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MacGyver: Will Jack Dalton Return?

MacGyver this week labored to keep a dirty bomb out of the wrong hands — and he had to do it without his No. 1, Jack Dalton, whose absence wasn’t even explained away. Have fans of the CBS drama seen the last of exiting cast member George Eads?

In a word, no. Or at least, not just yet. Though Eads/Jack will also be missing next Friday, he does appear in the episode after that, airing Feb. 1 and titled “Father + Bride + Betrayal” (photo’d above). But according to some reports, that one, Episode 14, is the last for which Eads was seen on set, meaning it very well may mark his swan song.

(As previously reported, Eads stormed off the series’ Atlanta set in October following an unspecified altercation during production of an episode. The CSI alum had reportedly been asking to be released from his long-term contract in order to return to Los Angeles, where his young daughter resides.)

Nothing in the synopsis for Episode 14, however, hints at Jack’s departure. Per CBS, “An international crime boss offers Matty a deal she can’t refuse – he’ll surrender himself into her custody if he’s allowed to return to the United States to watch his daughter walk down the aisle. MacGyver and team crash the wedding to ensure the crime lord doesn’t run, only to discover they’re not the only ones lying in wait at the event.”

Then again, if MacGyver is to mine Eads’ exit for any storytelling value, Jack pulling a shocking, unexplained disappearing act at the end of Episode 14 could do just that.

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