24 Reasons You'll Want to Nab Sephora's Beauty Advent Calendar ASAP

24 Reasons You’ll Want to Nab Sephora’s Beauty Advent Calendar ASAP

If there ever was a year for people to deserve a little treat every single day, it’s 2020. While you could ration out goodies from a set of minis whenever you please, Advent calendars were made for this very purpose, with 24 surprises safely hidden behind each window until the time comes.

Advent-calendar season is always exciting, but spotting Sephora Collection’s latest drop will have you even more ready for Dec. 1. Be sure to nab it now before it sells out, and maybe pick up a couple extras to share the love with friends you may not see in person this year.

Not in the holiday spirit just yet? We wouldn’t blame anyone who wants to use this to count down the days to a random Friday in October instead.

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