Farsali's New Line Is Here and, Whoa, Its First Launch Works Hard

Farsali’s New Line Is Here and, Whoa, Its First Launch Works Hard

Earlier this month, Sal Ali — founder of the makeup-perfecting skincare brand, Farsali — posted a mysterious photo to Instagram of two side-by-side boxes with the words “Farsáli Privé” etched across them, which had beauty-lovers speculating what exactly was in the works. Well, Privé is finally here, and it will be more than just the one product he teased in the initial post.

Farsáli Privé will be a line comprised of products that Ali “loves to experiment with, [but doesn’t] always get to bring to the market.” Ali explained to POPSUGAR that, while the original line is meant to be a bridge between skincare and makeup, “Farsáli Privé is more like his private project and that it won’t be mass produced.”

The brand’s first launch is Hydration Bae ($62), a gel face mask that hydrates, brightens, and primes the skin for makeup. Twisting open the top of the jar, you’ll find blue bursting beads packed with brightening hibiscus seed oil suspended in a clear gel of hyaluronic acid and humectants. You leave on the no-rinse treatment for 10 minutes before massaging into your skin. The beads fizz and bubble as you work it into your complexion.

As for upcoming launches in the line, Ali plans to crowdsource future product ideas through his personal Instagram page. One product that may already be in the works is disposable wipes. “I was asking the Farsali fam how they felt about disposable wipes, and I was surprised to see so many similar comments with common concerns,” he said. “I’m now actually researching and trying to see if I can solve them.”

Ahead, see Hydration Bae ($62), which will be available exclusively on Farsali’s website.

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