Yankees’ destruction of Orioles reaches new level

Even Donald Trump wasn’t this hard on Baltimore. The Yankees won their 15th straight game over the Orioles on Tuesday night, this time 8-3, making another mockery of Baltimore’s pitching. It’s their longest winning streak against an opponent in one season since they won 15 in a row against the Philadelphia A’s in 1954. They’ve […]


We Need All 7 of These Bestselling Pieces From Revolve ASAP!

Nothing haunts Us like the items we didn’t buy! Nothing is worse than missing out on an unforgettable deal or on that one dress that would’ve completed our wardrobe. Why did we let those steals go in the first place? Most commonly, it’s because we start second-guessing ourselves: “Do we like this item or do […]

TV & Movies

Horror comes out of the shadows in Midsommar

For good or ill, Midsommar invites comparison with another of last year’s big-ticket horror items, Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria. MIDSOMMAR ★★★½ (R) 147 minutes In case it wasn’t already clear, Midsommar confirms that American horror specialist Ari Aster is one of the slyer jokers to arrive in the movie business for a […]