Here's WTF Is on Will Smith's Face on the Set of Bad Boys 2

Will Smith in Eye Gels and a Hand Mask

It should come as no surprise that Will Smith takes good care of his skin — the 50-year-old looks just as good now as when he starred in Bad Boys in 1995. Smith let fans in on his complexion regimen on Instagram with a snap of the actor wearing funny-looking patches underneath his eyes and a white glove on his hand. The photo was posted with the caption, “On set @badboys – Gotta Keep Mike Lowrey’s Hands & Eyes moist & supple!” While it might look like Smith is getting ready to star in a Dexter remake in which he plays a serial killer, the actor is simply practicing some self-care.

The unusual products in question are none other than some superhydrating and handy skincare products. The first is Talika’s reusable Eye Therapy Patches ($49), which adhere to the under eye and give off a cooling sensation to take down puffiness while delivering anti-inflammatory ingredients to the skin, like rose, safflower, and avocado essential oils.

As for the white glove, it looks like Smith is keeping hydrated with a hand mask like the Sephora Collection Hand Mask ($5), which is filled with moisturizing ingredients like aloe and safflower seed oil to keep dry patches and ragged cuticles at bay.

Check out Smith’s on-set skincare routine ahead.

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