Queen music video director: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sequel being discussed

The director of dozens of classic Queen videos says that the band and its management are lining up behind a sequel to the smash hit Freddie Mercury film, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Rudi Dolezal — who directed videos for the band, and became close with Mercury during his life — told Page Six in an interview about Queen’s legendary manager Jim Beach, “I’m sure he plans a sequel that starts with Live Aid.” Dolezal added that the follow-up film is now, “being heavily discussed in the Queen family.”

Beach also produced “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which has made more than $870 million worldwide. The rock biopic won four Oscars last month and was nominated for best picture.

The movie ends with Mercury and the band’s iconic Live Aid performance, which is around the time that Dolezal began working with Queen — beginning with their 1985 song, “One Vision.” He ended up doing around 30 videos for the band and its members, ending with Mercury’s final video shoot for “These Are the Days of Our Lives” in 1991, the same year the singer died.

Queen guitar god Brian May has hinted about a sequel to the film, and that there’s more of Mercury’s tale to tell. He quipped in a December interview of the project, “I think Live Aid is a good point to leave it. Who knows, there might be a sequel.”

But while the film’s awards have added buzz there will a sequel, a pal of star Rami Malek’s told us that they hadn’t heard of any talk about a new film. A rep for Queen’s record label told us they have not heard about any sequel, but that “The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story” will air on ABC in April.

It took over 20 years for “Bohemian Rhapsody” to get made. The Mercury role was once going to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen. The project was championed by eventual executive producers Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro.

Meanwhile, Dolezal told us he’s writing a book, “My Friend, Freddie,” and will release his interviews with Mercury in a film called, “Freddie Mercury: In His Own Words.”

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Venezuela's Guaido calls for massive protest as blackout drags on

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday called on citizens across the country to travel to capital Caracas for a protest against socialist President Nicolas Maduro, as the country’s worst blackout in decades dragged on for a third day.

Addressing supporters while standing atop a bridge in Caracas, Guaido – the leader of the opposition-run congress who invoked the constitution to assume an interim presidency in January – said Maduro’s government “has no way to solve the electricity crisis that they themselves created.”

“All of Venezuela, to Caracas!” Guaido yelled while standing atop a bridge in southwestern Caracas, without saying when the planned protest would be held. “The days ahead will be difficult, thanks to the regime.”

Activists had earlier scuffled with police and troops ahead of the rally, meant to pressure Maduro amid the blackout, which the governing Socialist Party called an act of U.S.-sponsored sabotage but opposition critics derided as the result of two decades of mismanagement and corruption.

Dozens of demonstrators attempted to walk along an avenue in Caracas but were moved onto the sidewalk by police in riot gear, leading them to shout at the officers and push on their riot shields. One woman was sprayed with pepper spray, according to a local broadcaster.

Much of the country remained without power on Saturday morning, including the presidential palace of Miraflores, which was running on back-up power generators, according to Reuters witnesses.

“We’re all upset that we’ve got no power, no phone service, no water and they want to block us,” said Rossmary Nascimiento, 45, a nutritionist at the Caracas rally. “I want a normal country.”

The Socialist Party has called for a competing march to protest what it calls imperialism by the United States, which has levied crippling oil sanctions on Maduro’s government in efforts to cut off its sources of funding.

Several hundred people gathered in central Caracas for a march to denounce U.S. pressure on Venezuela, which the president says is the cause of the country’s economic situation.

“We’re here, we’re mobilized, because we’re not going to let the gringos take over,” said Elbadina Gomez, 76, who works for an activist group linked to the Socialist Party.

The power flickered on and off in parts of Caracas on Saturday morning. Six of the country’s 23 states still lacked power as of Saturday afternoon, Socialist Party Vice President Diosdado Cabello said on state television.

Julio Castro, a doctor who heads a non-government organization called Doctors For Health, said via Twitter that a total of 13 people had died amid the blackout, including nine deaths in emergency rooms.

Reuters was unable to independently confirm the deaths or whether they were a product of the blackout. The Information Ministry did not reply to a request for comment.


Clinics in the sweltering western state of Zulia, which suffers chronic regional blackouts, had scaled back operations after nearly 72 hours without power.

“We’re not offering services and we don’t have any patients staying here because the generator is not working,” said Chiquinquira Caldera, head of administration at the San Lucas clinic in the city of Maracaibo, as she played a game of Chinese checkers with doctors who were waiting for power to return.

Venezuela, already suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods, has been mired in a major political crisis since Guaido assumed the interim presidency in January, calling Maduro a usurper following the 2018 election, which Maduro won but was widely considered fraudulent.

Maduro says Guaido is a puppet of Washington and dismisses his claim to the presidency as an effort by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump to control Venezuela’s oil wealth.

Former mayor and exiled opposition activist Antonio Ledezma on Saturday called on Guaido to seek United Nations intervention in Venezuela by invoking a principle known as “responsibility to protect.”

The U.N. doctrine sometimes referred to as R2P was created to prevent mass killings such as those of Rwanda and Bosnia and places the onus on the international community to protect populations from crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

“President @jguaido, (you should) formally request Humanitarian Intervention, applying the concept of R2P, to stop extermination, genocide and destruction of what’s left of our country,” Ledezma wrote via Twitter.

Trump has said that a “military option” is on the table with regard to Venezuela.

But Guaido has avoided discussion of any foreign troops in Venezuela, and Latin American neighbors have emphatically opposed a U.S. intervention as a way of addressing the situation.

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Bubble turns to icy golden orb in stunning video shot in Nevada

Let it glow: Bubble turns to icy golden orb in stunning video shot in freezing Nevada temperatures

  • The stunning video was shot by Tanya Stafford in Reno
  • It was taken in temperatures of 15 degrees below Celsius at sunrise
  • The water in the bubble mixture freezes and forms a perfect ice sphere 

In a scene reminiscent of Frozen, an amazing video shows the moment a bubble freezes into a perfect ice orb.

The video was taken by Tanya Stafford in Reno, Nevada, in temperatures of 15 degrees below Celsius.

Shot at sunrise, it shows a bubble being blown from a red straw on to an icy surface.

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Tanya Stafford blows a bubble on to an icy surface during a freezing morning in Reno, Nevada

The close-up camera sees the bubble wobbling as it settles before the magic takes hold. 

Suddenly the bubble, as if touched by Elsa’s powers, starts to turn to ice.

It takes only a matter of seconds for the ice to appear on the surface of the bubble due to the freezing Nevada weather. 

The bubble starts to turn to ice as the temperature of 15 degrees below Celsius freezes the water in the bubble mixture

Goldenball: The bubble turns into an icy orb illuminated by the stunning morning sun

It appears in spots around the bubble before spreading to form a perfect sphere. 

The soap in the bubble encases the water in the mixture and the water freezes before it has a chance to burst.

In warmer weather, the water inside will expand and pop the bubble.

The video shows the icy orb illuminated with a golden glow from the morning sun. 

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PC posts online video of him miming to a rap video at a crime scene

‘Bored’ policeman who lip-synced rap song All In by ZaeHd and CEO while guarding crime scene then posted it on TikTok app faces force investigation

  • PC Jonathan Gould appeared to be miming to a rap song at a crime scene 
  • The officer posted the footage while at a crime scene on social platform TikTok
  • During the shot video, which has been deleted, PC Gould said he was bored 
  • Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they have launched an investigation  

A video showing a uniformed police officer lip-syncing to a rap song while apparently guarding a crime scene is under examination by his force.

The footage captures PC Jonathan Gould suggestively tracing his fingers down his body and pulling faces before it zooms in on his handcuffs.

He says he is ‘bored’, even though he claims to be at the scene of a crime.

PC Jonathan Gould, pictured, posted footage of him miming to a rap video while securing a crime scene

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they are investigating PC Gould over his social media videos

More than 600 people have liked the video, which is set to rap track All In by ZaeHd and CEO, on social media platform TikTok.

PC Gould uploaded the video with the caption: ‘#cops #handcuffs #police #bored just on a crime scene doing my job.’

He appears to be taking part in a meme known as the Em Em dance – where subjects film themselves reacting to pictures of their crush or a situation – on the app, which is hugely popular with teens.

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Other videos capture him mimicking Spongebob and singing along to Let It Snow whilst sat inside a police car on a frosty day.

Last night, Avon and Somerset Police – where the PC is understood to have worked for almost 20 years – said they were reviewing the clip which the officer has now removed.

A spokesman said: ‘We’re aware of videos posted on social media featuring one of our officers.

The officer who was using the social media site TikTok has been an officer for 20 years. He has since deleted the videos 

‘We expect the highest standards of professionalism from all our officers and staff at all times and will look at the circumstances relating to the videos closely before deciding what action, if any, is necessary.’ 

Last year, there were nearly 5,000 more violent offences reported in the Avon and Somerset area than in 2017.

Figures showed allegations of violent crimes against the person jumped to 42,604 from 38,266 the previous year.

And there was 15 homicides recorded in the area.

TikTok is the most downloaded iPhone app in the world and lets users create short music videos with music and camera effects. 

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Family shares haunting video of girl, 12, minutes before gas explosion tore through house and killed her

Linda “Michellita” Rogers, 12, filmed herself getting ready for a cheerleading competition when a huge explosion ripped through her home in Dallas on the morning of February 23, 2018.

The footage, filmed on three mobiles, shows the girl happy and smiling just moments before she was killed.

Everyone else in the house managed to survive.

The family has now released the footage of the first anniversary of her death.

In the first video Michellita is heard to whisper: “Good morning, guys. It is 6.02am. I'm going to get ready for the National Cheerleaders Association today.”

She then added: “I'm going to start with hair, turn on my lamp because I don't want to turn on all of the lights.”

Then she appears in the second video wearing her cheerleading outfit, saying: “I'm sorry if you guys can't hear me still. But oh, well. They're all sleeping.

“All that's left to do is the ponytail. Straighten it, curl it, poof it, whatever.”

The third video has Michellita standing in front of a mirror, fixing her hair.

But just after she has sprayed her hair and was tightening her ponytail sparks start to fill the screen before it goes black.


Her home was then engulfed in a massive gas explosion.

Michellita’s mum Maria was asleep at the time and woke to find herself doubled over in her bedroom.

Maria’s husband, Jose Fiscal suffered a gaping wound to his face in the blast but despite his injuries he managed to run through the house to find Michellita and carry her out to the first responder who had arrived on the scene.

Maria told the Dallas News she kissed her daughter and told her to “fight like a warrior”.

Michellita was taken to the Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas while the rest of the family were treated at the nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital.

But Michellita had suffered severe damage to her internal organs and died soon after she was admitted.

Michellita’s Falcons Elite Cheer team performed that night in honour of her memory.

In the same week Michellita’s house exploded, two other homes in the neighbourhood also blew up.

Gas services to 2,800 Dallas homes were cut off as Atmos Energy, the largest natural gas distributor in the US, investigated.

Michellita's family said they were sharing her videos and story as a way to ensure lawmakers took action and made certain a similar accident did not happen again.

Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe page as not only did they lose their daughter but they lost all their possessions and their home was completely destroyed.

To make a donation click here.

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Shocking moment a boy jumps and clings on to the back of a tram

Shocking video shows a boy jumping and clinging on to the back of a moving carriage as transport bosses warn ‘tram-surfers’ that their reckless stunts could easily turn deadly

  • The hooded youngster jumped on the back of a tram in Rochdale, Manchester
  • He clings on for several minutes despite the vehicle picking up speed
  • Transport boss said: ‘This type of reckless behaviour could very easily result in death or very serious injury’

Transport bosses have issued a warning to ‘tram-surfers’ that their reckless stunts ‘could very easily result in death’ after a shocking video emerged of a boy clinging to the back of a moving carriage in Manchester.

In footage shared online, the hooded youngster, thought to be aged around 12 by witnesses, can be seen running after the Metrolink tram in Rochdale town centre.

He then jumps on the back of the yellow rail vehicle as it picks up speed and clings on for several minutes – despite dangerously passing other moving trams.

Footage of the stunt, which took place at around 5pm on Friday, was captured by a member of the public.

In footage shared online the hooded youngster, thought to be aged around 12, can be seen running after the Metrolink tram in Rochdale. He then jumps on the back of the rail vehicle as it picks up speed and clings on for several minutes

The filmmaker, who wished to not be identified, said: ‘He only looked about 12 and he was on the back of the tram for a couple of minutes before I started recording. 

‘I saw him and just thought “Wow, that’s so dangerous”, so I started recording him and then put it up on Facebook to show how dangerous it was.’

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The TravelSafe Partnership, the security team which patrols Greater Manchester’s public transport, say they are aware of a ‘small but continued number’ of tram-surfing incidents on the Metrolink.

Officers have previously spoken to the parents of some of the youngsters involved, visited schools to give talks on the dangers of the stunt and ‘launched a more robust enforcement of the Metrolink bylaws’.

Footage of the stunt, which took place at around 5pm on Friday, was captured by a member of the public

Danny Vaughan, TfGM’s head of Metrolink, said: ‘This type of reckless behaviour could very easily result in death or very serious injury and I would urge people to stay safe and not be tempted into risking their lives in this way.

‘One slip could lead to a tragedy and the last thing we want is someone’s child not coming home because they took a needless risk.

‘We do run a comprehensive youth engagement programme warning young people about the dangers and consequences of this type of behaviour but unfortunately there remains a small number of people who seem determined to risk their lives.

‘Our staff are vigilant, but I would urge anyone who sees something like this to let us know as soon as possible and help ensure nobody gets hurt.’

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Kylie Jenner’s Video Of Stormi Watching Travis Scott’s Halftime Performance Is Way Too Cute

When Travis Scott took the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, you may have been crossing your fingers, hoping the camera would pan to the audience and show his daughter bopping along. And while that didn’t happen, there’s something even better that did: Kylie Jenner shared a Super Bowl video of Stormi watching Scott perform, and honestly, it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Stormi truly is Scott’s number one fan, as wears what looks like a mini tie-dye Astroworld hoodie. In the brief clip, she’s giggling while staring at the TV screen, and if you listen closely, it even sounds like she’s singing along. Sure, it’s pretty much gibberish, but that doesn’t make the moment any less adorable.

Jenner captioned the clip, "PRICELESS," which is beyond fitting. Seriously, how many 1-year-olds get to watch their dad perform on one of the biggest days of the year while wearing his merch? Um, yeah, that seems like an experience that’s pretty unique to one of the youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Considering Stormi had her own room backstage during Scott’s Astroworld tour, it’s not all that surprising that she had a giant screen to take in the Super Bowl performance in style. And it’s really sweet that her parents made sure she got to witness the moment in real time — without having to deal with the massive crowd in the actual stadium.

While fans may have been hoping that Scott proposed to Jenner during halftime (myself included), this adorable Stormi video certainly makes up for any minor disappointment. How could anyone look at that video and be unhappy? Plus, Stormi really is having the best week ever, since she just celebrated her first birthday on Feb. 1.

To commemorate that major milestone, both Scott and Jenner shared heartfelt Instagram posts for their daughter. Along with a gallery of sweet photos and videos, the "Sicko Mode" rapper wrote,

Jenner also gushed over the birthday girl on social media. With her own gallery of snapshots and short clips, the reality star shared,

Clearly Jenner and Scott couldn’t be prouder of their daughter, and little Stormi is showing mutual appreciation by being dad’s biggest Super Bowl fan.

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Brad Paisley Shares ‘Bucked Off’ Video

Brad Paisley has dropped his new ‘Bucked Off‘ video.

He has included in the video footage of his fans’ real-life breakup videos.

Paisley had asked fans to send him videos of their crumbling relationships.

Co-written with Chris DuBois and Kelly Lovelace, Bucked Off is Paisley’s first single since 2017’s “Heaven South.”

He describes the song as “turbo twang retro-futuristic rockin’ hi-fidelity country music.”

The 46-year-old country music star is singing about breaking up in the video.

“This ain’t my first rodeo / Someone’s gonna get hurt / Whenever someone says we need to talk / It feels like there’s a number / Pinned on to the back of my shirt / ‘Cause this is where the cowboy gets bucked off / Yeah, this is where the cowboy gets bucked off.”

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This Video Of Meghan Markle Styling Women For Job Interviews Is Actually The Sweetest Thing Ever

For fans of the royal family, the winter may have seemed to drag as of late considering that Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day. Now, that’s changed, and there’s even a video! Meghan Markle helped style women for job interviews in her latest royal outing, and honestly, it may just be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

If you hadn’t heard yet, Markle announced her royal patronages this week. For the non-royal obsessed, this basically just means that she chose the causes and organizations that she’ll be focused on for now. According to Cosmopolitan, one of these new patronages is Smart Works, an organization that helps unemployed women build skills and get back into the workplace. Great, right?

Markle paid a surprised visit to Smart Works, and while there, she helped style one of the organizations clients in what may just be the cutest video fans of Markle’s have ever seen. Captured by report Rebecca English, the videos show the Duchess of Sussex pulling pieces to help compliment what Smart Works’ client, Patsy Wardally, is currently wearing. She pulls a pretty camel colored coat first and then compliments Wardally on the color of her dress and a bracelet she’s wearing. It’s heartwarming, tbh.

According to English, Wardally had nothing but nice things to say about working with Markle. She explained to English that thanks to Markle’s styling she feels "much more confident" going back out into the workforce.

In a video posted by InStyle, fan can see Markle moving through the racks of clothing to head to the handbags, and it’s clear that the Duchess wants to get hands-on with the organization. In fact, according to English’s Twitter, she spoke with Smart Works co-founder Juliet Hughes-Hallett who confirmed that Markle immediately wanted to get directly involved with the work that they do.

Seeing Markle invested in styling women shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans, though. It’s something she has been doing long before she ever became a member of the royal family. During her time on the television show Suits, she also acted as a guest stylist on The Today Show where she helped show women the latest seasonal trends and styled models. Plus, fans of the actor turned duchess, are probably familiar with her former lifestyle and fashion website The Tig. The site ended following her engagement to Prince Harry, but it’s proof that she’s always had a passion for helping women use fashion to feel powerful.

As for what Markle herself wore to Smart Works, she was dressed in a chic and minimalist black maternity dress from brand HATCH, a camel coat, and maybe the best shoes she’s ever worn. The Duchess was rocking cow-print pumps. Yes, cow-print, and they totally work with the simple frock and coat.

Markle has clearly chosen Smart Works as her patronage because of her love of fashion, but seeing the Duchess actually work with clients is so sweet. Here’s hoping to more Markle stylings in the future.

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This Video of Lady Gaga Denying Her Golden Globes Dress Was Inspired by Judy Garland Is *Such* a Mood

As expected, Lady Gaga had a major sartorial moment at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Costumed in a strapless lilac Valentino gown (with matching hair, natch) and diamonds galore, the singer and actress gave us the modern princess moment we’d been hoping for.

The second she stepped on the carpet, social media began churning out comparisons to the ball gown Judy Garland wore in her 1954 version of A Star Is Born (the same film Gaga was nominated for that evening).

Sharing a similar hue and voluminous sleeves, the parallels are hard to deny.

That being said, Gaga insisted the likeness was unintentional. Shown a photo of Garland’s gown by Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell on the red carpet, the multi-hyphenate appeared to have been caught off-guard. Enter: the Internet.

If you watch the full interview, Gaga is clearly pleasantly surprised by the turn of events, but the context-free reaction clip will forever make us LOL.

If Gaga doesn’t “accidentally” dress up like Barbra Streisand (another Star Is Born ingenue) at the Oscars, I will revolt.

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