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At least 5 Calgary schools locked down as police respond to swatting calls

At least five schools across Calgary were locked down on Monday after threats were sent to them in what police are calling a series of swatting calls.

Investigators believe the calls were computer-generated.

Police said the schools received various threats, including one suggesting there were explosives planted in the school. Another stated an armed person was coming to the school with the intention of carrying out a shooting of some kind.

All of the schools involved were put on lockdown.

Police said the investigation is ongoing but there is no threat to the schools.

The Calgary Board of Education said some schools were evacuated while others executed their lockdown procedures.

“All threats of this nature are taken seriously and fully investigated,” the CPS said in an emailed statement.

“Each situation that arises requires an appropriate level of response to ensure the safety and security of students and staff. All CBE schools have emergency response plans with protocols on how to respond. We also involve the Calgary Police Service and take direction from them on matters of security.”

Several schools in Edmonton were also the target of online social media threats, prompting lockdown procedures throughout the city.

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