Fine-Line Tattoos Aren't Going Anywhere, but They're Getting a Modern Twist For Fall

Fine-Line Tattoos Aren’t Going Anywhere, but They’re Getting a Modern Twist For Fall

Tattoos in 2019 are no longer for the Justin Biebers or leather jacket wearers of the world, especially since the big trend in body art of late has skewed exponentially smaller. In fact, delicate tattoos, or as artists call them, fine-line designs, are everywhere these days — and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

“You can never go wrong with placement of a dainty, fine-line tattoo,” said Daniel Winter, who’s inked everyone from Lady Gaga to Demi Lovato to John Legend. “Sharp, dark lines and minimalist body artwork are subtle stamps that stand the test of time. They often honor some of life’s greatest moments or fondest memories with the softest of voices. They are beautifully done in handwritten script, numbers, and nature — all simple, yet meaningful objects that can be done tastefully.”

The difference you can expect this upcoming season? “From inner forearms to wrists and even necks, this Fall is about to be all about unconventional placements,” he said. “Like all styles, people are always looking for the next creative thing to take the last trend’s place. So while tattoos are far different than a seasonal fashion trend and never go ‘out of style,’ I have noticed my clients getting more daring with placements with their forms of self-expression.”

Think: your neck, inner wrists, and the hidden crevices of your arm — all predicted to be hot spots for Fall. Looking for specific examples of the tattoo trend? Find your place in the slides ahead.

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