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By branding Brexiteers 'NAZIS,' Labour MP David Lammy reveals how Europhile politicians really see Leave voters

LABOUR blowhard David Lammy has let the cat out of the bag.

By branding Brexiteers Nazis, he’s revealed how Europhile politicians really see Leave voters: as a bigoted mob who can’t be trusted to have a say in the future of their country.

Lammy absurdly claims that Remainers who want to compromise are guilty of appeasement, like the leaders who refused to confront Hitler.

Is he serious? There’s nothing “far right” about wanting Britain to be outside the EU. It’s not “fascism” to think we’re better off making our own laws than following rules set in Brussels.

Dismissing your opponents as extremists without actually engaging with them is a surefire way to lose the argument.

Pro-EU hardliners think they can win just by smearing Leavers as racists. They should look in the mirror — and realise that they’re the intolerant ones.

Dogs danger

THE tragic death of nine-year-old Frankie MacRitchie is a reminder that, however rarely, pet dogs can kill.

The Dangerous Dogs Act, which bans four breeds, was supposed to take deadly animals off the streets.

But in the 30 years since it came in, fatal dog attacks have quadrupled.

Ministers need to consider whether more breeds should be outlawed.

And they should think about making all potentially dangerous dogs’ owners undergo compulsory training, so they understand how to control their pet.

The existing law was rushed through, and clearly isn’t working as it should. How many more young children need to die before the Government acts?

Barton stink

AS a player, Joey Barton put out a lit cigar in a teammate’s eye, assaulted a player in training, started a mass brawl on the pitch and had his career ended by gambling.

Now he’s a manager, police are investigating him AGAIN after he apparently headbutted a rival boss, knocking his teeth out. What sort of leader is that?

Barton needs the book thrown at him, for good this time. There’s no room in football for his thuggish idiocy.

Brave for Babs

GOOD on Barbara Windsor’s husband Scott Mitchell, who’s opened up over Babs’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Anyone who has to care for a relative will know the anguish he feels seeing his wife struggle with this cruel disease.

We wish Scott the best of luck as he braves the London Marathon to raise cash for dementia research.

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