hope to move in before the birth of their first baby, believed to be due in late March or early April.

The picture shows the farmhouse after renovation work was completed in 2011 and was published on a freely-accessible and public document.

Kensington Palace declined to comment.

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Meghan becomes patron of the National Theatre

Meghan helps women back to work! Duchess of Sussex visits Smart Works unemployment charity on day she is made their patron

  • Meghan visit Smart Works at St Charles Hospital in North Kensington, London
  • Queen also passes over Association of Commonwealth Universities patronage
  • Meghan reveals which groups she wishes to champion as part of public work 
  • Duchess will be patron of National Theatre and London animal charity Mayhew 

The Duchess of Sussex arrives for a visit to Smart Works in London today as she meets the charity’s chief executive Kate Stephens

The Duchess of Sussex today visited one of her four new patronages – a charity which helps long-term unemployed and vulnerable women.

Meghan arrived at Smart Works at St Charles Hospital in North Kensington, West London, which provides high-quality interview clothes and training to unemployed women in need.

The 37-year-old former actress wore a dress by Hatch, a coat from Oscar de la Renta and Kimai earrings.

The Duchess has privately visited Smart Works several times over the last year and worked with some of the women who have benefited from the charity’s support, Kensington Palace revealed. 

Women are referred from organisations such as jobcentres, work programmes, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters and mental health charities.

Meghan has also taken on honorary roles with the National Theatre and Association of Commonwealth Universities – patronages both previously held by the Queen – and Mayhew, an animal charity in North West London.

The Queen has been patron of the National Theatre for 45 years and the ACU for 33.  

The Queen had been patron of the theatre, but it had been widely expected she would hand one of her patronages to Meghan (pictured in Cheshire last June) at some point this year

Her appointment at the National Theatre had been widely expected after former actress Meghan met privately with the theatre’s director Rufus Norris, but Kensington Palace had remained tight-lipped until 9am today.

The Queen had been patron of the theatre, but it had been widely expected she would hand one of her patronages to her new granddaughter-in-law at some point this year.  

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Today’s announcement is a major milestone for the American-born former actress, outlining the first steps of her public life as a member of the monarchy.

News of Meghan’s patronage with the theatre on London’s South Bank comes after a news item entitled ‘The Duchess of Sussex announced as our new Royal Patron’ with today’s date – January 10 – was last night unexpectedly posted on its website.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pictured at church in Sandringham on Christmas Day

How the National Theatre is a good fit for former actress Meghan

The National Theatre has produced more than 800 plays since Hamlet, starring Peter O’Toole, opened in 1963.

Meghan has held private meetings with Rufus Norris, director of the National Theatre, and she is seen as a good figurehead for his attempts to broaden its appeal and increase diversity both on and off-stage. 

Interestingly, however, Mr Norris did suggest in a recent interview that he feared the theatre’s royal links could put off younger audiences.

He said: ‘This country is still very class-divided and anything that adds to that perception, that this place is not open to everybody, could be a downfall. 

‘I fear that for some people that [the ‘Royal’ in RNT] adds to that perception.’

US former actress Meghan has attended several public events relating to the theatre since her engagement. 

She enjoyed the Royal Variety Performance with Prince Harry, visited retired members of the entertainment industry in a care home, and toured a theatre in Chester with the Queen.

It was taken down quickly – but not before royal watchers had spotted it.

Press releases are often prepared by PR teams days in advance – suggesting someone accidentally put the story ‘live’ while preparing it for future publication.

Meghan, 37, who is expecting her first baby with Prince Harry this spring, today announced details of which organisations she wishes to champion as part of her public work imminently.

She has visited a number of charities since her wedding last May – including the Hubb Community Kitchen and various groups supporting female empowerment and education.

Last month the biggest clue to her taking over as National patron came when the Court Circular, the official record of the Royal Family’s work, reported: ‘The Duchess of Sussex today received Mr Rufus Norris (Artistic Director, the National Theatre).’

It is a good match for Meghan, a former actress who was starring in hit US legal drama Suits when she met Harry and gave up her career to marry him.

Today, Mr Norris said: ‘I would like to thank the Queen for Her Majesty’s long and unwavering support and service to the National Theatre.

‘We were honoured when the Queen became our patron in 1974 and have celebrated many moments together including, in recent years, the Diamond Jubilee and the marking of our 50th anniversary.

Meghan, pictured meeting the cast of Hamilton in London last August, is a former actress

‘It is a privilege to welcome the Duchess of Sussex as our new patron. 

Meghan takes Queen’s university patronage 

Meghan will also take on the Queen’s patronage of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, which was established in 1913.

It is the world’s first and oldest global university network, with more than 500 institutions across 50 countries. It aims to promote the value of higher education to society and how this is boosted by international collaboration.

The ACU manages scholarship schemes – including the UK government’s three major scholarship programmes and The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships.

Just last month Meghan met with university leaders, academics and international scholarship students to discuss how higher education can help fight issues such as human trafficking, gender inequality and climate change.

She graduated with a degree in 2003 in theatre and international relations from Northwestern University, Illinois.

‘The duchess shares our deeply held conviction that theatre has the power to bring together people from all communities and walks of life. I very much look forward to working closely with Her Royal Highness in the years to come.’

The duchess is expected to carry out a public visit to the National Theatre in the coming weeks.

Dr Joanna Newman, chief executive and secretary general of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, said: ‘We are absolutely delighted that HRH The Duchess of Sussex has chosen to become Patron of the ACU.

‘The Duchess shares our passion for the transformational power of higher education, and Her Royal Highness’ support will help champion higher education as a force for good in the Commonwealth and beyond.

‘We would like to thank Her Majesty The Queen for her support, and we look forward to working closely with The Duchess as our Patron.’

Mayhew tweeted: ‘We’re honoured to reveal that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex has become a Patron of Mayhew.

Meghan has visited a number of charities since her wedding last May – including the Hubb Community Kitchen in North Kensington, West London

‘We’re thrilled that HRH shares our commitment to improving the lives of animals and people, and are excited to make a difference together.’

Support of animal charity is no surprise given her love of dogs

The Mayhew animal welfare charity in Kensal Green, North West London, was established in 1886 and is funded only by public donations.

It works to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people – bringing educational initiatives and preventative veterinary care to communities.

Among its schemes are one working with homelessness charities across the capital to ensure people and their dogs can be kept together.

Meghan has a long history with animals, going back to when she adopted her first dog, Bogart, whom TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres asked her to take home.

The Duchess is also known to have supported various animal rescue centres in Los Angeles.

And Smart Works said on Twitter: ‘We are honoured to announce that HRH The Duchess of Sussex will become the royal patron of Smart Works. 

The Duchess’s decision to support Smart Works reflects her passion in supporting women and her commitment will help women in need across the UK.’

Juliet Hughes-Hallett, its chair and founder, said: ‘An acknowledged champion of women and their rights worldwide, the Duchess will motivate ever more women to come to our centres and get the job that will transform their lives.

‘The Duchess’s patronage will inspire the women we serve and help them reach for the stars.

Chief executive Kate Stephens said: ‘We are delighted that the Duchess of Sussex is our royal patron. It is our vision that we have enough centres nationwide to reach every woman who needs us. 

‘The support of The Duchess of Sussex will help us enormously in achieving this goal.’

Duchess backs charity helping unemployed and vulnerable women

Samantha Cameron, Smart Works chief Kate Stephens and Louise Redknapp at an event for the charity in London last March

Created in September 2013, Smart Works is a charity helping long-term unemployed and vulnerable women.

Three in five women successfully return to work following their involvement with the charity.

The Duchess has visited it several times over the last year and worked with women helped through coaching and interview preparation.

The charity also provides complete outfits for job interviews, aiming to dress 3,500 women this year across their two London offices, and additional bases in Edinburgh, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Smart Works is also supported by celebrities including Samantha Cameron and Louise Redknapp. 

In recent years, Meghan has travelled to India and Rwanda working on projects to help women in challenging situations.

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When is Meghan Markle's baby due, what date will she give birth and how far along is the Duchess of Sussex?

But how far along is Meghan, and when is her and Prince Harry's babe due? Here's what we know so far.

When will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their first baby?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will welcome their first child in spring 2019.

While a due date has not yet been confirmed, speculation has it around late March or early April.

There is also speculation that Meghan's baby could be born on Brexit Day – March 29, when the UK should have left the EU.

It is rumoured that the couple informed the Royal Family of Meghan's pregnancy at the wedding of Princess Eugenie.

Before the Royal Wedding in May 2018, Meghan's father Thomas Markle broke traditional royal protocol to speak out and say that a child will be coming soon.

Around the same time, Ladbrokes made it a 4/6 chance that the newlyweds make an announcement in 2018 that they were expecting their first child.

When did Harry and Meghan get married?

The couple tied the knot on May 19, 2018, after a smitten Harry popped the question in London in 2017.

The wedding took place at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and was attended by A-list stars and watched around the world.

Prince William was best man, and here is the full list of bridesmaids and page boys.

The world was waiting with bated breath for the announcement of a Sussex baby.

How did Harry and Meghan meet?

Prince Harry and Meghan first met after being introduced by mutual pals but only announced they were together in November 2016.

They were then spotted hand-in-hand for the first time while out on a date in London.

At the time, pals said actress Meghan had “virtually moved in” to Harry’s cottage at Kensington Palace with the couple having been “inseparable” for weeks.

On May 6, 2017, Meghan made her first public appearance as a royal girlfriend when she proudly watched Prince Harry playing polo in Berkshire.

Then in September, the pair were pictured together in Toronto as they attended the Invictus Games with Meghan's mum Doria.

When did Prince William and Kate Middleton have their first child?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they were expecting their first child in December 2012, a year and eight months after they were married at Westminster Abbey.

The announcement had come earlier than is traditional as Catherine was admitted to hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum.

Prince George was born on July 22, 2013.

Their second child Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015.

Their youngest tot, Prince Louis, was born on St George's Day – April 23.

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Meghan Markle made a 'conscious effort' to not dress like Kate Middleton, source claims

Palace denies report of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton argument

Kensington Palace has issued a rare statement about a recent alleged argument between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. A Palace spokesman denied the claim saying, ‘This never happened.’

Just weeks after Kensington Palace made a rare statement debunking tabloid rumors of “tension” between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, a reported royal insider has allegedly come forward to claim that the American former actress intentionally made a “conscious effort” not to dress like the demure Duchess of Cambridge after she married into the royal family last spring — though her intentions in doing so are said to be purely polite.

Britain’s Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, and Meghan Duchess of Sussex, right, arrive to attend the Christmas day service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham in Norfolk, England, Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018. (AP PhotoFrank Augstein)

On Jan. 2, Elle reported that a "royal insider" exclusively revealed that Markle and her stylist, Jessica Mulrooney “knew that the Kate comparisons would be inevitable” regarding her wardrobe after she wed Prince Harry in May and took on the duties of a working member of the British royal family. Longtime friends Markle and Mulrooney reportedly made a "conscious effort" to select distinctly unique looks for the newly minted Duchess of Sussex as to "not be accused of copying Kate's style,” as per Elle.

Britain’s Prince William, left, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, second left, Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, right, arrive to attend the Christmas day service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham in Norfolk, England, Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018. (AP PhotoFrank Augstein)


On the left, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pose for the media in the grounds of Kensington Palace in London, Monday Nov. 27, 2017. On the right, Prince William and his then-fiancee Kate Middleton posed for the media at St. James’s Palace in London, after they announced their engagement on Nov. 16, 2010.

Duchess Meghan’s effort to blaze her own sartorial trail in 2018 proved successful, as the upbeat royal made headlines and held in her own in a slew of navy, black and neutrally toned looks, often sleek in design. For better or worse, the mom-to-be also made headlines as she sported messy buns and exposed shoulders, while occasionally forgoing pantyhose, putting her hands in her pockets, and going barefoot at royal engagements, too.

Future queen Kate, meanwhile, largely stuck to her tried-and-true proclivities for bright colors, full-skirted frocks and her go-to nude pumps by L.K. Bennet during official appearances through the last year.

Future queen Kate largely stuck to her tried-and-true proclivities for bright colors, full-skirted frocks and her go-to nude pumps by L.K. Bennet during official appearances through the last year.

From left to right: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince William, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton pictured here in September.

Nevertheless, Elle’s royal insider claimed that Markle was wise to take more than a few fashion cues from Middleton as she formally stepped into the spotlight, as Prince William’s wife “hasn’t put a foot wrong and is a great role model.”


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