Thousands collect rubbish and post about it in trashtag challenge

The most environmentally friendly trend? Thousands collect rubbish and post before and after pictures online in latest social media craze called the #Trashtag challenge This online challenge encouraging people to collect rubbish has gone viral   Thousands have taken part in the #Trashtag challenge, which has swept the net People are sharing before and after snaps […]

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Thousands of dancers take part in Rio’s annual Carnival parades

Thousands of dancers covered in glitter, feathers, sequins (and little else) take to Rio de Janeiro’s famous Sambadrome for the first night of the annual Carnival parades Rio de Janeiro’s world famous annual Carnival is underway with first of two parades taking place Sunday Over two nights, 14 samba schools of up to 4,000 dancers […]

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Thousands flock to the Tropical Fruits Festival

Lots of leather, plenty of pink and a sea of rainbows: Thousands of colourful revellers flock to the Tropical Fruits Festival to let their hair down for the new year Thousands of colourful revellers have flocked to the eclectic Tropical Fruits Festival to celebrate New Years The eclectic event lauds itself as one of Australia’s […]