I Tested Halsey's Entire Makeup Line, and I'd Buy This $24 Product Again on the Spot

I Tested Halsey’s Entire Makeup Line, and I’d Buy This $24 Product Again on the Spot

If you had eyes in my Slack group chats, you would know our editors are obsessed with Halsey’s new makeup collection, About-Face. You would think that after a year saturated with new celebrity beauty brands we would be fatigued with star-studded launches, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth — especially with About-Face.

From the gleaming highlighters to the longlasting liquid lipsticks, all of the About-Face products are up to snuff, but having swatched and experimented with them at length since the box of goodies arrived at my door, I can confidently claim that one product stands out above the rest. If you’re going to buy one thing from Halsey’s makeup collection and one thing only, make it the Matte Fluid Eye Paint ($24). I’ll tell you why.

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