Amazon Shoppers Crowned This Anti-Aging Clearing Serum ‘Witchcraft in a Bottle’

Even when the year leading up to this point it isn’t an absolute trash fire, somehow, by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, my skin looks like it’s been through it. I usually tell myself it’s the fluctuation of my sleep schedule while traveling home for the holidays, where I tend to think taking a vacation from my skincare routine is something I can do without consequences. But this year, with no traveling, I have no one to blame for the breakout taking up real estate on my forehead but my wine-induced delusion that face wipes are an equal alternative to washing your face at night. (They’re not.)

So, like clockwork, I start off our newest journey around the sun trying to make up for the skincare sins I committed all December. Which also means I spend quite a bit of time looking into products to get the job done. And this year, the search brought me to a serum that seemed almost too good to be true — except it's not. 

Enter: TruSkin’s Clear Skin Serum, which has a formula rundown equivalent to an All-Star team of all the heavy-hitting skincare ingredients you could think of. It combines vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and retinol alongside skin-clearing tea tree oil and salicylic acid, checking the boxes for both anti-aging and skin-clearing properties. In other words, it’s just what my 20-something, self-induced-sprinkled-with-a-little-bit-of-hormonal-acne complexion needs.

But what really had me adding the serum to my cart were its glowingly perfect reviews left by more than 1,600 Amazon shoppers. From people who’ve dealt with enlarged pores to previously keeping concealer with them at all times to cover up breakouts, the serum’s reviews were filled with stories of how much of a difference it’s made since being incorporated into customers’ routines. 

One shopper (whose review was titled “Witchcraft in a Bottle”) really sealed the deal for me. “I just got this package on Tuesday, and I have been battling hormonal acne since I turned 23,” they said. “It’s been such a stressful journey with constant bumps and redness on my face. When I got the bottle, I took a shower, cleansed my face, and applied the serum… I went to work and after my 12-hour shift I got home to clean my face and HALF my blemishes were gone. I couldn’t believe it. I woke up today with CLEAR skin!” 

What makes the best-selling TruSkin serum all the more appealing is the half-off price tag it’s coupled with right now. That means you can snag a bottle of your own for under $20, which, as far as skincare products that have been dubbed to have magic-like abilities go, is a steal. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the beauty and skincare shoppers of Amazon never lead me astray. If you want to follow, too, head there now to get the TruSkin Clear Skin Serum while it’s still marked down.

TruSkin Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum with Vitamin C

Shop now: $20 (Originally $40);

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