Former Wolves youth footballer leads police on a 100mph car chase

Former Wolves youth footballer leads police on a 100mph car chase then crashes into a ditch, after they tried to stop him for speeding two days before Christmas

  • Jacob Rammell, 20, jumped red lights and swerved off the road in the chase
  • Police had tried to pull over the former football player for speeding in Telford
  • The chase that happened two days before Christmas lasted for an hour and a half
  • He was banned from driving for two years and sentenced to a 12-month community order and 240-hours unpaid work 

A former Wolverhampton Wanderers FC youth player led police on a 100mph car chase after they tried to stop him for speeding.

Jacob Rammell, 20, jumped red lights and swerved between lanes in his grey Mercedes while driving through Telford, Shropshire, two days before Christmas last year before crashing into a ditch.

The ex-Wolves and Shrewsbury Town youth player was banned from driving for two years, and sentenced to a 12-month community order and 240-hours of unpaid work at Shrewsbury Crown Court. 

Jacob Rammell, 20, jumped red lights in his grey Mercedes (pictured) during the high speed chase through Telford that lasted for an hour and a half

Rammell was sentenced to 240-hours of unpaid work, a 12-month community order, and banned from driving for two years at Shrewsbury Crown Court

Jaw-dropping dash cam footage from a police car shows officers in hot pursuit of the Mercedes as it slams into a speed barrier and skids onto the roadside.

As he tried to evade them, the driver hit speeds of 60mph in a 30mph residential zone.

At one point he careers into a crash barrier before eventually hitting 110mph on the M54 motorway.

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The footage, released on Tuesday, also shows officers trying to box the vehicle in before the driver loses control and ploughs into a ditch.

He was arrested almost an hour and a half after the pursuit began and went on to plead guilty to dangerous driving at Shrewsbury Crown Court on February 26. 

He also swerved between lanes and shot off road during the chase that saw him go at 60mph in a 30mph residential area

He also hit signs at the roadside as he tried to get away from police before crashing into a ditch

Police officers, who initially tried to stop him for speeding, attempted to box in the car (two cars on the right) before it got away

He is shown here at the end of the chase, moments before he ploughed into the ditch

Sentencing, Judge Anthony Lowe said: ‘We read in the papers how this type of chase can lead to something tragic.

‘It puts the police in real difficulty deciding whether to chase or not.

‘You admitted it was disgraceful and on two occasions something more serious could have happened.’

Prosecutor Simon Parry said that at 11.45pm on December 23, a grey Mercedes was spotted between the A5 and A49 in Shrewsbury, doing 100mph.

In a police interview Ramell admitted his behaviour was ‘disgraceful’ and apologised for his actions.

Robert Edwards, defending, said Ramell panicked when the blue lights came on, because he had never had a run-in with the police before.

Mr Edwards said Ramell had dreams of becoming a footballer, playing for Wolves as a youngster, before moving on to Shrewsbury where he was eventually released.

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I was raped by my youth leader at age 12 who said I 'owed him my virginity'

She saw him as a big brother as he let her sleep over at his house and even cleaned and ironed her school uniform.

Rachel treasured Craig's kindness… but actually he was grooming her – and went on to rape her.

He bought her a mobile phone but fitted it with a tracker and when she met a new boy who was her own age, he turned up at his house with a gas-powered pistol and matches.

He even told Rachel she 'owed' him her virginity for helping her.

Now, in a bid to raise awareness of grooming, Rachel, from Lancashire, has shared her shocking story:

As I pulled open the door of the youth club, a friendly voice called out to greet me.

Craig Knight was one of the staff members at the club – I liked him as soon as I met him.

A couple of months earlier, just after my 11th birthday, my dad had died from cancer.

I was heartbroken, but it hit my mum the hardest.

I found myself lost and alone, so joined the youth club as a distraction.

One day, not long after I’d joined the club, Craig asked me: ‘Would you like to come to my place for dinner tonight?’ and I gratefully accepted.

Craig, 25, let me pour my heart out about my dad’s death. “I’m here whenever you need me,” he said. Gradually I found myself at his house more and more often – sometimes I even stayed over, telling my mum I was at a friend's.

I’d stay in the spare room, and in the mornings, Craig would drop me off at school.

He cooked my evening meals, prepared my packed lunches and even washed and ironed my clothes so that I had a clean uniform to wear.

For six months, Craig was like a big brother to me.

But then one evening he turned to me with a serious look on his face and asked, “Have you ever thought about having sex?”

I’d just turned 12 and had never so much as kissed a boy before. He told me someone I trusted should take my virginity.

“You trust me, don’t you Rachel?” he asked.

Suddenly Craig jumped up, quickly clearing the plates away.

He said no more about it, but as I lay awake in the spare room later that night, I couldn’t get Craig’s question out of my head.

Then, my phone began to buzz beside me.

Picking it up, I noticed a message from Craig which said: "After everything I’ve done for you, you owe me your virginity."

The next day, Craig acted like nothing had happened.

I hoped we could just forget about it and carry on as normal.

But soon after I was stepping out of the shower at his house when he appeared in the doorway.

I almost lost my balance as I began fumbling around for a towel, totally humiliated.

Craig stared at me, completely unfazed.

Then, he said: “It’s completely unnatural for you to have pubic hair, why don’t you let me shave you?”

I had no idea what was normal and what wasn’t.

All I knew was that Craig looked after me, and I had no reason to suspect he would ever want me to come to any harm – so I agreed.

When he’d finished, he took me by the hand and stared into my eyes.

“I know your body is ready for sex,” he told me.

“This is our little secret,” he told me, before forcing himself on me.

He told me nobody could ever find out or else I would lose him forever. Craig was all I had, so I vowed to keep our secret.

For weeks, Craig pestered me for sex and began to call me his girlfriend.

And afterwards, Craig’s behaviour towards me began to change. He began texting and calling me constantly whenever we were apart.

If I didn’t answer him immediately, he’d turn up at my school or follow me home.

By then, my mum knew about Craig, but I’d managed to convince her we were just friends.

Ashamed I’d let things get so bad, I couldn’t bring myself to confess that his behaviour was becoming more and more sinister.

Soon after, Craig bought me a new phone – which he fitted with a tracking device.

Then, he installed cameras all over his house – including in the bedroom.

I’d just turned 12 and had never so much as kissed a boy before. He told me someone I trusted should take my virginity.

“This way, I’ll always know where you are,” he said.

He went through my clothes, throwing out any tops and skirts he didn’t approve of, and decided what I could wear.

By the time I was 16, Craig controlled every single part of my life.

Finally, I was able to see him for what he really was – a predator.

But whenever I tried to end things with him, Craig would threaten to kill himself.

I knew he was being manipulative, but I was too scared to take any chances.

I knew I’d never be able to live with the guilt if any harm came to him, despite the abuse I’d suffered.

I felt like his prisoner.

Then, one day in school I met a lovely boy called James.

We quickly bonded, and before long I found myself confiding in him about Craig.

He begged me to go to the police, but I was too scared.

I also worried I’d get into trouble.

I didn’t want Craig to find out about James either, but he used my phone to track me down.

One day, whilst I was studying at James’s house, Craig turned up.

Hammering on the door and screaming through the letterbox, he demanded to see me.

But suddenly, he vanished and for days, I heard nothing from Craig.

Then, through a friend at youth club, I heard Craig had suddenly packed up his things and moved away.

Taking an opportunity to collect my belongings, I went back to Craig’s house.

It was eerily quiet.

His car was nowhere to be seen and my heart skipped a beat when I suddenly realised that he really was gone – I felt free at last.

I ran upstairs to the bedroom to collect my things, wanting to get out again as quickly as possible.

I stuffed my clothes into a bag as quickly as I could, but as I was about to leave I noticed something odd.

The bed looked different somehow.

Without a second thought, I pulled back the duvet.

I let out a scream when I spotted Craig, curled up in a ball in the centre of the bed.

But when I suddenly noticed he was surrounded by pills, panic set in.

Grabbing my phone, I dialled 999 and blurted out that my friend was hurt, and I needed assistance.

But before I could say another word, Craig jumped up.

My heart raced when I saw he was brandishing a kitchen knife, and when he suddenly lunged towards me, I thought I was going to die.

Pinning me to the wall, he held the blade to my throat.

I let the phone slip to the floor without disconnecting the call.

Within minutes, I could hear sirens growing louder as the police homed in on us.

Spooked, Craig ran for the door and fled the house.

And when officers arrived, I panicked and told them Craig was my boyfriend.

But as they began asking questions, I broke down and the truth came out.

Craig was arrested the same day, but when he was released on bail he began contacting me, making horrific threats.

Craig vandalised James’s car and later turned up at his house with petrol, a gas-powered pistol and matches.

Luckily, he was arrested again.

In time, Craig Knight, 31 of Blackpool, Lancashire, appeared at Preston Crown Court charged with 21 offences including rape of a child under 13, sexual activity with a child and intimidation of a witness.

He pleaded not guilty, and the trial began.

The court was told Craig had been abusing me for years after grooming me when I was 12.

Desperate to bring him to justice, I gave evidence from behind a screen.

Craig was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison with several years on licence to run afterwards.

What is grooming?

According to the NSPCC grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse.

Almost a quarter of teens are at risk because they’re not being taught to recognise sexual grooming, a fresh survey on sex education in schools shows.

And one in five pupils are also not being taught about the signs of an abusive relationship, a poll from the Sex Education Forum and the National Education Union found.

The signs of grooming aren't always obvious and groomers will often go to great lengths not to be identified, the NSPCC said.

If a child is being groomed they may:

  • be very secretive, including about what they are doing online
  • have older boyfriends or girlfriends
  • go to unusual places to meet friends
  • have new things such as clothes or mobile phones that they can't or won't explain
  • have access to drugs and alcohol

You can email the NSPCC helpline on [email protected] or call 0808 800 5000

The judge, Sara Dodd, said it was because Craig was a dangerous offender and the public needed to be protected.

She made him the subject of a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order and put him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Finally, Craig is out of my life for good.

He ruined my childhood and teenage years but I’m moving on and refuse to let him spoil my future, too.

I truly hope that by speaking out and telling my story, I can raise awareness of how grooming works and how dangerous predators can be.

Craig claimed to love me when I was at my most vulnerable, but it was a very clever disguise.

*Rachel is a false name


Donna* was horrified to wake up – to her creepy landlord in her bed, his beard tickling her neck. Now she shares her terrifying story.

In another shocking story, a grandad raped his 11-year-old grandaughter then sold her to more than 200 paedophiles – and even had a sick shopping list where full sex cost £50 – read Emma-Louise's brave account.

Meanwhile Mayameen's dad filmed himself raping her from the age of FOUR, drugged her hot chocolate and even had a secret sex shrine to her in the attic.


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Murder hunt is launched after youth,18, stabbed to death in Birmingham

‘Is anywhere safe in Birmingham?’: Murder hunt is launched after ‘college student’, 18, becomes the third teen knifed to death in the city this month

  • Youngster was pronounced dead at the scene in Bordesley Green on Monday 
  • He was pronounced dead despite efforts by emergency crews to save him 
  • West Midlands Police cordoned off the area. No arrests have been made yet 
  • This follows the deaths of Abdullah Muhammad, 16, and Sidali Mohamed, also 16

A murder investigation is under way after a boy believed to be aged 18 became the third teenager in a fortnight to be stabbed to death in Birmingham.

The youngster was pronounced dead at the scene in Bordesley Green shortly after 2pm on Monday, West Midlands Police said.

Officers said the victim was found seriously injured in Norwood Road and was pronounced dead despite efforts by emergency crews to save him.

Locals told Birmingham Live that the boy was a ‘respectful kid’ and a college student studying a trade and was on his way to the gym when he was attacked.  

Nazir Afzal OBE, former Chief Prosecutor of the CPS in North West England who oversaw the Rochdale child sex abuse case, confirmed on Twitter that the victim was in fact 18 and his sister-in-law’s nephew. 

Police on Norwood Road, Birmingham where the boy’s body was found around 2pm today

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He said: ‘Sadly, my sister-in-laws nephew, 18, was stabbed to death today in Birmingham. 

‘With Brexit: is anyone paying attention to double figure murders in Bham this yr London is much safer proportionately Where’s the outrage? Why do our children have to die?’

West Midlands Police said in a statement: ‘The investigation is at an early stage and no arrests have yet been made.

‘Officers are speaking to witnesses and identifying CCTV. The scene remains sealed off this evening.

The force also revealed that officers will also be using Section 60 powers, giving them the ability to stop and search people without reasonable grounds ‘where they believe there to be a risk of violence.’

The move prompted debate online with one local mother commenting saying that her 19-year-old son got stopped and she ‘didn’t care’ before adding: ‘If you’re carrying nothing you’ve got nothing to hide.’ 

West Midlands Police said in a statement that no arrests have yet been made

Pictures from the scene show a silver Volvo 4X4 covered by a tarpaulin behind a police cordon.  

The latest offence occurred five days after 16-year-old Abdullah Muhammad was discovered fatally wounded near a park in Small Heath.

Another teenager, Sidali Mohamed, also 16, died in hospital on February 15 after being attacked outside a college in Balsall Heath.

The latest incident prompted Majid Mahmood, Councillor for the Bromford and Hodge Hill ward, to tweet: ‘Is anywhere safe in Birmingham?’ 

MP for Dudley, Ian Austin, tweeted calleing for an urgent meeting with Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP over concerns about ‘violent crime’.  

He also said West Midlands Police ‘need more to keep people safe’, having ‘lost over 2,000 officers.’ 

The latest death also saw people online react in disbelief to the frequency of stabbings.

Hussain Brooks said on Facebook: ‘Omg not another one?’ while Seth Zoubir Winter said: ‘Another one. It’s going crazy.’ 

Sam Carolan said the daylight stabbings are ‘just the norm now for Birmingham’.  Emma Jane Bottrill asked: ‘When is this going to stop?!’

Anyone with information is urged to contact police via Live Chat at, via 101, or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The stabbing follows the death of two more youngsters in recent weeks. Pictured on the left is Abdullah Muhammad, 16, who was killed five days ago. Pictured right is Sidali Mohamed, also 16, who died in hospital on February 15 after being attacked outside a college


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Ten-year old Chilean teaches star gazing to classmates

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Ten-year old Ricardo Barriga’s backyard in Pirque, Chile is strewn with a blow-up unicorn, pool toys, a soccer ball and a $3,000 telescope that his parents mail-ordered from Germany.

The budding young astronaut can identify constellations in the austral sky, little-known features of the moon, planets and black holes. He recently started giving $4 lessons to classmates to help them do the same, with hopes of raising enough money to buy himself a space suit, he said.

Barriga counts himself lucky to have been born in Chile, a South American nation known as star-gazer’s paradise, with clear skies, a desert-dry climate and little light pollution.

The Chilean elementary school student came upon astronomy while flipping through the “A-section” of his parents’ encyclopedia and has been hooked ever since, he said.

“It was an encyclopedia with all kinds of information in it,” Barriga said. “My dream is to be an astronaut and also, to have a space suit.”

Barriga’s parents have promised him a trip to Orlando, Florida in the United States, where he hopes to visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Station in nearby Cape Canaveral.

“I thought that if I could become an astronaut I could work for NASA,” he said.

Chile is home to 70 percent of global astronomy investment, thanks to the cloudless skies above its northern Atacama desert, the driest on earth. Within five years, the South American country will host three of the world’s four next-generation, billion-dollar telescopes.

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Capitals invite youth hockey team that stood up for player who heard racial taunts

The Washington Capitals had a surprise for a local youth hockey team that stood up after an African-American teammate was subjected to racial taunts.

Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly and defenseman John Carlson told the Metro Maple Leafs, based in nearly Odenton, Md., via video that they would be getting tickets to Monday's home game against the St. Louis Blues at Capital One Arena.

Divyne Apollon II, 13, was the player who heard the taunts at a tournament in late December. According to The Washington Post, he heard monkey sounds and chants that he should play basketball. When he was suspended for getting into a fight, his teammates wore a sticker decrying racism — featuring the word racism surrounded by a circle with a hockey stick crossing through it — at the next game.

The story caught the attention of Smith-Pelley, who had heard basketball chants last season while he sat in the penalty box during a game at the Chicago Blackhawks.

His video with Carlson was played for the Metro Maple Leafs, earning excited cheers from the team. Sixty tickets are being made available, and team members will get to meet with Capitals players afterward.

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Time for youth as hapless Mariners near new A-League low

The A-League season isn't yet one-third complete, but forlorn Central Coast coach Mike Mulvey says it's time to give youth a chance.

The toothless Mariners slumped to a low point in their wretched start when beaten 2-0 by the Wellington Phoenix on Saturday, anchoring themselves even more firmly to the competition basement.

Youthful: Jordan Murray (left) is among the young talent earning a chance with the Mariners.Credit:AAP

A failure to beat the Newcastle Jets at home next week would leave Mulvey's men with an outright club record of 15 successive winless matches.

Having started the season with two draws and a number of encouraging displays, Central Coast's seasoned coach is running out of patience with an injury-ravaged side which has lost six on the trot.

Unlike last week's road loss to the Western Sydney Wanderers by the same scoreline, Mulvey said the performance against the Phoenix was sub-par.

He is planning changes and hinted his selections will be skewed towards building a brighter future for a club which appears on track already to secure a third wooden spoon in four seasons.

Goalkeeper Adam Pearce made his A-League debut against Wellington and forward Jordan Murray his first start. Mulvey later took interest in how midfielder Mario Shabow and striker Josh MacDonald performed off the bench. All four players are aged under 24.

"You don't want to throw them in when things are not going right but they deserve an opportunity now and I think we need to look at that," Mulvey said.

"I've got a history in the A-League – with Gold Coast United (2010-12) – of playing a lot of young players."

Mulvey was impressed by 21-year-old Pearce, a decade younger than 12-season veteran gloveman Ben Kennedy, who was unavailable with a leg injury.

Kennedy may find it hard to oust the 1.98m Pearce when fit again.

"Adam's got a great physique and has a great future in the game. He needs to be given an opportunity to play a little bit more."

It’s looming as a long season for Mulvey and the Mariners.Credit:AAP

Upon arriving at the Mariners this year, former Brisbane Roar coach Mulvey said he identified a weakness in the club's development program.

He was heartened a number of good youth coaches have been hired, believing that is the key to Central Coast returning as an A-League force and avoiding the chop when promotion-relegation is eventually introduced.

"In five or six years there will be relegation," Mulvey said.

"We need to develop our own players because we weren't producing what we were producing six, seven, eight years ago. So we've addressed that."


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‘World’s most modified youth’, 22, has had over 40 ops including forked tongue and eye tattoos because he ‘likes to turn heads’

Ethan Bramble from Melbourne has had a string of body modifications including getting his tongue split, his belly button removed and his eyeballs tattooed black.

Mr Bramble, who recently turned 22, has always had a passion for body art and started modifying his body at just 11 years old.

Ethan told Barcroft TV: “More or less I just fell in love with the way it looks and how you feel when you walk down the street and you kind of get that sense of empowerment."

With tattoos across his body and face, Mr Bramble says he doesn’t like to put a number on how many individual tattoos he has but says about 75-80 per cent of his body is entirely covered in ink.

Mr Bramble estimates that he has spent within the region of $15,000 to $20,000 dollars and the most expensive was getting his eyeballs tattooed.

The procedure was very risky “because it can easily go wrong and you can end up being blind".

He said: “When I got my eyeballs tattooed, my mum couldn’t look at me for like a month without getting tears in her eyes."

The most painful procedure Mr Bramble has ever had is getting his tongue split.

“About seven days after the procedure not being able to talk, eat or drink was tormenting me,” he said. “I had to lay in bed for three or four days.”

Although Mr Bramble says body modification empowers him, his extreme appearance has provoked some negative reactions from the public and online.

“You realise when you look like this that there are going to be certain downsides and not everyone is going to treat you how they should. But it’s nice when people do treat you properly.”

For others, Mr Bramble is a living work of art, covered from head to toe in meaningful words and images.

Girlfriend Jade Randazzo approves his look but admits that there are few things that she doesn’t like about her partner’s appearance.

The couple has been together for six months and met after Mr Bramble already had most of his tattoos and procedures done.

Mr Bramble said he likes the way he looks and has no intention of stepping away from the needle and knife — although he admits there’s not much skin left on which to tattoo or modify.

Next up on his list is inserting silicone into his penis.

He said: “I think genital implants to me is just being very courteous to your partner or the opposite gender."

Claiming he has no regrets with any of the procedures done, Mr Bramble says his appearance hasn’t changed who he is.

He said: “No one wants to live their life not being seen, not being recognised. I like to stand out.”

A version of this story originally appeared on

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