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How Isaac Kappy’s bizarre final days sparked 'fake suicide' conspiracies claiming he was murdered for exposing paedophiles

THE suicide of an actor who starred in the blockbuster Thor has sparked oddball conspiracy theories he was "murdered" for trying to expose paedophilia in Hollywood.

Isaac Kappy – who also appeared in Terminator:Salvation – plummeted onto the Interstate 40 highway near Bellemont, Arizona, before being hit by a car.

The self-admitted drug taker's death is being treated as suicide by local cops, but has sparked a number of crazy conspiracy theories online.

Kappy regularly 'spoke out' about paedophilia in the film industry as well as accusing numerous high profile celebrities of child abuse.

This is despite the 42-year-old having absolutely no evidence to support his wild claims, which were often made in rambling and unfounded clips on YouTube.

His final few social media posts over the past few days intensified his focus on paedophilia-related conspiracy theories.

But supporters are now suggesting these posts 'prove' the outspoken star was murdered and did not take his own life – a line of enquiry cops are not pursuing.

Some fans predicted Kappy's death months ago suggesting he could be killed for 'exposing' paedophiles.

One posted on YouTube in October saying "I pray for this guy….hope he doesn't commit suicide with two bullets to the back of his head" – a reference to murder.

Another said on Reddit: "Throwing (someone) off a bridge or from a building is one of the cleanest way to eliminate a target and make it look like a suicide or accident."

Another added: "When you don't kill yourself using a gun, I question the truthfulness, especially if you just said you wouldn't kill yourself the day before."

One user wrote: "More like several CIA agents were there to push him off."

One fan added: "I think he was run off the road and forcibly removed from his vehicle to then be thrown over the railing of the overpass."

Some oddballs even said the so-called Illuminati – another regular Kappy target – was behind his shock death.

None of these conspiracy theories hold any weight, according to the cops' investigation.

Some fans have also taken to spreading fake news attributed to Kappy.

Despite no evidence he ever posted the video, a clip of young girls wearing bikinis in a Roman-style spa is being attributed to him.

The video – which is likely to be completely innocent – was posted on Reddit by somebody claiming to have seen it on one of his social media profiles hours before his death.

The user failed to say which platform he saw it on and is almost certainly made up Kappy's connection to it.

That hasn't stopped some deluded fans making up all sorts of wild claims about the footage – including that it was Kappy attempting to expose a 'peado party' or even a 'child sacrifice'.

Although the true origin of the clip is yet to be established, there is nothing to suggest the scene is anything but completely innocent.

The self-admitted drug taker's death is being treated as suicide by local cops

Some conspiracy theorists even believe it was uploaded by the "dark forces" of Hollywood to tarnish Kappy's reputation.

Others think it may have been part of an undercover investigation he was involved in.

However, what is very clear is that the actor was behaving bizarrely in the days leading up to his death.

In a live video chat with friends on Saturday he chillingly revealed: "I am not good. This will likely be my last broadcast and it's going to be very painful and I am very sorry.

"I am telling you ahead of time – just to let your know.

"I have spent the last three years enmeshed in finding the darkness in the world, but not enough time uncovering the darkness in me."

He also posted a long statement on Instagram where he wrote: "I have not been a good guy,' and 'I have been abusive to people who loved me."

The Instagram post on Sunday was captioned 'Beware the man has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.'

In the message posted as a screenshot of text he wrote which read:  "Over the course of the last week, through introspection that should have happened MANY years ago, I have come to some stark revelations about my character.

"It is a testament to my utter ignorance that these revelations had not come sooner.

"You see, I believed myself to be a good guy. I HAVE NOT been a good guy. In fact, I have been a pretty bad guy throughout my life."

The self-admitted drug user made headlines in 2018 for allegedly assaulting Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, by choking her 'during a game night party.'

The King of Pop's daughter moved out of her home and increased her security in the wake of the incident.

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