7 Trans Makeup Influencers You Should Be Following on Social Media


If you’ve ever wondered how to contour, what new makeup products to try, or how to really get your skin to glow, beauty influencers have the answers. Countless YouTube vloggers have segments dedicated to everything from fixing flyaway hairs to applying highlighter, but some of the best come from members of the trans community. Trans voices thrive in this space, thanks not only to the numerous need-to-know makeup tips they share but also in large part to the unique experiences they have faced in the beauty world (and life in general) that they have so openly shared along the way.

From Nikita Dragun to Gigi Gorgeous, these beauty vloggers have paved the way for makeup-lovers in the trans community and beyond. Some of these stars started with just a handful of loyal followers and they are now are widely known all around the world, while others were well-versed in the makeup space well before coming out, like NikkieTutorials. Each person has had a different journey, and their experiences have helped shape their love for beauty, and it shows in the content they produce.

By following these trans beauty influencers, you can learn everything you need to know about makeup while also showing your support the LGBTQ+ community. Read ahead to feel inspired to get your glam on.

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