Forget Coffin and Stiletto — You'll Be Mesmerized By the "Duck Feet" Nail Shape

The nail community has a real flair for dazzling creations, but their talent extends past just trendy nail-art designs. It’s more popular than ever to play with the shape of your nails — not just the color of polish and design on top of them. From classics like square and oval tips to more uncommon shapes like edge, ballerina, and coffin, there are so many different nail styles awaiting your consideration for your next salon appointment, including one that’s gaining a lot of attention on TikTok (and therefore, a lot of search on Google) recently: duck nails.

Also known as flared nails, this manicure style consists of an acrylic nail with a tip that is significantly broader than the width of the natural nail. The finished effect looks quite similar to the webbed foot of a duck. While duck nails aren’t by any means new, they’re gaining new fans thanks to Gen Z who’ve taken to the video-sharing app to show off their Y2K-reminiscent tips.

But if 2000s-inspired designs aren’t your thing, the manicure looks great with all matters of nail art, as with all nail shapes. Some of our favorite trends to wear with duck-shaped nails are classic french, water-droplet, glitter, and “Pucci” nail art.

If you’re obsessed with duck feet nails, check out more examples of the underrated nail shape ahead.

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