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Reckless taxi driver speeds away with passenger door still open

Shocking moment a reckless taxi driver speeds away with the passenger door still open on New Year’s Day

  • Susan Ford said a taxi began to drive with passenger door still open on January 1
  • Footage shows stand-off between passengers and driver in Normanton, Derby  
  • PJ Cars confirmed driver has since been suspended and police are investigating 

This is the shocking moment a reckless taxi driver speeds away with the passenger door wide open early on New Year’s Day. 

The clip, posted to Facebook, captures a stand-off between passengers and a cab driver outside a pub early on January 1.

One reveller shouts at another to move out of the way of the vehicle as it begins to move with the front left-side door still open.

A reckless cabbie drove down a road in Normanton, Derby, with the passenger door still open

The motorist then makes his way up the road as the group scream at each other to ‘follow him’.

But the passenger door slams shut seconds later as the taxi driver builds up speed and turns left at the top of Village Street in Normanton, Derby.

Susan Ford said she was in the front passenger seat of the PJ Cars taxi when it began moving with the door still open early on January 1.

Staff at PJ Cars confirmed a driver was suspended after management viewed the clip.

Ms Ford, 45, said: ‘I couldn’t believe what was happening. It had been a really good night, everyone had seen in the New Year and then this all happened.

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‘He drove off while the car door was still open. He could have taken me anywhere.

‘The whole thing has left me really shaken. It has put me off getting a taxi again.’ 

Saraya Basi, 27, who captured the footage, said: ‘I didn’t know the woman in the front of the car, but I did know her friend and when all this happened it was just crazy.

‘Taxis are supposed to be safe and the ladies getting this one just didn’t feel safe. What shocked me the most was the way he just drove off with the door open.’

Muddasser Ahmed, manager of PJ Cars, confirmed that one of his drivers had been suspended.

The door slams shut moments after the cab, from PJ Cars, begins to move down the street

He said: ‘We called the driver in on New Year’s Eve and examined him. He had not been drinking, he did not smell of alcohol and he was sober.

‘I suspended him for his reckless driving that is seen in the video clip.

‘As far as I am concerned, that is absolutely not on and he will remain suspended until further notice while the police look into the incident.

‘As a company, I want to plea to the readers that our drivers are very careful. We want people to be safe and we will not let one individual spoil this.

‘I don’t know what happened between the driver and the customers, I wasn’t there, but I will not tolerate that type of driving and that is why he has been suspended.

‘I want to know the exact story from the police. I have never seen driving like this and it upsets me to see it.’ 

A spokesman from the Derbyshire Police confirmed the force is investigating the incident.

A statement said: ‘We were called at around 2.15am on New Year’s Day to reports of an incident on Village Street in the Normanton area.

‘Officers have spoken to both parties involved and our enquiries are ongoing.’

Anyone with information should call the police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

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