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New snowfall warning for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Environment Canada has issued a new snowfall warning for the South Coast.

Global News meteorologist Mark Madryga says the next round begins Monday afternoon and evening.

“We have a nice break between the major snowstorm of yesterday, last night, and another one coming,” Madryga said Monday.

“The one coming later today and tonight won’t be quite as intense, but watch out,” he said Monday.

Global News

Madryga warned drivers to expect messy commutes Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. “We’re looking at 10 to 15 cm of snow with pockets of higher amounts and that will start in Metro Vancouver late this afternoon for the late afternoon commute, and then continuous snow tonight and at least until the middle of the day tomorrow. So the commute tomorrow morning will be particularly messy with snow still falling.”

He says there is one benefit — because of the cold, the snow is fluffier and lighter than the usual heavy, wet snow that falls in Metro Vancouver.

“It was a slow-moving weather system, obviously very intense yesterday with that storm,” he said Monday. “We had 33 cm reported in the White Rock area, anywhere from 15 to 32 cm through Surrey and Langley, Coquitlam just 15 cm. Compared to the other areas, that was less. Vancouver Airport had just 8 cm.”

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