I Have Sensitive Skin — Here's What I Always Look For in a Moisturizer

A few months ago, I took a trip and forgot to toss my favorite moisturizer in my cosmetics bag. This was a rather frustrating packing slip-up because I have sensitive skin and am very particular about the types of skin-care products I put on my face. I was also dealing with some dry patches, so moisturizer was crucial for getting them to go away quickly.

I didn’t even realize it was missing from my suitcase until late in the evening — after I had already changed into my pajamas and washed my face. So, I reluctantly borrowed a dollop of my husband’s moisturizer (which was not a formula fit for my skin) and decided I’d hit up the local drugstore in the morning for a replacement.

Despite knowing that this store didn’t carry my go-to product, I wasn’t worried about finding an option. That’s because, through lots of trial and error, I’ve learned how to shop for sensitive-skin moisturizers. For me, it’s all about finding a product with the following characteristics. (And yes, for those of you on the edge of your seat, I found a moisturizer in less than 10 minutes of being in the store.)

Fragrance-Free Formulas

Due to the possibility of aggravating side effects, like stinging, burning, and redness, I try to avoid fragrance in my moisturizers and opt for fragrance-free formulas instead. I truly don’t mind if my face cream smells like, well, nothing.

If the product does not say “fragrance free” on the bottle or the front of the packaging, I always scan the ingredients list on the back.

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