Brazen thief steals blue light from roof of police car

Light-fingered! Brazen thief steals blue light from roof of police car and walks away laughing

  • A young yob walked off with a blue light from the top of a parked police car 
  • The incident happened outside Sunderland train station at 4.30am Boxing Day
  • British Transport Police have released a CCTV image of the light-fingered man 

A hunt has been launched for a thief who walked away smiling after stealing the blue lights from the top of a police car.

British Transport Police has released CCTV in a bid to track down trace the man, who can be seen carrying the cylindrical blue light over his shoulder and looking happy with himself.

The incident happened at Sunderland Railway Station just before 4.30am on Boxing Day.

Police in Sunderland are looking for this suspicious-looking gentleman carrying a blue light

The allege the man removed the light from the top of a police squad car on Boxing Day

The incident happened outside Sunderland Railway station early on Boxing Day morning

Officers are now appealing for any information that could help track down the culprit.

He has dark hair, and is wearing a blue top, navy trainers and red Nike trainers in the CCTV image.

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A spokesman for BTP said: ‘Officers have today released CCTV images of a man after police lights were stolen from a car at Sunderland Railway Station.

‘The incident happened at 4.29am on Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

‘Officers believe the man shown in these CCTV images may have information which could help their investigation.’ 

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This Video Of Meghan Markle Styling Women For Job Interviews Is Actually The Sweetest Thing Ever

For fans of the royal family, the winter may have seemed to drag as of late considering that Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day. Now, that’s changed, and there’s even a video! Meghan Markle helped style women for job interviews in her latest royal outing, and honestly, it may just be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

If you hadn’t heard yet, Markle announced her royal patronages this week. For the non-royal obsessed, this basically just means that she chose the causes and organizations that she’ll be focused on for now. According to Cosmopolitan, one of these new patronages is Smart Works, an organization that helps unemployed women build skills and get back into the workplace. Great, right?

Markle paid a surprised visit to Smart Works, and while there, she helped style one of the organizations clients in what may just be the cutest video fans of Markle’s have ever seen. Captured by report Rebecca English, the videos show the Duchess of Sussex pulling pieces to help compliment what Smart Works’ client, Patsy Wardally, is currently wearing. She pulls a pretty camel colored coat first and then compliments Wardally on the color of her dress and a bracelet she’s wearing. It’s heartwarming, tbh.

According to English, Wardally had nothing but nice things to say about working with Markle. She explained to English that thanks to Markle’s styling she feels "much more confident" going back out into the workforce.

In a video posted by InStyle, fan can see Markle moving through the racks of clothing to head to the handbags, and it’s clear that the Duchess wants to get hands-on with the organization. In fact, according to English’s Twitter, she spoke with Smart Works co-founder Juliet Hughes-Hallett who confirmed that Markle immediately wanted to get directly involved with the work that they do.

Seeing Markle invested in styling women shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans, though. It’s something she has been doing long before she ever became a member of the royal family. During her time on the television show Suits, she also acted as a guest stylist on The Today Show where she helped show women the latest seasonal trends and styled models. Plus, fans of the actor turned duchess, are probably familiar with her former lifestyle and fashion website The Tig. The site ended following her engagement to Prince Harry, but it’s proof that she’s always had a passion for helping women use fashion to feel powerful.

As for what Markle herself wore to Smart Works, she was dressed in a chic and minimalist black maternity dress from brand HATCH, a camel coat, and maybe the best shoes she’s ever worn. The Duchess was rocking cow-print pumps. Yes, cow-print, and they totally work with the simple frock and coat.

Markle has clearly chosen Smart Works as her patronage because of her love of fashion, but seeing the Duchess actually work with clients is so sweet. Here’s hoping to more Markle stylings in the future.

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Not so dumb! Blondes have more complex DNA, study reveals

Not so dumb! Blondes have more complex DNA, with more than three times the number of genetic variants than brunettes or redheads

  • The lighter locks of blondes are far more complex than scientists thought
  • Study reveals blonde hair needs 200 genetic variants but just 60 for brown hair  
  • Only 12.7 per cent of women have pure blonde hair and 9.9 per cent of men
  • It was assumed that blonde hair had a basic genetic structure but the finding may explain why truly blonde people are rarer than other colours 

Blondes may have a ditzy reputation, but their lighter locks are far more complex than scientists thought.

For true blonde hair requires some 200 genetic variants – compared with 60 for brown hair and even less for redheads.

In one of the biggest studies of its kind scientists at the Medical Research Council’s human genetics unit analysed DNA from 39,397 blonde women and men of European descent. 

Only 12.7 per cent of women have pure blonde hair, and 9.9 per cent of men. It was assumed that blonde hair had a basic genetic structure but the finding may explain why truly blonde people are rarer than other colours [File photo]

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It was assumed that blonde hair had a basic genetic structure but the finding may explain why truly blonde people are rarer than other colours. 

Only 12.7 per cent of women have pure blonde hair, and 9.9 per cent of men. 

One theory is that blonde hair evolved at the end of the Ice Age, when females outnumbered males. Blondeness may have developed as a way to stand out.

For true blonde hair requires some 200 genetic variants – compared with 60 for brown hair and even less for redheads. Blondes may have a ditzy reputation, but their lighter locks are far more complex than scientists thought [File photo]

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Shocking moment a boat engine station explodes in furious flames

Terrifying moment a fishing boat suddenly EXPLODES in flames at an upscale yacht club in Mexico leaving two people seriously injured

  • A fishing boat exploded at the Club de Yates de Acapulco in Mexico on Saturday
  • The blast took place around 8am at the Acapulco club 
  • The explosion was sparked when a charter fishing boat finished refueling at a gas pump and the engine was started
  • Two boats – the Cucciao and Veloce 2 – were destroyed
  • Two men were seriously injured suffering second and third-degree burns  

A horrific boat explosion sent an upscale Mexican yacht club’s dock up in flames and left two people seriously injured this week.

The fiery blast took place the Club de Yates de Acapulco, a popular tourist destination in Mexico, around 8am on Saturday.

The explosion was caused by a charter fishing boat that had just refueled at the Pemex dispensary gas pump at the club’s docks, according to the Secretary of State of Civil Protection.

Before the blast: Footage of the fiery blast shows two people on the dock near the gas pump just moments before the explosion on Saturday at the Club de Yates de Acapulco in Mexico

Explosion: After the fishing boat is started after fueling, the boat erupts in flames. Two people were rushed to the hospital suffering second and third-degree burns in the blast

Going up in flames: The blast was so powerful it sent one man on the boat flying through the air. One of the people badly burned in the blast was the captain of the fishing boat

The two boats that were destroyed were Cucciao and Veloce 2, a 23-foot sailboat

Before and after: After the explosion the boat was left turned on its side and completely destroyed

Video of the blaze near the gas pump shows the shocking moment the fishing boat is started and bright orange flames immediately erupt, sending a man flying into the air. 

Billowing clouds of black smoke are seen rising from the roaring flames and the man is seen being thrown back in the impact. 

According to yacht club staff the fishing boat was started then suddenly exploded in a vicious blaze, according to Riviera Maya News. 

The explosion was so big it caused a second boat and the gas pump to catch fire, leaving two men injured suffering second and third-degree burns. 

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The boat erupted into bright orange flames and sent up black billowing smoke into the air on Saturday December 29 at the upscale yacht club in Acapulco, Mexico

Another view from the club shows the intense smoke that rose from the explosion

The alarming and sudden fire send black clouds into the sky as fire officials and authorities scrambled onto the scene

The captain of the boat was one of the people badly burned.  

The men were rushed to the hospital by ambulance. 

The two boats that were destroyed were Cucciao and Veloce 2, a 23-foot sailboat. 

‘Due to the fire the boat sunk in place,’ the Secretary of State of Civil Protection report said referring to the fishing vessel. 

Fire, Civil Protection and marines flocked to the docks to extinguish the flames. 

The fire also badly burned the gas station at the dock, according to Tiempo Guerrero.   

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Fans Petition For Stevie Nicks To Work Fleetwood McDonald’s Shift

Thousands of Facebook users have joined a campaign requesting Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks to work a shift at a McDonald’s in Fleetwood, England this coming September.

The event, hosted by “Be Reet” on social media, has garnered a lot of interest. More than 2,000 people have said they would attend with over 13,000 fans having shown interest in the proposal that the singer work a short three-hour shift from 8am-11am on September 28.

“We’ve heard some rumours that Stevie Nicks might be keen to visit our own Fleetwood Macs. Next time she’s in the area we’d be delighted to welcome her for some sweet little fries before she goes her own way…” said a McDonald’s spokesman to NME.

Nicks is set to enter the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2019. She will be the first woman to be inducted into the hall twice, as a solo artist and with Fleetwood Mac.

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‘The Challenge’ Star Nelson Thomas Arrested For Theft — See His Mugshot Photo

Nelson Thomas, who’s a five-season veteran of ‘The Challenge,’ was arrested on Dec. 20! Get our EXCLUSIVE details, and find out when he’ll be released, here.

Nelson Thomas, 30, is facing a new challenge. The MTV star was arrested for a Class B theft and booked into Hays County Jail in Texas on Dec. 20, which The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke first. A theft is labeled as a Class B demeanor in Texas if the stolen property’s value is “less than $750,” according to the Texas Constitution and Statutes. And we’ve learned inside scoop about the situation! “Nelson turned himself in yesterday and he’s still in jail. He will be out in a couple of days,” a source from the Hays County Police Department EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. Nelson stars on the current season of Ex on the Beach after appearing in five seasons of The Challenge.

Nelson has ran into trouble with the law before, as he was booked for a theft charge in Dec. 2014 but was released on the same day, according to the Hays County Courts Records database. The same records show that he’s been charged for driving with an invalid license twice (2011 and 2016), and for driving with expired registration (2011). We found four mugshots in total.

We last reported on the MTV star after Johnny Bananas insinuated Nelson hooked up with his co-star, Natalie Negrotti, on The Challenge: Final Reckoning! Johnny admitted that he was just trying to start drama, and Nelson later confirmed on the Challenge Mania podcast, “There’s nothing going on with Natalie and me. We’re friends. We’ve always been friends. She was going through a tough time and I was there for her.”

Nelson still managed to promote his new show on the same day he was arrested. He retweeted a GIF of a dancing classroom, right before Ex on the Beach aired, on Thursday afternoon. HollywoodLife has reached out to Nelson Thomas’s rep for comment.

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Travis Scott Was Disappointed to Learn Kylie Jenner Was Having a Girl

Dana Scruggs

Travis Scott says that having Stormi Webster was the “illest thing that ever happened to him.” 

But before she was born, he wasn’t too sure he was excited about being the father to a baby girl. “At first I was like, ‘Man, I need a son’,” Travis tells Rolling Stone in a new interview. ”When we found out it was a girl, I was like, ‘Huhhh.'”

It took him awhile to get used to the idea of having a girl, but he says that he came to realize, “Yo, this might be the illest thing that ever happened.”

Stormi came into his world not long after and he was immediately wrapped around her little finger. “When Stormi was born, I was like, ‘Life is fire, bro’,” Scott shares. 

Now, nothing can separate him from his Stormi, who is said to be quite the daddy’s girl. Even his busy schedule can’t come between him and his “Stormi Saturdays” with Kylie Jenner. The 26-year-old reveals, “We don’t let nothing come over Stormi time… We don’t f–k around with those. Even with me on tour, Stormi pulls up.”

The infant has truly become quite the jet-setter, following her dad around the country while he performs for his Astroworld. “She got more stamps on her passport than a lot of motherf–kers,” Travis brags about his little one. 

She even seems to have great taste in music, just like her dad and mom. According to Travis, Stormi’s favorite songs to jam out to include his song “Stargazing” and the popular “Baby Shark” song.

Aside from listening to music, she also has an interesting fascination in thermostats that tends to help pass time. Scott says, “She loves thermostats — you know those Nest things that spin? Oh, man.”


However, since he isn’t always able to be there with her because of work, FaceTime has become a large part of his routine. During the interview, Kylie and Stormi called the famous rapper for a quick chat, although Stormi mostly babbled incoherently. At one point, he tells the interviewer, “Look at that face.”

She may be well-acquainted with phones, but Travis says he and Kylie have implemented a strict no-screens policy. “Today kids are on iPads. There’s so much technology, they don’t play outside anymore. That’s what Astroworld Festival was about. N—-s don’t come outside,” he tells the magazine. “That’s why, with Stormi—no TV. That TV s–t is out.”

Although, he doesn’t seem to mind letting Stormi watch him perform from backstage. Travis shared a video of the baby dancing while watching her dad rap on the TV from her private dressing room not long ago.

Kylie once joked, “[Stormi and Travis] have this crazy connection and she’s definitely a daddy’s girl. It’s cute to watch. When dad’s around, [it’s like] I’m not even there.”

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19 Winter Outfit Ideas That'll Get You Through 2018 and Beyond in Absolute Style

19 Winter Outfit Ideas That’ll Get You Through 2018 and Beyond in Absolute Style

Dressing up for the Winter is an absolute struggle. Trust me, I feel you. But I wouldn’t let a little snow and wind put a damper on your mood, especially when it comes to choosing an outfit. While you may want to bundle up in a full-on snowsuit à la A Christmas Story, there are other ways you can look cute without getting frostbite. Need a couple of outfit ideas? Scroll on to look at 19 options we can’t wait to try in 2019.

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50 Flattering Outfits For Ladies Who Are Mighty Proud of Their Full Busts

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N E O N – my new fav color 🦄

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Tuck a Hot Pink Turtleneck Into Cargo Pants

If you have big breasts, you likely face outfit troubles from time to time. In moments like these, you might find yourself jealous of your smaller-chested friends. They’re wearing slip dresses without a bra on the regular, and they get support from lace bralettes without uncomfortable underwire. Of course, shopping for lingerie is half the battle, but which pieces work best to flatter your figure? We’ve got plenty of standout answers, straight from the feeds of bloggers who are well-endowed when it comes to bust and style. Keep reading to get inspired, then start pulling off the looks you love.

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Perfect Outfits For Petites Who Want Zero Winter Struggles and All of the Compliments

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I saw @Blaireadiebee wearing two bags & turtlenecks so I went out and bought two bags and turtlenecks 🙃🤷🏽‍♀️😝. … If I had to name one person who has the most impact on my style it would be @Blaireadiebee of Atlantic Pacific ✨ I started following her while I was getting my mba years ago, I had just moved from seasonless Arizona to foggy San Francisco and had no money & no friends so lots of time to stalk her site ☺️ Atlantic Pacific taught me to mix my matches, dress for cold weather & layer like a pro. Now I’m lucky enough to know Blair IRL instead of just through my web browser and can tell you she’s just as lovely in person as she is online. It’s no surprise she has established such a leading role in this industry, but she’s also one of the most hardworking, humble and charming people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. … Blair designed a darling capsule collection for halogen and it will be available tomorrow at @nordstrom online & in stores at 9am 💥 The only word I have to describe it is ‘epic’. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a collection to drop, EVERR!!! 👏🏽 I’m. 👏🏽 Buying. Everything. 👏🏽 It’s full with feminine details, whimsical silhouettes, playful patterns and hello, color! 😍 She sent me a few pieces to preview (like this turtleneck) and like Blair, it’s just as gorgeous in real life ! Everything’s under $250 and she made her line inclusive (yay) by offering an extended size range of 0-24. Please do yourself a favor and follow @Blaireadiebee now, then set your alarms to shop tomorrow morning… but maybe set for 930 so I can get that head start 😛🙃. … WEARING: 🍭 sweater: Atlantic-Pacific x halogen available @nordstrom starting tomorrow 10/22 🧥 coat: @mktstudio via @shopbop 👖 jeans: @topshop 👛 pink bag: @mansurgavriel // blue @nicogiani_official 🧦 socks: @modcloth

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Bright Socks With Pumps That Match Your Fuzzy Winter Coat

Getting dressed in the Winter is one thing: cocooning yourself in a coat three sizes too big is quite another. While my bestie might look like a million bucks in a floor-length coat, booties, and a beanie, at 5’1″, I’d be disappearing into my outerwear, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If you’re a petite gal and you’re looking to show off your outfit when you step outside, but actually keep warm, we have some tips for you — and they’re a little more exciting than “buy hand warmers.” Ahead, we’ve curated 24 different ensembles that you can try to highlight your figure, even though you’re in layers. Whether you need new night-out ideas or office appropriate combinations, we’re here for you in a big way.

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