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SAS tough guy Ant Middleton reveals he’s never lost sleep over the ‘many’ terrorists he’s killed because they’re ‘evil’

ANT Middleton has said he has never hesitated to kill terrorists because they are “evil” and deserve to die.

The SAS: Who Dares Wins presenter was taking about his time fighting in Afghanistan television discussion show, when he was asked how many people he had killed.

“I’ve taken a lot of lives,” the 38-year-old told the show, on Sweden's SVT channel.

“People must remember is that my job is to conserve life to save life – I only take life when there’s a level of evil that’s been surpassed.”

Asked if he thought about killing someone who might be a father he replied: “No, not at all.”

“Like I said there’s good and there’s evil in this world. I’m a good man, I know that.

“If you surpass a certain threshold of evil, you do not deserve to walk on this planet and that’s how I saw it. If you live by the sword then you must expect to die by the sword.”

Middleton is best known as the chief instructor on the Channel 4 series as well as his book ‘First Man In: Leading From The Front’.

He initially joined the army as a Royal Engineer and served in 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers before transferring to the Royal Marines.

I only take life when there’s a level of evil that’s been surpassed

In 2008 Middleton then went on to fight in the Special Boat Service, the UK’s naval special forces and the sister unit of the SAS, and spent four years there.

After leaving he worked protecting VIPs including government officials and high profile celebrities.

He explained to fellow guests why he joined the armed forces and what motivated him when serving in SBS.

“I trained my whole career to fight. I loved my job – I prioritised by job over my family, over my children,” he said.

“I was waiting for that call. I want to be that first man through that door.

“I joined the army because I was a very self-sufficient young man. I always wanted to stand on my own two feet.


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“I’m an extreme do’er – I’m not an intellect, I’m not a book worm. I do,do,do and nine times out of ten I fail but I learn from that.

“The military was appealing because I could just get away and do my own thing. I could have a roof over my head, be fed and with the little bit of money I got, I could start to build me own life as I wanted to.”

Middleton said his father passed away when he was five years old “any my mother, I haven’t seen her for years and years and years”.

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