“Infinite lip liner” is the time-saving beauty trick busy women need

Written by Morgan Fargo

A video of one TikTok user demonstrating the viral technique has been viewed over 9 million times.

TikTok has long proved to be an endless source of life-changing hacks and time-saving tricks. From Makeup by Mario’s lip lift technique to the perfect cat-eye using tape, there’s always a new way to switch up your make-up routine. 

Right now, we’re enthralled by the incredibly efficient way one user applies her lip liner. In a video that has now racked up over 9 million views, creator @eelyse demonstrates how she applies lip liner in under seven seconds.

Using a continuous motion, Eelyse takes a semi-blunt (and seemingly quite soft) brown lip liner and lines her lips in one fluid movement. 

Starting at the right outer corner, the pencil travels smoothly around the entire circumference of her mouth, creating an unbroken loop. She then finishes the look with a glossy brown lip colour.

“My shaky hand could never,” commented one viewer, while another wrote: “That was so satisfying to watch.” 

However, don’t be fooled: Eelyse doesn’t always get it right the first time. In the comment section, she shared with a viewer that she does go back and clean up the line afterwards. “It’s still satisfying but u gotta [sic] clean it up!” she wrote. 

So, if you try the time-saving method, make sure to have a foundation or concealer brush on hand to finesse the final look. 

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