Denise Richards Doesn't Need Beauty Sleep To Keep Her Skin Flawless At 49

  • Denise Richards just revealed she has insomnia in a new no-makeup Instagram video.
  • Despite the lack of beauty sleep, the 49-year-old actress’s skin looks flawless.
  • The RHOBH star recently launched her own skincare line on May 1, 2020.

Actress and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards just revealed she’s been living with insomnia since childhood in a new no-makeup Instagram video. While she might be missing out on some beauty sleep, she still a) looks amazing and b) has found some creative ways to pass the time: watching Martha Stewart cooking videos.

“I’ve had the worst insomnia since I was a kid & now at 3am I’m so happy I have @marthastewart48 to watch all her videos. Clearly I need many many lessons……,” she captioned her selfie video.

In it, The Bold and the Beautiful actress explains, “I’m going to videotape myself right now because my family won’t! I wanted to show my family I have been cutting these artichokes the way I think Martha Stewart does it because I watched her Instagram video.”

Even though Denise had trouble sleeping, her skin looks completely flawless in the vid. She credits this to her own skincare line that she launched on May 1, 2020, per Bravo. The six-item line is called CB Me Beauty skincare, and it ranges in price from $24.95 to $99.95. Her line features a cleanser, serums, sunscreen, and moisturizing creams that are infused with hemp oil, hyaluronic acid, and omega fatty acids.

Denise also told Us Weekly that taking care of her skin has been a priority for decades. “Ever since I was a teenager and I started modeling when I was 15 years old, I took very good care of my skin,” she said. “I kept my face out of the sun. I was always one that drank a lot of water, and my skin’s a bit sensitive. So, for me, less was always better.”

She also shared that she tried Botox, but didn’t like it. “I don’t do Botox and fillers, and I’ve always wanted to keep things as natural as possible. I move my face a lot, so I wanted to do that,” she said. “I did try Botox, and it wasn’t for me. I don’t like the way my face feels afterward, but I definitely looked more rested. It made me feel like someone was pushing my forehead down or something.”

Clearly, whatever Denise is doing is working for her—no Botox needed.

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