Why Not Let Children Choose Their Own Names?

When she was pregnant, Satya Twena, a 36-year-old hat maker and fashion designer in Ojai, Calif., was in a yoga class when her daughter’s name came to her in a meditation. The name was Wish. “Wish named herself because she was already active and alive in my wife,” said Jeffrey Zurofsky, 45, who founded ’Wichcraft […]


Mother-of-one left gobsmacked as her baby starts walking at six months

Mother is left shocked after her daughter started walking at SIX MONTHS – and claims she skipped the crawling stage completely Parents Grace and Ryan, both 29, from Essex, were shocked by Freya’s first steps Clever girl, now seven-months-old, skipped the crawling stage altogether  According to NHS, average age babies start walking is around one-year-old […]

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Mother is reunited with her 14-day-old kidnapped son

Distraught mother in Brazil is reunited with her 14-day-old son the day after a woman, 47, was caught on hospital CCTV snatching the premature newborn from his room Gabriel Luciano de Melo Silva was abducted from his hospital room Saturday night and was reunited with his mother, Luana Maria da Silva, on Sunday  CCTV camera […]