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Louis Tomlinson losing his sister Félicité is heartbreaking. How much tragedy does one man have to take? – The Sun

HOW much tragedy does one man have to take?

That was the first question I asked after hearing the horrendous news on Thursday morning that LOUIS TOMLINSON’s beloved sister Félicité had died of a cardiac arrest at her flat in London.

Fizzy, as she was known, was a beautiful 18-year-old with the world seemingly at her feet.

She was an up and coming fashion designer with millions of loyal social media followers she had initially gained from her connection to ONE DIRECTION before becoming an internet influencer.

While the circumstances of her tragic passing are not yet entirely clear, she had faced the most horrific two years.

Already dealing with his mother's loss with stoicism and maturity, the timing is beyond horrific for the One Direction star a special woman and the rock of the family who was only 43 when she died of leukaemia in December 2016.

My heart breaks for Louis who was dealing with that particular loss with stoicism and maturity.

In fact, as someone who has known Louis since he first competed on The X Factor as an 18-year-old lad from Doncaster with stars in his eyes, his experience with grief had seen him grow from boy to man.

After a slightly rocky relationship with the press and public because of his reputation as the bad boy of 1D, he was eternally grateful for the way he was so publicly embraced after Johannah’s death.

It changed him in a more practical way too. Louis had to grow up fast, as he became the head of the family and the rock for his siblings.

Someone I spoke to this week, put it like this: “Those girls were his everything.”

Illustrating that point, the late Johannah said in an interview once: “He always asks me, ‘Tell me what trips they’ve got, where do they want to go? Let me use my money to pay for their trips.’

“He’s always been like that. He’s not a materialistic person himself but he likes to give people things. He spoils me and the girls and he’s happiest doing that.”

Just last week I sat down with Louis to record a new episode of my podcast The Dan Wootton Interview as he released his first single in 18 months called Two of Us.

He looked good and was feeling confident and strong, buoyed after winning The X Factor in his first series as a judge. Félicité had been by Louis’ side for much of the audition process. The timing is beyond horrific.

Last night, Louis was meant to be performing the song – which features the emotional lyrics, “You'll never know how much I miss you. The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead.” – on Comic Relief.

Instead, he was distraught as he tried, yet again, to look after his younger brothers and sisters.

Sadly, it’s an area he now has some experience in – I told him it felt like he had lived many lives in his 27 years.

And when I asked him about coping with grief last week, he said: “I am getting a little bit more used to it because I have to.

“I'm lucky in a way that, because I'm the oldest, there's a lot of responsibility that falls on my head.

“And that's kept me driven, that's kept me determined and that's helped with going through all that stuff I think is being there for my family."

It definitely was difficult at first, but like I say, I think the responsibility, actually, that I have for other people helps me.”

Louis’ rock has been his girlfriend Eleanor Cardwell, who he reunited with just before his mum died.

She knew he was going to need the support of his one true love, despite having had a son, called Freddie Reign, with another woman.

As he said: "I'm lucky to have really, really good people around me. My family are amazing, I've got great friends, my girlfriend's amazing, my boy's amazing.

“So I've got so many people around me to make me constantly feel good and responsible that that keeps me going, definitely."

He’s going to need their support more than ever over the next few weeks, which will no doubt be among the darkest of his young life.

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