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New ‘Veronica Mars’ Season 4 Trailer Is Explosive

Hulu/YouTube Home is where the heart is — but also the danger, if you’re Veronica Mars. The private investigator is back in Hulu’s new “Veronica Mars” Season 4 trailer. It teases her return to Neptune after a decade, and it’s nothing short of explosive. While the preview starts off with a lot of sunny spring-break […]


Women’s World Cup 2019: What to look out for on day eight

Australia fought back to beat Brazil in a thrilling game on Thursday, while China’s victory over South Africa ensured Germany became the first team to reach the round of 16. So what does day eight at the Women’s World Cup have in store as England and Scotland return to action? Who’s playing? Group D continues […]


What If The Raptors Had To Choose Between Kawhi And Drake?

There are rules to the Deadcast, although we don’t generally pay that much attention to them. For the most part, as you might have noticed, it goes like this: Bullshit/sports, sports, sports/Funbag, Funbag. It’s not a lot of structure, but it keeps us honest. This week, though, we faced a Funbag question so powerful and […]

World News

The subway’s next step to a better future

The state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a new acronym: OMNY. Friday, the MTA introduced its “One Metro New York” fare technology on much of the 4-5-6 line and Staten Island buses. The $645 million OMNY program, which requires you only to tap your phone or credit card against a pad on the turnstile or bus, […]