A tribe called queso: Cheese tastes better when exposed to hip-hop

BURGDORF, Switzerland – Exposing cheese to round-the-clock music could give it more flavor and hip-hop might be better than Mozart, Swiss researchers said on Thursday.

Nine wheels of Emmental cheese weighing 22 pounds each were placed in separate wooden crates last September to test the impact of music on flavor and aroma.

The cheese was exposed 24 hours a day to A Tribe Called Quest’s hip-hop track “We Got it From Here,” Mozart’s “Magic Flute” opera or Led Zeppelin’s rock classic “Stairway to Heaven.”

One wheel was played the throbbing techno of Vril’s “UV” and another Yello’s dark ambient piece “Monolith.”

Soundwaves at low, medium and high frequencies were played for three others while one wheel was left in peace.

“The most obvious differences were observed in strength of flavor, smell and taste,” Bern University of Arts researchers said in reporting the findings of a culinary jury which did blind tasting.

“The hip hop sample topped the list of all cheese exposed to music in terms of fruitiness…(it) was the strongest of these in terms of smell and taste.”

Maturing wheels of cheese are pictured in the K3 cellar during a media presentation of the experiment to "insonify" cheese in BurgdorfAn exciter is pictured under a maturing wheel of cheese during a media presentation of the experiment to "insonify" cheese in BurgdorfA combination of pictures shows the nine wheels of cheese during a tasting in the K3 cellar after the experiment to "insonify" cheese with different types of music by the University of the Arts in Burgdorf

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Mum, 28, suffers stroke from taking the Pill months after coil pierced her womb

The 28-year-old knew she was suffering a stroke, as her face dropped, froze and her left hand and arm were paralysed.

Frantic, Issy's mum, who witnessed the terrifying episode, dialled 999 – as she realised her daughter wasn't joking around.

At hospital, an MRI scan showed Issy had suffered a stroke, caused by a clot cutting off blood flow to part of her brain.

She said doctors believe it was caused by the contraceptive pill, having happened three months after she switched to the most popular form of contraception.

It marks the latest in a long run of bad reactions Issy has had to various forms of contraception.

The mum-of-one was left in agony when her coil pierced her womb, and the contraceptive injection later left struggling to conceive her son, she said.

Now, Issy, who has given up on contraception and relies on condoms, is back home, learning to live with her partial paralysis.

"It was a perfectly normal day," she said. "I don't work on Fridays so I spend that time with my little boy.

"He was crawling around, babbling away.

"The next thing was that I couldn't speak. I tried to get my words out but I was stammering.

"I've forgotten what I was saying, a word beginning with 'p', and to me it sounded like I was going, 'p-p-p'.

"But my mum said my whole face just dropped and I was going, 'mmurgh'. I couldn't make any sound."

Issy's mum, Rhiannon Fox, 51, asked her daughter what she was doing, and Issy managed to tell her she didn't feel well.

"I think she thought I was being silly, which wouldn't be out of character" Issy said.

She soon realised something was seriously wrong, when Issy's shoulder slumped and she still couldn't speak properly.

"She said 'are you having a stroke?', and I said, 'I think so'," Issy, mum to Freddie, one, said.

It was a perfectly normal day. The next thing was that I couldn’t speak. I tried to get my words out but I was stammering

Rhiannon called an ambulance, which arrived at their home in Crewe, Cheshire within minutes.

At A&E tests confirmed she had suffered a stroke in the right frontal lobe of her brain.

"It was such a shock when they told me in A&E that I'd had a stroke," the 28-year-old said.

"I just didn't think they were talking about me.

"You'd never think it was going to be you, and then it happens and it is. It's just crazy.

"What they think has happened is that the blood clot moved at some point, which meant that the damage I had was quite minimal considering the type of stroke.

"That meant I managed to save some brain cells, it was really fortunate that happened."

While in hospital, Issy couldn't move her hand or arm, which were completely paralysed.

Doctors performed a series of tests to try and identify why the mum-of-one had suffered the stroke.

"All the blood and heart tests showed no other reason for the stroke," Issy said.

"There was nothing in the family, my heart rate was fine, my blood tests were fine.

"The only thing that had recently changed was the fact that I had recently gone on the Pill.

"I had started on it three months before I had the stroke."

How can the Pill trigger a stroke?

THERE are two types of stroke – ischaemic and haemorrhagic – both stop oxygenated blood reaching the brain.

An ischaemic stroke is caused by a blockage, like a clot, which stops the blood flow.

Meanwhile, a haemorrhagic stroke is bleed on the brain, which causes damage.

Issy suffered an ischaemic stroke, where the blood supply was blocked by a clot in her artery.

The risk of this type of stroke is increased in people who take the combined contraceptive pill, according to the NHS.

The oestrogen pill can cause the blood to clot more easily.

If a blood clot does develop that can increase the risk of stroke, as well as:

  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – a clot in the leg
  • pulmonary embolism – a clot in the lung
  • heart attack

The risk of developing a clot is small, and doctors will check your risk factors before prescribing the Pill.

To find out more, visit the NHS info page.

Following bad experiences with other forms of contraception in the past, Issy was put on a high oestrogen, low progesterone pill in November last year.

She already had doubts about all contraception, after the injection termporarily affected her fertility and the coil perforated her uterus.

"They say that if the pill is going to cause that kind of damage it happens in the first three months.," Issy said.

The only thing that had recently changed was the fact that I had recently gone on the Pill. I had started on it three months before I had the stroke

"You give it three months to settle to see how your body is going to take to it.

"Obviously my body didn't take to it. That's the only thing that they can conclude that had changed in my life – was me taking the pill. I had to come off it straight away.

"I am kind of not surprised.

"I was on the injection a few years ago and that made me infertile for a while. I had to take drugs to help me get pregnant.

"I went for a coil fitting in October and it accidentally perforated my uterus which caused a massive bleed, so I had to go to hospital. I'm completely put off the coil now.

"Condoms will do. I'm just glad I'm alive and we'll have to be sensible.

"If I had a massive bleed now because of the coil, it would kill me because I am on blood thinners.

"There are all these risks now that I have to take into consideration that I didn't have to before. It's just really sh** luck, it's terrible."

With the help of her partner, Luke Connolly, 28, and her mum, Issy is now nearly back to full health and is desperate to raise awareness of what she's been through.

The numbness in her face is fading each day, and the strength and mobility in her left hand is returning.

But she said, she's been left with a wonky smile, sounds more out of breath and struggles with her self-esteem as a result.

Issy added: "With a stroke, it is just a case of being patient. That's something I still struggle with.

"It is just a case of biding your time and not letting it drag you down because it can be really emotionally draining.

"Waking up and realising again that your face doesn't work is just really emotionally draining. It just takes time."

What are the signs you could be having a stroke?

IF someone is suffering a stroke, speed is of the essence.

A person's survival and recovery is drastically increased if they get to hospital and are treated asap.

The FAST method is the easiest way to remember the most common symptoms of stroke.

  • Face – can they smile? Does one side droop?
  • Arm – can they lift both arms? Is one weak?
  • Speech – is their speech slurred or muddled?
  • Time – if so, it's time to call 999

Other symptoms include:

  • sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body
  • sudden blurred or lost vision
  • sudden confusion, dizziness or unsteadiness
  • sudden and severe headache
  • difficulty understanding others
  • difficulty swallowing

Now Issy hopes to volunteer to help other stroke survivors and is running a 5K on March 24 as part of the Stroke Association's Resolution Run series.

Sarah Adderley, head of stroke support for central England at the Stroke Association said: "In the UK there are around 100,000 strokes every year and there are 1.2 million people living with the effects of stroke too.

"Stroke really isn’t a condition that just happens to older people either.

"In fact, 1 in 4 strokes actually happen to people of a working age like Issy.

"A stroke happens in an instant and often changes lives forever.

"As a charity we are here to support stroke survivors and their families as they look to rebuild their lives after stroke."

Issy is raising money for the Stroke Association on her JustGiving page.


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Atlético Madrid Stuck To The Atlético Way, And Failed

Heading into yesterday’s second leg of their round of 16 matchup against Juventus, Atlético Madrid looked like solid favorites to progress to the quarterfinals, or at least as solid as any team could be going up against the Europe’s most complete team, featuring the best Champions League player ever. Not only did the Spanish side win 2-0 at home in the first leg, but they did it in such dominating fashion that a similar result in Turin wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. The prior match was such a comprehensive beatdown that it inspired this glorious Diego Simeone celebration, an image that felt like it would be this tie’s enduring one.

And yet a win wasn’t even necessary. All that the historically defensively stout Atlético had to do was not concede two goals, and certainly not three.


Honestly, the highlights and the final score line (Juventus 3, Atlético 0) almost flatter Atleti. From the start of the match, Simeone’s men were set up in an even tighter defensive turtle stance than usual. In a way, this was understandable. All Atlético had to do to advance was either prevent a deluge of Juventus goals or score one of their own on the counter to clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. This is nothing new for Atlético. Under Simeone, the club has enjoyed its greatest ever period of success by being the most disciplined and suffocating defensive unit in the world.


In an era of European soccer defined by attacking, attackers, possession, and offensive movement, Simeone’s Atlético have been proud outliers. Their soccer has been a determinedly defensive one, taking the deep and compact blueprint masterminded by José Mourinho and squeezing it into something even tighter and less adventurous. This anachronistic style of play has allowed Atleti to compete with and often best many of the continent’s bigger, richer, and more heterodox teams, and for that it and Simeone deserve all the credit in the world. But to fight against time is to, eventually, lose, and without the perfect pieces needed to orchestrate his revanchist plots, Simeone and Atlético were always going to lose sooner or later if they didn’t adapt.

Tuesday night was the scene of that inevitable loss. Atlético, missing crucial defense-stiffening players like Thomas Partey and Filipe Luís and not getting anything from their creative guys, were inept on both sides of the ball. The Spanish side managed just five total shots all game, none of them on target, and only one coming from inside the box. And somehow that still understates how little Atlético wanted to attack. Atlético were set up to defend for 90 minutes without players equipped to do so, much less against Cristiano Ronaldo, and so they suffered.


Even with their obvious defensive shortcomings, it’s hard to overlook the fact that all Atlético had to do was score a single goal. They had scored two at the Metropolitano, probably deserved a third via Álvaro Morata’s sketchily disallowed goal, and easily could’ve scored a couple other times during their many free jaunts through the Juve defense. So, what happened? How did Juventus get three more goals than Atlético had shots on target?

The set-up didn’t help; there were instances were Antoine Griezmann would receive the ball in his usual right striker/right winger hybrid position and have absolutely no one to work with before the black-and-white-clad Juventus horde descended upon him. Midfielders Saúl Ñíguez and Koke, Atleti’s chief creators, were awful. Just look at these pass charts and their limp sideways lines:


Considering this was a team-wide shitting of the bed, it feels mean to pick on one specific Atlético player, but Thomas Lemar probably deserves it. You may remember Lemar being linked to Liverpool and Arsenal during the hype-fueled Monaco fire sale of 2017, but he ended up with a (relatively) quiet move to Atlético this past summer for a whopping €60 million.

The gifted Frenchman was supposed to inject Atlético with something they’ve searched long and hard (and expensively) for and yet still hadn’t found: a speedy, creative, direct player to put on the opposite side of Griezmann and unlock Atleti’s attacks. Instead, in the biggest game of his Atlético career, Lemar was the worst player on the pitch:


Lemar managed no shots, no passes into the box, and lost three of the five take-ons he attempted. He provided no wide release valves for the Atlético midfield, either. Even worse, he was the clear weak point of what needed to be an impenetrable defensive wall, with Juventus repeatedly abusing his poor positioning and intensity. Rather than coming up big in the biggest game of the season, Lemar was just sort of out there taking up space. After what has been a disappointing debut season in Spain, perhaps it’s already time to admit that, as proved the case with Vitolo and Gaitán and Carrasco and Cerci, Atlético has swung and missed once again in an effort to fill Arda Turan’s shoes.

The only surprise when Simeone finally yanked Lemar for Ángel Correa in the 57th minute was how long that much-needed change took to make. And while that was too little, too late, Correa did do his best to create a winning chance for Atlético: in the 94th minute, he was brought down in the Juventus box by Giorgio Chiellini doing one of the most shameless pieces of play-acting that you will ever see in a top match between top teams:


VAR should have maybe caught that and given a penalty for Atlético, but as we’ve discussed in this space, VAR isn’t perfect. At least this can give Atlético fans and the team itself something to latch onto, something less depressing than the truth: Atlético came in with a plan of all-out defense that was never going to work, and Juventus (well, really, Ronaldo) made them pay dearly.

Atlético have now lost to a Ronaldo-led team the last five times that they have played in the Champions League knockout round. While they shut down the greatest scorer in competition history in the first leg with a more attacking, more aggressive style of counter-pressing, they fell victim to a Ronaldo hat trick by reverting to a familiar playing style that, while tried and true in the past, is no longer effective in the biggest matches against the best clubs.

The cracks in Atlético’s approach started showing last season—when Roma and Chelsea finished above them in the group stage of the Champions League (although Atlético did go on to win the Europa League)—and even in this year’s group stage, when Borussia Dortmund took the Spanish side behind the woodshed with a comprehensive 4-0 victory that featured similarly toothless Atlético attacking.


It’s long felt from the outside that Atlético would need to adapt to a more proactive style if they were to continue their miraculous run of outsized success. After yesterday’s game, Atlético must finally realize that, too.

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The Curse of Oak Island: The team finds a possible treasure chest hinge as well as startling clues at the bottom of the ocean

On The Curse of Oak Island, the team decided to try an exciting, new tactic at H8 following the disastrous collapse at the enormous borehole. Will this approach finally give them the much-desired direct path to the Money Pit?

Meanwhile, Alex Lagina and Jack Begley dive deep in order to get to the bottom of mysterious underwater targets that may lead to a second flood tunnel system.

At Smith’s Cove, metal detecting expert Gary Drayton makes an intriguing find, a metal object he calls an inge. Could it be a hinge? Picking up the flat object, he exclaims, “here we go, ohhh that looks like an inge! What’s an inge doing down there?”

In the war room Marty Lagina tells the team, “Today we’re going to go over the offshore data,” and although he has doubts about just what the murky LIDAR images are, he decides to deploy divers in order to investigate the various anomalies, including a rocky projection and several triangular shadows.

Could there somehow be a connection between the three-sided shapes and the triangular swamp? Or perhaps these triangular shadows have a connection to the many triangular symbols that have been found carved in stone on the island? The possibilities are intriguing.

Because experts have informed the team that the shadows are pointing toward the Money Pit area, further exploration is called for.

Once the divers reach the ocean bottom, they conclude victory could be close at hand, “I think this might be what we’re looking for, looks like its pointing northeast.” Which is exactly where the Money Pit is located!

Have the team finally reached the end of the Holy Grail trail? Is this latest discovery the clue needed to unlock the 220 year old mystery that has captivated treasure hunters for centuries?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Watch James Corden Prank David Beckham With a Hilarious Fake Statue


Good one, James Corden.

The TV host pulled an epic prank on David Beckham for Monday’s episode of The Late Late Show

Earlier this month, the LA Galaxy kicked off its 24th season by unveiling a statue of Beckham, who played for the team for six seasons. Before the big reveal, Corden decided to have a little fun with the soccer star by switching out the real statue for a fake one that was a “little less flattering.”

To pull off the prank, Corden’s props department created a phony figure that was both “realistic” and “absolutely terrible.” He even asked his team to put a bodacious bum and prominent chin on the piece. After two months of hard work, the team brought the statue to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif. to unveil it to Beckham. But the stunt didn’t end there. Corden also hired a bunch of actors to annoy Beckham before the big reveal and placed a bunch of hidden cameras around the space. In addition, he had an LA Galaxy camera crew follow Beckham under the guise that it was all for online content.

“You know, it’s a special moment that I’ll be able to share with friends, family. So, I’m excited,” Beckham said before the big reveal.

Clearly, the unveiling didn’t go as Beckham had planned. After dealing with the actors’ annoying antics, he was forced to watch a career highlight reel that included a few less than stellar plays. Of course, the biggest pain point was when Beckham finally saw the work of art. 

“It’s slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago, though,” he said.

While Beckham acknowledged the statue’s hair was good, he politely complained about the statue’s butt, chin, arms and more. In fact, Beckham argued the statue couldn’t be revealed.

“My wife’s coming over. It’s lucky my kids are not coming over,” he said. “Because if my kids were to see this, I think they’d just cry—to be honest.”


Then, a forklift moved the statue and dropped it—shattering it into several pieces.

“You’ve probably done me a favor there,” Beckham said. 

Finally, Corden revealed the truth to Beckham.

Watch the video to see the hilarious stunt.

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‘Sadiq Khan is all talk and no action on wave of violence in London’

Eye-rolling Mayor Sadiq Khan is all talk and no action on wave of violence in London, says DUWAYNE BROOKS who witnessed Stephen Lawrence’s murder

The shocking level of violence on our streets is not only painful to see, it is traumatising for the family and friends of the victims.

Believe me, I know. It is nearly 26 years since my friend Steve Lawrence was killed in front of me. And I can tell you that it still hurts – as if it were yesterday.

Today’s epidemic of knife crime, and the fear it generates, is having a terrible impact on the mental health of our young people. The killing must stop.

Yet what is the publicity-hungry Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, doing about this?

‘Today’s epidemic of knife crime, and the fear it generates, is having a terrible impact on the mental health of our young people. The killing must stop. Yet what is the publicity-hungry Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, doing about this?’

Khan, after all, is the Police and Crime Commissioner for London – but the answer is almost nothing.

He has refused to take responsibility or show real leadership. It is all very well for him to roll his eyes and lose his temper when questioned, as he did last week on TV.

The fact is he is failing abysmally – and his failure is costing the lives of our valuable young people on a weekly basis. It is true that in July 2017, the Mayor produced a Knife Crime Strategy – amid much fanfare.

Yet, at the same time, he was cutting the funding for frontline police in the capital – blaming the Government in the process.

Yes, these are tough times financially, but a leader has to know how to put their resources to the best use.

And Khan’s true priorities were shown only last week when it emerged that he is spending a vast £57 million on City Hall staff – £21 million more than his predecessor Boris Johnson – with a 27 per cent increase in the number of posts.

He has previously been attacked for spending £1.7 million on water fountains and £30,000 on a Twitter campaign to boost tourism.

All Khan thinks about is self-promotion in my view – and, in particular, his political career.

‘So here we are, 20 months later, with record numbers of stabbings, yet none the wiser to how the Mayor’s Knife Crime Strategy is actually working, what has been implemented or what is to happen next’

It is no secret that his ambition is to become Labour leader in the post-Corbyn era, and then Prime Minister.

I believe that this is what consumes his energies, not the crisis on the streets.

So here we are, 20 months later, with record numbers of stabbings, yet none the wiser to how the Mayor’s Knife Crime Strategy is actually working, what has been implemented or what is to happen next.

We don’t even have ‘knife amnesty’ bins in the worst-affected areas, where people are being stabbed.

His latest trick – blaming the violence on our streets on schools and teachers – is a new low even for him. Khan is without a doubt the worst mayor London has ever seen.

What is he doing to help those who have been traumatised and are struggling to recover?

I know from hard experience how hard this is to tackle, and how important.

Or what is he doing to improve the life chances of young Londoners – to support young entrepreneurs who require start-up funding, for example?

  • Jodie Chesney suspect is charged with murder: Man, 20,…

    Teenage boy, 15, is charged with Ayub Hassan murder after…

  • Man, 18, is charged with the murder of Spanish aspiring…

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More job opportunities would give our young people a real sense of hope.

We need more police, to be sure. And stronger tactics, but only with better cooperation between our communities and the police. Greater use of stop and search might help – but that by itself will not stem the level of knife crime on our streets.

The ultimate fix demands that we heal our young people and our communities. Too many of our teenagers and young adults are suffering from untreated trauma. We must get to them before they get caught up in the drama.

We must cut the pipeline that takes youngsters from school exclusion to pupil referral units then gangs and then to prison.

Londoners will need to realise this is a problem for all of us. It demands resources and real leadership if we want to give our young people hope.

We are fed up with Khan’s excuses.


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‘The Challenge’ Star Amanda ‘Taped To Bathroom Wall’ In Shocking Prank Gone Wrong

MTV’s The Challenge has come under fire for three male co-stars allegedly taping up cast member Amanda Garcia in a prank gone wrong. Now, a source close to the series is revealing exclusive details on the incident to RadarOnline.com.

“Amanda and Johnny [Bananas] were fighting,” the show insider told Radar. “Some of the guys taped her to the bathroom wall.”

The source continued, “Some people thought they took it too far because I think it was against her will and it ripped out her hair.”

Co-star Da’Vonne Rogers was the first to talk about the incident allegedly involving Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Theo Campbell and Kyle Christie.

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“Before I get into it, let me say I do not think that the intention behind it was malicious,” Da’Vonne said on her YouTube channel. “I don’t think that there was any type of malicious intent with what [Devenanzio] did.”

She continued that after Amanda “s**t-talked,” they “taped her mouth shut.”

“Taped her whole face, basically, like, mummified her whole face with this tape,” Da’Vonne continued to explain. “It went from, ‘Ha, ha, ha, this is funny,’ to Amanda screaming and crying, saying, ‘Stop, this hurts. Stop, it’s not funny. Stop, stop, stop.’”

She said she helped Amanda pull out “stands and strands of hair” from the tape.

PHOTOS: Hostile Takeover! ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Jill Duggar’s Facebook Account Hacked By Raunchy Pranksters — 12 Hilarious Posts

“As I’m in the bathroom, she’s sitting there bawling, and I’m just kind of, like, slowly peeling the tape off, but still, her hair is still coming out,” she said. “It wasn’t cool. And I do feel like they owe her an apology because that wasn’t OK… Amanda was ready to go home. I had to sit up ’til, like, damn near 5 o’clock in the morning, talking her into staying.”

She said Campbell did apologize for the incident.

Another co-star Paulie Calafiore also discussed the incident.

“They, like, wrapped her up in a whole bunch of s–t,” he said. “I forget what they used, but honestly, it was a little disturbing. Amanda was crying when they did that. It wasn’t cool.”

PHOTOS: Kanye West Is Not Amused! Rapper Upset After Amy Schumer Pranks Him & Kim Kardashian On Red Carpet Of TIME 100 Event In 10 Photos

The footage has not aired on the current season. A Change.org petition was created for have MTV release the footage. As of publication, 374 people have signed the petition.

In February, Amanda tweeted about the situation.

“Looks like they didn’t wanna show the guys tying me up against my will either. Hmmmm. I guess if you don’t constantlyyyyy play the victim on TV they don’t wanna show that s**t.”

She then tweeted, “After the reunion my career with MTV is OVER. I don’t need their s**t I promise u.”

Campell told Us Weekly about the incident, “It was funny, and everyone was laughing — even Amanda. Only reason she cried at the end was because someone taped her mouth up, a little tape got in her hair, so it stopped. She only got upset because it was hard to get the tape out of her [hair] and [she] had to wash it out, which took ages. If it wasn’t for it getting in her hair, it would have never been an issue at all.”

Do you think the men went too far? Sound off in the comments.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for RadarOnline.com? Email us at [email protected], or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

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Tim Cook changes Twitter bio name to Tim Apple after Trump flubs name

Tim Cook changes Twitter bio name to Tim Apple after Trump flubs his name – but you can’t see it on Samsung devices

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook quietly changed his Twitter handle to ‘Tim (Apple logo)’ 
  • The subtle mockery occurred just a day after the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting in the White House on Wednesday 
  • Cook was seated to Trump’s immediate right when the snafu occurred during the late afternoon event 
  • But the only way to see the slightly the new name is if you have an Apple product
  • It comes out as a rectangle or as a ‘failed to render’ on other devices

Apple CEO Tim Cook quietly changed his Twitter handle to ‘Tim (Apple logo)’ after Donald Trump called him ‘Tim Apple’ during a Thursday workforce rountable.

The subtle mockery occurred just a day after the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting in the White House on Wednesday.

Cook was seated to Trump’s immediate right when Trump said ‘Thanks very much Tim Apple’ during the late afternoon event. The moment quickly became viral.

Scroll down for video 

Apple CEO Tim Cook quietly changed his Twitter handle to ‘Tim (Apple logo)’

But the only way to see his new name is if you have a Apple product. It comes out as a rectangle or as a ‘failed to render’ on other devices.

The Apple CEO has the president’s ear and has been able to shape his policies on trade. 

He has broken with the billionaire publicly, however, on family separations at the border and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that Trump sought to terminate.

He said his company employs immigrants who are part of the DACA program and workers in the country on H-1Bs visas and has a right, therefore, to speak his mind about the president’s policies on immigration.

  • ‘Thanks very much Tim Apple.’ Trump flubs name of tech…

    ‘They sold them to me’: R. Kelly claims his ‘brainwashed’…

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The subtle mockery occurred just a day after the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting in the White House on Wednesday

Cook has visited the White House on several occasions, attending Trump’s first and only state dinner, in honor of France’s Emmanuel Macron, at the White House in April of 2018.

They also dined in August of 2018 during the president’s extended stay at his Bedminister property in New Jersey.

He came back the following day for a private meeting with Trump, where the two men discussed the president’s trade agenda.

The Apple executive was at the White House on Wednesday for the first meeting of Ivanka’s advisory board comprised of business leaders interested in being a part of a White House initiative to expand the American workforce.

The only way to see the slightly shady moment is if you have a Apple product. It comes out as a rectangle or as a ‘failed to render’ on other devices


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Paul Schrader Doesn't Hate the Netflix Model Like Steven Spielberg, But He Thinks He Has a Solution to the Issue

Steven Spielberg has been making headlines recently with his disdain for Netflix and what he sees as their disrespect for the theatrical experience. But his opinion isn’t shared by everyone in the business. Paul Schrader, the writer and director of First Reformed (and many other films), understands that there’s nothing wrong with the changing landscape of movie watching. At the same time, the director is also happy that Netflix didn’t buy First Reformed. He also has come up with a good solution to the whole matter.

Netflix has evolved into a powerful film distributor, and even scooped up some Oscars with their recent release Roma. But not everyone is happy about this. Steven Spielberg in particular seems to be furious that the streaming giant has grown so large, particularly because he hates their release model. While Netflix does release films theatrically from time to time, they primarily use a straight-to-streaming platform that angers people who consider the theatrical experience to be sacred. People like Spielberg.

But not everyone agrees. Paul Schrader, the talented and constantly grumbly filmmaker behind First Reformed, recently offered up a nuanced take on the matter. On his Facebook Page, Schrader wrote:

I have no animus against Netflix. Ted Sarandos is as smart about film as any studio exec I’ve ever met. Distribution models evolve. The notion of squeezing 200+ people into a dark unventilated space to see a flickering image was created by exhibition economics not any notion of the ‘theatrical experience.’ Netflix allows many financially marginal films to have a platform and that’s a good thing.

Hey everyone, Paul Schrader is right! However, Schrader is also happy that a distributor like A24 snapped up First Reformed, instead of Netflix:

First Reformed was sold at a bargain price to A24 out of the Toronto FF. Netflix, which could have snapped it up as easily as it swats a fly on its ass, passed. As did Amazon. As did Sony Classics and Focus. But A24 saw a commercial path for this austere aesthetic film. As a result First Reformed found a life. A24 rolled it out through festivals and screenings from 2017 to 2018. And it survived. Not a big money maker but profitable for A24 and a jewel in their crown. Would First Reformed have found this public acceptance if Netflix and scooped it up (at say twice the price A24 payed) and dumped it into its larder? Perhaps Bird Box and Kissing Booth can fight their way through the vast sea of Netflix product to find popular acceptance, but First Reformed? Unlikely.

First, I just want to say I’m highly amused that Paul Schrader is aware of the movie Kissing Booth. Second, I also see what he’s saying here as well. This is a tricky situation. Does Schrader have a solution? He does! And it’s a pretty good one: “My proposal: For club cinemas (Alamo Drafthouse, Metrograph, Burns Center, Film Forum) to form an alliance with a two tiered streaming system (first tier: Criterion/Mubi, second tier: Netflix/Amazon).”

Would the folks so furious about Netflix’s model go for this? I don’t know. But Schrader’s take is the most level-headed I’ve seen so far.

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Charlotte Crosby bursts into tears and fumes she has been 'betrayed by everyone' after night out at Emily Atack's fashion launch

The Geordie Shore star appeared to be distressed as she stormed out of the In The Style launch party in London on Wednesday night with her boyfriend Joshua Ritchie.

She later tweeted: "The feeling of being betrayed by every1 you no is honestly one of the worst."

It is not yet known what sparked the outburst, but it comes just days after she launched a foul-mouthed rant about "fake" celebrities who befriend her for "social status".

Last week she threatened to name and shame "fake f***ers" in the entertainment industry.

The reality star took to Instagram after the latest episode of her MTV series, The Charlotte Crosby Show, aired and blasted fellow famous faces using her for her status.

The 28-year-old didn't hold back as she shared two separate posts on Instagram stories hitting out about "false friendships".

She wrote: "Another thing….. I've got such a big f***ing problem with fake f***ers in this industry. Make me laugh SO SO SOOOO much…..

Continuing: "I'm so glad I've got a very small circle of REAL friends, And not just making FALSE FRIENDSHIPS for social status. That must be painful man SO PAINFUL."

In a second post, Charlotte added that she wanted to name and shame those that had wronged her, placing them under the header, "The genuine ones" or "c***s".

She penned: "One day I'm gunna make a list of…. but I think we would run out of room on this list!!!!!" (sic).

Circling the word "c***s", the former Geordie Shore added: "But my god I know the first 2 names that would be getting slammed on this one."

It is not known who the posts were directed at but Charlotte does boast former Geordie Shore cast members Holly Hagan and Sophie Kasaei as good friends.

Charlotte is currently dating Joshua Ritchie, 24, and recently enjoyed a sun-soaked breakaway to Mexico together.

Despite her idyllic trip, she was cruelly likened to Michael Jackson once again by nasty trolls on social media.

Posting a glamorous shot of herself and her beau at dinner, the MTV star was targeted by trolls who claimed that she looked like the late King of Pop.

However, it wasn't the first time Charlotte has been compared to the iconic singer by internet trolls.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Online last year, Charlotte said she turned the bullies' cruel taunts into a positive and said it was an honour to be likened to the late King of Pop.

Since she burst into the spotlight in 2011, Charlotte said she is no stranger to be being taunted for her looks.

Just three years ago Charlotte had a nose job and, since then, she has been likened to superstar Michael by online trolls.

The singer, who died in 2009, also had surgery on his nose to change its shape and bullies have mocked Charlotte for "copying" his look.

But Charlotte insisted she takes the taunts as compliments.

Reading out a comment on one of her Instagram pictures, where she had been compared to Michael, Charlotte said: "I like this trolling comment, it’s one of my favourites.

"He's the king of pop, a living legend. If you were going to be compared to anyone, wouldn't you want it to be Michael Jackson?"

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