Are 90s skinny brows actually making a comeback?

It might be the most polarising beauty trend that ever was but it’s official: skinny eyebrows are back.

If you were a teenager of the 90s or 00s era, you’re probably not going to like what we’re about to say. The skinny eyebrow trend is back and it’s looking like it’s here to stay. While it might’ve been the most divisive beauty trend ever – causing most millennials a lifetime of brow issues – like many a Y2K beauty trend, skinny eyebrows are officially back. 

For the last decade, bushy brows have reigned supreme – thanks to the likes of Cara Delevingne and Jess Hunt putting bold brows firmly on the map. But now, thanks to a resurgence of noughties nostalgia blowing up online, Euphoria-esque beauty looks and Lily James’ beauty transformation in Disney+’s Pam & Tommy, skinny eyebrows are having a moment once more. 

Don’t want to believe us? The hashtag #ThinBrows currently has 32.2 million views on TikTok, and celebrities like Bella Hadid are very much bringing back the trend on Instagram. Not only that, beauty e-tailer Lookfantastic shared its analysis of various metrics like social engagement and Google search volumes and found skinny eyebrows to be the third biggest beauty trend this year, with a 450% increase in searches for the look. 

We all know that beauty trends are cyclical and while skinny brows were huge in the 90s and 00s, the trend didn’t start there. This week Lizzo was featured on the cover of Variety sporting razor-thin and rounded arches that were reminiscent of those from the 1920s. 100 years on and it looks as though the trend is back. 

If you’ve been growing your bushy brows out for the past decade – you might not be ready to reach for the tweezers just yet. But the skinny brow revival might be welcome news for those with sparse arches. If you’re sick of brushed-up soap brows and fancy entering into the new era of eyebrow trends, now’s the time to give it a try.

Main image: @bellahadid Instagram

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