10 Things We Can't Wait to Buy From Target's Under-$10 Beauty Section

10 Things We Can’t Wait to Buy From Target’s Under-$10 Beauty Section

Leaving Target’s beauty section empty-handed seems like a nearly impossible task these days. The ever-evolving department is getting new brands and products what feels like on the daily, and we’re having a hard time holding back. One of our favorite newest sections to browse is the under-$10 section, because then it feels OK to grab more than one thing, right?

If you’re on board and looking to treat yourself to a few new things, we’re here to help you shop. We scoured the affordable section and curated a list of all the things we want. From hydrating serum to popular pimple patches and bestselling eyeshadow, honestly, how can we even say no? At prices this good, we just might buy it all. Keep reading to shop and check out.

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