Is the '90-second' Il Makiage PowerMatch foundation shade quiz worth the faff?

How do you find the perfect foundation shade?

It’s a question that has plagued us for years, with recommendations to check your veins for your undertone and run out of stores to see your skin in natural light popping up in the pages of magazines with a drumbeat regularity.

Could the secret lie in an online quiz?

Here at Is It Worth The Faff, our weekly series where we review hyped up beauty products and treatments, we’re here to find out, by testing out the Il Makiage PowerMatch Quiz you’ve likely had promoted at you on Instagram for months now.

What is the Il Makiage PowerMatch Quiz?

Okay, so Il Makiage is an internet-focused makeup brand that made its way over to the UK back in May 2020, selling everything from lip colour to eyebrow shapers.

Their big seller is their Woke Up Like This Foundation, which has over 90,000 glowing reviews, in large part due to the brand’s PowerMatch Quiz.

The idea of the quiz is simple: rather than faffing around testing swatches in a store, Il Makiage just asks you a few questions online to figure out your perfect shade… without ever needing to see your face.

A major draw is that if the quiz gets it wrong, you can return the foundation you order after 60 days

Faff involved

Let’s be real – anything you can do in your bed, unshowered and staring at your phone, is going to be less faff than going to a department store and physically trying on different foundations until you find a match.

But this really is very faff-free – you answer a few questions (around 15 or so, but they’re super quick); a mix of questions about your skin type and coverage needs and photo references to choose which one looks more like you.

For many questions, such as ones about your undertones, there are ‘I don’t know, help’ options – so even if you’re completely clueless, you’ll get a match.

All in all, the quiz takes a couple of minutes, max, then you’ll get your ideal foundation shade emailed over to you.

The quiz is free but obviously you do have to pay for the foundation, which is £36. If you do end up returning your shade, you’ll need to cover postage.

The results

Despite answering a load of questions with ‘I don’t know’, the quiz still managed to match me with the right shade – the Woke Up Like This Flawless Base Foundation in shade #60.

When it arrived, I was honestly stunned at how perfect a match it was. I usually find foundation-picking a nightmare because I have a slightly yellowish tint and can end up looking orange – this one is a perfect match.

The formula is pretty dreamy too, blending in easily whether you use fingers, a sponge, or a brush, and feels super hydrating thanks to vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in the mix.

One thing I did notice is that my skin shone with oil by the end of the day, so oily types, you’ll need a great mattifying primer and plenty of setting powder.

But I can imagine if you have a tendency towards dry skin, you’ll love this.

The quiz recommended a concealer for me, too, which I bought and found was also a great match.

Is the Il Makiage PowerMatch Quiz and Woke Up Like This foundation worth the faff?

Yes, 100% – because there’s so little faff involved. The quiz is easy and mindblowingly accurate, and on the off-chance the shade isn’t quite right, you can just go ahead and return the foundation after trying it out.

The formula might not work out for you – those prone to super oily skin might not be fans – but a 60-day returns period means you’ll have sufficient time to figure that out, then you’ll only be out around a fiver to send it back.

For anyone who dreads going to a department store to get their match (those bright lights! The indignity of having someone stare at your bare skin!), this is a genuinely reliable option that makes makeup shopping a dream.

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