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Cruise passenger hits out at trip so bad travellers staged a mutiny

‘No windmills, no clogs, that wasn’t the Holland I know!’ Cruise passenger hits out at trip to ‘undiscovered gems’ in Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk, and Dutch port that was so bad the holidaymakers staged a mutiny Passengers on board a mystery cruise have ‘mutinied’, according to reports  The ‘undiscovered gems’ took them near to steelworks and […]


The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Kanye West's Latest Yeezy Shoe

Kanye West has a new Yeezy shoe that hasn’t even dropped yet and it’s already causing controversy. On Friday, September 13, website Yeezy Mafia posted a feature apparently leaked from Face Magazine that debuted the newest Adidas x Yeezy design called the Foam Runner. It may sound super cool, but many are comparing it to […]


Mama dolphin flips out as fishermen rescue her trapped baby

It was a feel-good “Flipper” moment — in real life. A distressed dolphin was seen jumping for joy after a group of fishermen rescued her entangled baby from a net they cast off the island of Procida in Naples, Italy. The clip posted to Facebook by Italian angler Mario Polizzi captures the heartwarming moment his […]

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Buff kangaroo sticks out chest for owner to scratch his fur

Roo a bit ticklish? Hair-raising moment a buff kangaroo sticks out his chest because he wants his owner to scratch his fur This is the moment kangaroo puffs chest out to get more scratches from owner The muscly marsupial stood up straight as his owner began to scratch his chest However, when she stopped scratching, […]

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Defense Department freaks out Twitter with cryptic tweet, ‘Stranger Things’ reference

The defense department’s technology wing asked the Twitterverse for help in finding privately owned underground space for testing purposes — and then made a “Stranger Things” joke amid a flurry of replies from freaked out users. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, touched off the madness with a cryptic tweet Wednesday morning. “Attention, city dwellers! […]