Hodgson insists 'no rush' for England to pick Man Utd and Arsenal target Wan-Bissaka

Some were surprised when Gareth Southgate opted not to call up the Crystal Palace right-back, 21, on Wednesday for the upcoming Euro qualifiers Czech Republic and Montenegro.

Southgate did praise Wan-Bissaka – who is eligible for DR Congo having represented the African nation at Under-20 level – but insisted he would not cap players purely to prevent them from playing elsewhere.

Eagles boss Hodgson said: “My eyebrows weren't raised – I don't see why they should be.

“He is picked for the England U-21s which in itself is a very, very big honour.

“It is good to know that reading Gareth's comments that he is obviously aware of Aaron Wan-Bissaka and what he can do.

“No, I don't think Aaron, myself or anyone at the club should start jumping onto media speculation regarding the player. It is up to him to keep playing well.

“We believe in him. We believe he has a very,very good future at the age of 21.

“At that age, you have got an awful lot of football and an awful lot of time to play for England in the future. It had no effect on us whatsoever.”

Wan-Bissaka has the chance to show Southgate what he is missing when Palace head to Watford for the FA Cup quarter-final on Saturday.

Hodgson will be without long-term absentee Mamadou Sakho, who had a knee operation at the end of February after injuring against Leicester.

It had been thought the French star would miss the rest of the season but Hodgson revealed his centre-back is doing everything he can to make a comeback before the campaign is out.

The 71-year-old said: “He is recovering from the operation. It is a weekly thing. We hope he will recover. He is working very hard to recover but he only had the operation just after a week ago.

“It is a while before we see him back even in rehabilitation and then we will see how many weeks we have left in the season.

“He is adamant he doesn't want to write off the season. He will do his level best to get back but whether the injury will prevent that, we will have to wait and see.”

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Gold Rush exclusive: Parker cranks up Sluicifer to beat Tony Beets

Gold Rush this week shows how Parker Schnabel is constantly looking over his shoulder at the Dutchman Tony Beets, his biggest nemesis in the gold-mining department on Discovery’s hit show.

Beets and his family have been killing it this season and Parker knows it.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip we see Parker giving his crew man a talk about his strategy to win the season as he surveys the pay dirt — which is really good-looking dirt, with a seemingly gold hue coloring the upturned soil.

Parker likes what he sees.

Walking and talking, Parker says: “This is some good-looking stuff in here yep…really nice… it really is nice looking pay underneath, [about] two feet of pay underneath…a lot of ground to cover huh?”

His man Dean Tosczak says: “Yep, I think we opened up too much.”

Puzzled a bit, Parker says: “You don’t think we’ll get it all through?”

Looking a bit overwhelmed, Dean says: “We could possibly get it all stacked but…I don’t…we’d never sluice it all.”

The game plan is for Parker to quit this ground this season. As Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip shows, if he doesn’t mine it he could be handing his landlord Tony Beets a three-quarter million dollar windfall. And Parker would rather pull out his own teeth than do that.

Parker says: “There’s no way in hell we’re leaving any of this behind for Tony…not if we can help it. The only way that we can use what we’ve got
to try to get this out, is to just crank that plant up.

“We won’t make any friends. Not only is the plant pretty maxed out right now but people are going pretty hard to keep up .”

Resigned to the task, Dean says: “All we can do is try.”

Adamant in his mission to thwart the Dutchman, Parker says: “I don’t want an ounce of gold left in here!”

To leave nothing behind for Tony Beets, Parker needs to push Sluicifer from 250 to 300 yards an hour and that will put a huge strain on the machinery.

And what we can count on is that machinery combined with the elements and rocks and fast speeds almost always ends up as a mechanical fail — as demonstrated time and time again this season.

Looking around at the job at hand, Parker says: “We’re definitely not gonna be here next year so any pay that we don’t get sluiced is pay that we are leaving for Tony, so we’re turning this thing up. And hopefully he can keep up with that…that’s a lot of dirt.”

Watch Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip below, and make sure to tune in to see how Beets stacks up against Schnabel and if Rick Ness’s maiden season of mining will keep him a boss or see him revert back to working for one of his peers.


Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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Gold Rush nuptials: See Monica Beets wed in emotional wedding ceremony

On the next episode of Gold Rush, the only daughter of Minnie and Tony Beets gets married and its a total Beets crew family affair!

With their family and even their dog Doyle in tow and dressed in a special wedding doggie ensemble, Monica got married to her boyfriend Taylor Mayes on August 11, 2018.

The wedding ceremony took place in Dawson City, Yukon which was attended by members of the Beets family including Monica’s father Tony Beets, her mother Minnie, her brother Kevin, pet dog Doyle, and their close friends.

As we teased earlier, for the special day, Monica was radiant and dressed in a white strapless gown with a dramatic veil and her husband donned a black suit. The wedding photographs were taken by Jennifer Marie Photography.

But an episode of Say Yes to the Dress last year showed that the drama started well before the actual wedding day, as Tony helped with the dress-buying process — while failing miserably to watch his language.

In one scene, Tony told producers, “Before coming here, Minnie and Monica, they made me look at a couple of episodes because they said ‘you’re going to have to behave yourself’. So today I’m pretty much going to be on my best f***ing behavior.”

In an interview with Minnie, she was forced to stop him mid-sentence after he said, “I don’t give a s*** about the cost,” with Minnie elbowing him and saying under her breath, “Watch the language!”

In an exclusive interview with Monsters and Critics, Monica Beets previously talked at length about her family and dad Tony — including how she thinks she’s his “favorite” of all his children.

M&C: I think your father’s very progressive in his views about women and the jobs they do in mining. Can you talk about your dad?
Monica: Dad’s both. He doesn’t care what your gender is, if you’re sitting on a piece of equipment. Girls can do it just as well as men can, sometimes even better.

But if it’s heavy lifting or shoveling or labor, doesn’t matter if you’ve got five girls, the one guy is going to be taken for that because ‘it’s not a girl’s job’. If something needs to be cleaned, apparently that’s what we’re good for. He’s both. He’s old-fashioned, but…I don’t know.

M&C: It’s obvious that he’s very proud of you. It appears your dad probably loves all his children equally, but you seem to be…

Monica: I’m his favorite.

M&C: There’s no doubt that you love your dad. I was wondering if you can talk about the things that you…the qualities about your father that you really admire.

Monica: I don’t know. I admire his ambition, I really like how he works. He knows what he needs to do, he gets it done. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. If something goes wrong, he doesn’t dawdle, he just goes on to the next plan and keeps going. He doesn’t let things get to him.


Gold Rush airs on Friday at 9/8c on Discovery

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Girl, 16, who was the first person to rush to help Skripals

Revealed: Girl, 16, who was the first person to rush to help Sergei and Yulia Skripal after nerve agent poisoning

  • Abigail McCourt, 16, thought spy was having heart attack on bench in Salisbury 
  • She dashed over and used the first aid skills she had learned at school to help
  • Key role has only come to light because her mother nominated her for an award

Abigail McCourt (pictured), 16, dashed over and used the first aid skills she had learned at school to help 66-year-old Sergei and put his daughter, Yulia, 33, in the recovery position

A teenage girl was the first person to go to the aid of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter after they were poisoned by a nerve agent, it has emerged.

Abigail McCourt, 16, thought the stricken spy was suffering a heart attack on a bench in Salisbury city centre, as other shoppers walked past oblivious.

She dashed over and used the first aid skills she had learned at school to help 66-year-old Sergei and put his daughter, Yulia, 33, in the recovery position as the deadly novichok took hold.

Abigail’s key role has only now come to light because her mother, Lieutenant Colonel Alison McCourt – the Army’s most senior nurse – nominated her for a ‘local hero’ award.

Speaking after she won the Lifesaver Award on Friday night, Abigail, from Larkhill, Wiltshire, told how she intervened after she and her family had been celebrating her brother’s birthday in March last year.

She said: ‘We were coming home and I saw them on the bench. People were walking past and I don’t think anyone had really noticed them. I was telling my mum because I thought he was having a heart attack, and so we went over and it developed from there.’

Abigail thought the stricken spy was suffering a heart attack on a bench (pictured) in Salisbury city centre, as other shoppers walked past oblivious

Novichok victims Sergei and Yulia Skripal (right and left) both hospitalised after being exposed to the deadly novichok nerve agent

Abigail, who later had to undergo hospital tests for the nerve agent, added: ‘I did make a massive difference I think because the woman [Yulia] wasn’t breathing at the time when we found her.’

  • Hero policeman left fighting for life in Novichok attack on…

    Novi-CHUCKED! Military in biohazard suits remove windows at…

  • Europe’s most wanted: Novichok spies and British murder…

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She did not know the Skripals were victims of a Kremlin hit squad until the next day. She explained: ‘At break someone said to me on Snapchat, “Is this the thing you were talking about?” and I was like, “OK, wow!” ’

The Skripals survived but mother-of-three Dawn Sturgess died after handling a discarded bottle in which the poison had been hidden.

Abigail’s key role has only now come to light because her mother, Lieutenant Colonel Alison McCourt (pictured) – the Army’s most senior nurse – nominated her for a ‘local hero’ award

Abigail’s mother, who won a medal for her role in tackling the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, said: ‘As a qualified nurse, it was a fairly routine situation for me but my daughter was amazing.

‘Her prompt actions, spotting them in difficulty, and the way she assisted me to put Yulia Skripal in the recovery position had a significant impact on the outcome of the two victims.’

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Gold Rush exclusive: Tony Beets' run of good luck comes crashing down

On this week’s Gold Rush on Discovery, the number one rated series for the network continues the twisty season as newcomer boss Rick Ness is trying to sort through his new business and be profitable while Parker Schnabel, his old boss, has continued bad luck.

But in Monsters and Critics’ exclusive preview clip from the latest episode, it is all about Mr. Tony Beets as his run of good luck seems to be wavering.

The clip shows a huge trammel being lifted by two cranes, using chains around the barrel to haul it up as Tony uses his walkie-talkie to tell Mike Scriba exactly what to do, and says to the camera, “With the two cranes you can play it safe. You want to be in control.”

As Mike Scriba is inside the cabin of the big crane and tries to follow Tony’s direction, Tony is beginning to get a wee bit agitated. “Hold it Scriba, sucker her in. Way out of f***ing kilter.”

Everyone is holding their breath as the cranes navigate the huge trammel in the air with simple chains looped around both ends of the barrel.

You may be wondering, what IS a trammel anyway and why is Tony so worried about it?

Trammels in mining are what the professional gold miners use to literally wash the trace and chunk gold from the slurry material that feeds into a rotary mining scrubber where it is very vigorously cleaned and sifted as the soil and rock mix is broken up. Then the target mineral, being gold in Beets’ case, is released in a separate part of the machine.

This raw material is piped through a rotating screen which allows for the waste dirt and rock to be ejected. The screened material that makes the grade is then further refined and passed on for final sifting and sorting. The end result after all this sorting, shaking and washing is lovely shiny gold!

So it’s kind of important that the trammel is not destroyed in the moving process, which is why Tony is pacing around the crane like a nervous mother hen watching Scriba navigate the arm of the crane as he positions the trammel to be moved.

But as often happens on Gold Rush, calamity strikes and the footage shows that as the trammel is hoisted well into the air, one of the supporting chains snaps suddenly.

This is where the clip abruptly ends leaving us to wonder, will this be an unexpected very bad and expensive day for the Dutchman?

Hopefully not. Last week, Tony’s son Michael and Juan Ibarra’s boat engine pretty much quit on them as they were transferring big equipment to one of Tony’s plants. Beets even noted on his Facebook page the bad luck his crew endured:

Make sure to tune in and see if the Dutchman lucks out or takes it in the shorts again.

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery

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