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Three 'boozed-up women' caught on camera 'performing graphic sex acts on each other in the street' will face no charges

THREE randy women caught on camera performing  explicit sex acts on each other after a boozy Sunday lunch will face no charges.

The amorous trio, aged in their 20s, indulged in a steamy daylight romp in the middle of the street.

X-rated CCTV showed two of the women passionately kissing each other against a shop wall as the third patiently waited on her own.

They then tumbled to the ground where they performed graphic sex acts on each other in front of stunned shoppers.

But the boozed-up women seem oblivious to their surroundings as they continue their raunchy sex show before straddling a bike rack.

The romp in Brisbane in March lasted for around ten minutes before cops arrived to break up the threesome.


Officers put the women in an Uber and sent them home to sleep it off – with an unknown man later showing up at Hellenika restaurant to settle their unpaid $600 bill.

Cops have now chosen not to charge the women, which has been slammed by those who witnessed the raunchy scenes.

One said the “disgusting” situation should have been dealt with appropriately by authorities.

Another wrote: "Instead of thinking of their gender and not charging them, think of them as adults who were doing the wrong thing in public and charge them."

Under Queensland law, the women could have been charged with public indecency, but a possible conviction would be hard to prove in a court of law.

This is because their privates were not on display so a defence solicitor could easily argue the women were “simply dancing” or having a nap together in the street.

Due to this, it is unlikely that a prosecution case would stand up in court.

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The women started off kissing against a wall in Fortitude Valley
They then tumbled to the ground and started romping

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